The Bang Cafe

J. Asilo St. cor. Malaya St., Taytay, Rizal

The Bang Cafe
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3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Amyxal V.
4.0 Stars

Here's the new location of The Bang Cafe: it is now situated in a residential area but not too far from the old location (used to be near the old Taytay municipal hall and the old Taytay church). We were even kind of lost while trying to find it!

We liked the new place! Although not as roomy as their old venue, this new one was otherwise "maaliwalas" and the interiors were styled well. And since it is located in a residential area and far from the major roads, it is now less noisy and more laid-back.

The restaurant has jumped into the freakshakes craze. I'm not a food fad follower usually, but I love sweets/coffee so I couldn't resist it. That was really the main reason why we went back again to this resto as it features these crazy frappuccinos for a limited time only.

Too bad sold out na yung cotton candy frappe nila. So we settled for the Cookie Monster frappe and the S'mores frappe.

The Cookie Monster frappe was quite true to its name, from the looks down to the taste. My sister let me taste it -- yep, it tasted like cookie! They probably used Speculoos aka cookie butter, for this blend. Not a fan of cookie butter but I thought this frappe was ok... it had an interesting blue color! Akala ko nung una bubble gum but found out the blue was meant to be Cookie Monster's color, hehe.

Next was my own S'mores frappe. Coffee chocolate goodness of course, and I love S'mores too (I would make them at home with my oven toaster for a quick sweet snack) so needless to say I really liked this drink.

These frappes were nakakabusog already that we didn't even call for a dessert!

My burger and fries were just OK though the bun was a bit dry and the patty was kind of sweet. My sister said their pesto pasta was good!

This cafe/restaurant is also open for breakfast (as affordable as P79). I kind of envy those who live in the area that the cafe is just a street cross away to have such a good brekkie with freshly ground coffee (plus you may order some cakes if you like), and just relax. I super love the new location and design, and that's the reason for giving this place one extra star. Probably I will try to have some breakfast there.

What's more, the restaurant still has its mission to help out-of-school youths through entrepreneurship and as well as promote Taytay's culture. I like their slogan: "The Delicious Way of Helping." Quite admirable! 128522128077128079

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Miriam N.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Amyxal V.
3.0 Stars

1. The Bang Cafe's outstanding character is its charity and mission in helping the youth and giving them opportunities. This is located just across the old Taytay Municipal hall and near the Taytay Catholic Church.

2. Our first meal there was pretty great: daing na bangus meal, java chip frappe, cold pandan lemongrass drink, lasagna, cashew cheesecake and key lime cheesecake. Affordable prices. It even has some private dining areas like this Japanese-styled area with low tables. Breakfast/lunch/dinner are available. I had a great first impression of this cafe that I decided to come back.

3. When I came back there recently, I expected the same quality in their food. Instead, I became utterly disappointed. Most of the rice meals, frappes, and pastries I'd like to order (first and second choice) weren't available. I really wanted to try their Adobong Taytay pero di available eh. So in the end I ordered a rice meal with crispy breaded pork strips, a strawberry walnut cheesecake and a mocha frappe (I think).

4. The rice was old and going towards stale. Why didn't they turn it into a fried rice? It was just dashed with toasted garlic. Jesus! The thin pork belly strips were OK tho not really that crispy (e.g. chewy rind), but it was tolerable.

5. The strawberry walnut cheesecake was good and had whole strawberries in it.

6. The cafe still has courteous staff and a free Wi-Fi. But I don't think I'd come back to that cafe very soon until it retains the quality and availability of its food. It shouldn't really serve some old rice that's on the verge of going stale. Kung na-sangag pa yan (at nasangag pang mabuti) pwede pa.

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