The Breakfast Experience

85 Sct. Fuentebella St. cor. Tomas Morato Ave., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila

The Breakfast Experience
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Most Recent Reviews

Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

It was a lazy Sunday and the wife decided to have breakfast for lunch, it was already past the lunch hour rush so we didn’t have a hard time parking nor getting a table.

The place is part of your hole-in-the-wall list of joints in Tomas Morato, it’s a really small place good only for perhaps 2 groups of 4, and 3 couples – so all-in around 14 folks.

We ordered the PBB or the Pinoy Big Breakfast set & the strawberry waffles for the wife.  The PBB includes the house original tapa, the house marinated bangus and 2 eggs with garlic rice.  The set also comes with orange juice. The orange juice wasn’t freshly squeezed, but it is the type you get in a carton, and not the powdered mix kind. (Aside from the set, we also ordered bacon since what would be breakfast food without bacon?) :) The strawberry waffle has strawberry jam and the strawberry wafer sticks as toppings to the waffle.

The star of the review will be the tapa, it really is one of the unique ones I’ve tasted. It’s like having meatier flakes, rather than strips. The sauce is thick and flavorful, and as you see from the order – the tapa and the bangus were both of substantial sizes. The bacon as well was cooked very well, not as thick as what you’d get from the buffets but I don’t mind since it was done right – it had flavor and it was crispy!

Service was impeccable since we were the only diners that time. Every whim we had whether it was the AC being too cold, or asking for warm water or getting the leftovers taken out was a breeze. The best part – we paid Php500 for our meal, which we couldn’t even finish!  Very good value for money.

This won’t be your restaurant where you’ll have state of the art or modern decorations, the feel is very homey and cozy – akin to having a very relaxed time eating at home.  So, the star is the food and the food was good! Worth a trip in the future to go back.

We make it a point most of the time to dine in the smaller niche establishments, as opposed to going to the big chains. Aside from the menu being more original, you’re supporting an actual family’s business as opposed to the big corporations behind the bigger chains.

- kwokie -

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

I like The Breakfast Experience and I know it has so much potential. I just want to see it with better interior design and better service.

Their "Chicken and Waffles" was good and crispy. You can't choose the chicken parts and it's served with wing and breast. I was surprised they weren't dry and tough so I actually enjoyed the dish.

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Gerald G.
4.0 Stars

Had a lazy Sunday lunch here with my wife and the rugrats. Exceeded my expectations. The Adobo Sisig was particularly good. So were the FLUFFY pancakes and the bangus (flavored w/ some cumin). Only four-stars due to slightly cramped space though.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

The Breakfast Experience is a quaint restaurant that serves all-day breakfast.

What I ordered was one of their Bennies. No, not Benzedrine but their versions of Eggs Benedict. They have 2 variants but what I got was the one with avocado. The avocado, mashed and used as bread spread tasted light since the bacon has a strong smoky taste. The eggs were poached perfectly. On the side, there's salad that tasted good and refreshing.

I'd like to try their other dishes on my next visit but I'll probably end up having that Avo-Bacon Bennies again. 128516

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

This breakfast place at tomas morato is just one month old and thanks to Pierre O for this alert. True that it's a little hard to find. But it has a not so good signage that goes with the "lotto" signage. At night it could be difficult to see. The parking is a bit difficult good thing it's a Sunday morning! If you're coming from krispy kreme/amici, cross the street and look for address# 85.

Upon entering, the ambience itself was amazing. The sunlight really passes through the partial see through roof (i hope they do a little cleaning though) however what destroyed the ambience was the loud R&B music. Lol!

There wasn't any wifi or power outlets available so just go here full battery and with pocket wifi.

128204monkey business pancake @185php
This is a two layered thick pancakes. There are slices of toasted caramrlized bananas drizzled with chocolate. It tingled my sweet tooth a bit. The consistensy of the pancake was a little airy and rough. Pero it was okay. It was good that the bananas were sweet (latundang)

128204cafe latte @115php
The coffee was okay. There other interesting coffee options but they only serve it cold. The coffee tastes like of the watering hole coffee. No latte art. 128557

The place got an inner compartment that is a little dim--well if you want something like breakfast in the dark. Haha! There's no CR so empty your bladder before hand. The place could be a little hot it the afternoon (hypothesizing lang po). Well, there's small unit of aircon and two electric fans to further ventilate the place. The food that i ordered were okay plus i like the morning feel here only a boohoo for the loud music that's not that match for the place.


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Pierre O.
5.0 Stars

Any breakfast person here? Well this hole in a wall is surely become one of your favorites. Calling Jayson J I know you are one haha. 128514

Finding this store is a hard one if finding it during the night or if there is no one with you if you are driving. It is located in one of the side street of Tomas Morato, it is in the side street of Amici or Krispy Kreme but on the opposite side of Tomas Morato, Scout Fuentebella to be exact. It is beside little bagnet. There is no signage but only writing on their glass window of "the breakfast experience".

This store is very very humble. It can seat approximately 18-22 people at a time. Parking will be a difficult one since they can only accommodate one car and it is parked in the street. I am not sure if towing is active in the area. 128517

The servers were very friendly and would explain to us what they serve and their specialty. They would also immediately serve you water after ordering with a glass filled with ice up to the brim.

We tried their waffles, pancakes and coffee.

Classic Golden Waffles (125php). The first dish that came out and it was prepared on the counter so you can look while they are cooking it. The waffles were very thick/fat, it was purely waffle batter, no air in the mixture. Kudos! The waffles were not burnt although they seemed dark. It is crunchy thou. The waffles were served together with butter and maple
syrup. Maybe they can add whip cream so it can be more delicious. Sinful nga lng hahaha!

Matcha pancakes (185php) came second in the line. The serving consist of 2 fluffy pancakes, whipped cream, 1 long sticko cut into 3 or 3 small sticks, butter and maple syrup. The matcha seemed to be lacking however you can still taste the hint of matcha in it. The pancakes were really thick (see photo above), every bite was cloud 9. The pancake was not burnt in anyway. My tip: mix the butter first on top then spread the whip cream on the bottom side of the pancake then spread the maple gradually. BOOM! Cloud 9! Hahaha. 128514

Monkey business (185php) came last but not the least. The serving consist of 2 fluffy pancakes, a few banana slices, whip cream, butter and maple syrup. The pancakes batter consist of banana in between the batter with a spread of Nutella syrup on top. GASP! 128516 the pancakes were similar to the matcha, very thick but sweeter compared to matcha owing it to the Nutella syrup. I prefer the matcha more.

Lastly, hot cafe latte (115php). I think this coffee had too much milk content that I couldn't taste the coffee anymore. They also tried making latte art but I think it failed? I do not understand the drawing haha. 128514 But I am not after the art anyway so it was ok.

The hashbrown (25php) were not included in the meal, we ordered it additional since we crave hashbrown at that time. It is just typical hashbrown that can be bought at the supermarket.

After eating I noticed in one of their art/decor it says that it is the home of fluffy pancakes. FLUFFY!! 128514 but look at how fluffy those pancakes were. They don't disappoint. Will definitely recommend this to everyone. The downside? Quite pricey and parking.

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