The Attic Cafe Gallery

208 Alabang-Zapote Rd., Las Piñas, Metro Manila

The Attic Cafe Gallery
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Open: 10:00a - 2:00a


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Michelle E.
4.0 Stars

Went back to my hometown to run some errands and discovered this hidden gem. We were thinking of eating at sm center bc it was the closest mall to where we went but i saw this cafe while passing by. Of course, being a foodie that i am, i told my aunt to try this after. Can't believe she agreed haha!

Anyways, when we went inside, only a few people were there. They have 2 floors; the first floor has tables and chairs with artworks hanging on the wall which i think can accommodate 5 groups while the 2nd floor is full of artworks with no tables and chairs. We agreed to sit at the 2nd floor because we were the only ones there but then i realized how uncomfy would it be to be eating without a table so we went back to the first floor.

I ordered the rainbow cake and the house exhibit frappe while my aunt ordered tuna sandwich and pineapple juice. Lemme just say how tacky the plating is. They should have left the cake just the way it is than drawing those hearts and scribbles. (Sayang lang yung chocolate. Haha!) Also, the cake is so dry! As in veryyyy dry and hard. You would know that it was kept at the ref. Sobrang waley ng cake. The house exhibit frappe was okay though. Nothing special but infairness, i liked the whipped cream that they used (some frappe kasi you would know they used cheap ones). I also tried my aunt's sandwich which i really liked! Told myself, "sana yon nalang inorder ko" 128529 Didn't try her juice though.

Service is okay. They gave us 20% discount at all the food we ordered (perks of having a senior date. Haha!). That's cool though, bc a lot of restos and cafes honor senior discount but only effective to the food that the senior ordered. Oh well, baka nagkamali lang? Not that we're complaining. Hehe. Also, one of the customers (a foreigner) told me to be careful with the guy at the cashier, he told me to check my change. True enough, the guy gave us an excess change but it was small amount lang naman. We still gave it to him. Hay nako, math problems! 128541

Overall, i still enjoyed staying here bc they have fast wifi connection and the ambiance is really nice and cozy. But to enjoy it a lot, make sure not to order their cake nalang. Choose the pastas or sandwiches instead.

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