The Belle View Condominiums

Tagaytay Highlands, Tagaytay, Cavite

The Belle View Condominiums
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Will C.
5.0 Stars

Whenever we got someone who just flew in manila and wants to have some travel and leisure time i can hardly think of anything that i can recommend them, especially weekend particularly on saturday. Well, i guess its just that theres nothing much to do in manila that would pique their interest especially coming from a first world country, would always tell them to book a flight to palawan, boracay or even soargao. Well maybe intramuros but heck on a saturday, manila traffic sucks. Alot would chime in about tagaytay but honestly it gets more traffic than the metro on a weekend. As condominiums, malls and restaurants keep sprouting everywhere i guess the enchantment of a cold breeze and serenity was long gone.

BUT, if you got a few hundred thousand to spare or relative that has shares in tagaytay highlands you would be happily transported to a part of tagaytay that has lots of pine trees, epic views, instagrammable "woke up with this view" kind of thing. Im glad that this part of tagaytay wasnt much affected by the developments going on the right side which is not really good as traffic keeps gettig worse.

So we spend two nights here at 2 different section of tagaytay highlands, one of which is belle view, if you remember tony starks rest house that was on the cliff, this certainly looks like it. It was on a sunday night so i think we have the whole condominium to ourselves since its only our vehicles that were parked outside. The cool thing about this condo was the elevator will go downwards instead of the usual and with the view of the cliff below.

The rooms were upscale, five stars in my opinion. Nice bathub. And the ever woke up with this view is something to be cherish. Lol. Haha.

The only drawback here was once it hits 10pm even the 711 inside highlands closes, so its 15mins misty freezing breeze and steep ride outside the gate so better bring foods and water then.

I think an aerial drone shot here would be fantastic. Lol. Haha. I now rarely review this long, but this place certainly deserves it and also with its impeccable service and amenities its an instant five stars from me. By the way, the first and last photo are not the same. 128517


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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

The summer heat this year is crazy! I can feel my body melting yet my stubborn fats remain intact. Grrrr! I'm just glad that there's a little heaven nearby (sort of) whenever the heat's unbearable.

Hello, Tagaytay Highlands!

My family and I booked an overnight stay at Belle View West for a short getaway. It actually caught my attention when I visited Highlands before. With its structure at the edge of a cliff, who wouldn't be intrigued?

To go to our room, we need to ride this cool elevator with glass ceiling. The side of the elevator facing Taal is also made of glass so we get to be entertained by the view while inside the lift. It's like an amusement park ride! Weeee!!! (Well, I think it's their way of making us forget our long wait for the lift. There are only two elevators that service the whole hotel which has more than 5 floors, I think.)

The place is quite old. The curtains have tears and the canopy outside seems to have been part of World War II. But the fixtures are clean and well maintained.

Bed linens are spotlessly clean and crisp and the bathrooms are spacious. The room we got even has a bathtub! (We stayed in a 3 bedroom suite that comes with 2 bathrooms.)

The complimentary fruits were enough to be shared by a family of 6 and there were enough coffee and tea to last two days.

But the best part is the view! The location of the hotel gave us a beautiful view of Taal. I felt so bad that I missed the sunrise. 128557

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