The Brewology Cafe

2/F, 2 Sct. Magbanua St. cor. Mother Ignacia Ave., Paligsahan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

The Brewology Cafe
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Jaja R.
4.0 Stars

We are on a planning session at Sacro Costato Retreat House and I was looing for a nearby coffee shop and I was lucky to have this just across the street.

Iced Mocha (P160) & Slutty Brownie (P80) was the answer to my cravings. The coffee was on the stronger side so the brownie was the right compliment as it was just the right kind of sweet.

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Chloe C.
5.0 Stars

Everybody knows I'm a huge fan of chicken and waffles. In fact, it's one of my ultimate comfort foods! I found myself craving some recently and so I looked for nice cafes around the QC area that offered the dish. This place in particular caught my eye because of all the recent buzz surrounding it. Many people seemed to love it, so we decided to give it a try.

The place itself is very quaint and cozy. I'd say it's a good place for casual but intimate dates or chill brunch sessions with friends. Since it's a cafe, you can expect the usual coffee drinks, along with all-day breakfast dishes, pastries, and cakes. They have a lot of waffle-based dishes too (sweet and savory), so if you're a waffle-lover like me you might enjoy it here too!

Here's what we tried:

127800 Chicken & Spiced Honey - This was my favorite! The buttermilk fried chicken had perfectly crisp skin and it was juicy on the inside! The savory chicken, coupled with the sweetness of the spiced honey and the tang of the slaw gave the dish a medley of flavors that worked really well together.

127800 Beef Bulgogi Tapa - This was also pretty good! I'm not much of a bulgogi person but my guy is and he enjoyed it. The beef had a sweet tapa-like flavor, and the spicy kimchi fried rice provided a nice contrast to that.

127800 Waffogato - Can I just say, I love the name of this dish haha! Simple but satisfying, the buttermilk waffle in this dish is topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with a thick coffee syrup. It's a really nice and light dessert, especially for anyone who likes coffee and affogatos.

127800 16-Hour Cold Brew - I always order cold brew since it's one of my favorite coffee drinks! Theirs was pretty refreshing and light, with that familiar smooth taste that cold brew lovers can expect.

Overall, we really enjoyed our experience. It was a good choice for a nice, chill brunch date and the food was simple but delicious. I'd definitely recommend it!! 10084

TL;DR check this out if you like:
9749 quaint cafes & chill brunch spots
9749 sweet & savory waffle dishes
9749 coffee & all-day breakfast menus

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4.0 Stars

The Brewology Cafe is one of the 6 restaurants participated during our eat up in 2 Lozcano Place. A small cafe serving handcrafted coffees, pastries, pasta and other savory dishes.

We’ve tried the following:

9749️ S’mores Waffle for Php190.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

9749️ Beef Bulgogi Tapa for Php190.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

9749️ BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich for Php210.00- 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

9749️ Blueberry Cheesecake for Php145.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

9749️ Red Velvet Brookie for Php65.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

9749️ Babysitter (S’more Drink) Php160.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

9749️ HOE (Heaven On Earth) Affogato for Php165.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

All the dishes were presented well and looks gorgeous. The waffle and babysitter were my favorites during our visit. The two dishes blend to each other.

Yes, I will be go back again for the S’mores Waffle.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Opened July 2016, Brewology Cafe is a coffee shop that serves all day breakfast food, homemade pasteries and cakes. Breweology signifies different methods of brewing coffee beans, from crema and cream infused roasters

There are the manual brews (V60 and aeropress) for brewed coffee, cold brew and traditional espresso based drinks. Customers are given the choice to picks the beans and how they want to prepared. They want to make sure they provide their customers the best in the market.

Red Velvet Brookie (Php 65)
My one of my favorite desserts that will come back for.

Blueberry Cheesecake (Php 145)
My second favorite dessert. Made with cream cheese unlike other coffee shops that offer gelatinous ones.

They also have savory dishes if you are looking for something to eat and delicious coffee and non-coffee drinks too.

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HungryManila P.
5.0 Stars


Im just like any other millennial who have coffee from a cafe and pay for a hefty price without even knowing more about the drink itself. I even go to a coffee shop just to kill time and spend money on some sweets. Well, this coffee shop changed my outlook and made me learn more about the story, the taste, and the aroma of every bean.

THE BREWOLOGY CAFE is located at Scout Magbanua, Quezon City and opens 10am-11pm everyday. Located at the 2nd floor with an open space outside, people can chill and hang out. It is actually one of the smallest coffee shops I’ve been to. But, nothing beats the owner’s love for coffee. A self taught and a barista herself. Maybe it one of the reasons why she was so passionate to teach others about what they offer in every cup they serve.

What I liked the most is that they have the rooftop vibe where you can pamper yourself with coffee under the starry night. A casual dining place good for the family and students dining in to study.

Food served were all very delicious. I love the creativity and the presentation of every cup. It is a plus factor that they serve the coffee in a mug rather than paper cups because it adds up to the homey feeling, aside from the fact that they are helping save the planet.

✅ Flat white
✅ Babysitter - mocha flavored with a strong hint of coffee topped with torched mallows
✅ H.o.E ( Heaven on Earth ) - it is their version of Eggnog with the addition of vanila ice cream and adding a shot of espresso makes it more fun
✅ Pulled pork and cheese sandwich

They also made us experience the COFFEE CUPPING. ( It is the way of observing tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. ) It was so overwhelming because they walked us to the step bu step process of a standard coffee cupping procedure.

9749️ deeply sniffing the coffee
9749️ loudly slurping the coffee and swishing it inside your mouth
9749️ attempting to pony the taste, texture and aroma

I learned that each coffee bean tells a story of where it was from, how long was it roasted, etc.

Sipping a cup of coffee is so much better when you know more about its story.

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

A friend recently invited me for coffee + brunch at The Brewology Café. I just had to say yes because I’ve been wanting to try this coffee shop since foreverrr!

We had the following —

9749️ H.O.E. (Heaven on Earth)
This is their version of affogato, and daaaamn son! It’s super good! It has cold brew instead of the usual espresso shot, mocha cream, vanilla ice cream and coffee jelly. Equal parts coffee and dessert. Super rich and sinful. I was honestly tempted to order another! 9749

9749️ Dirty Chai
Usual Chai Latte but with a shot of espresso. Wasn’t really impressed with this one. 128531 The espresso overpowered the chai that it seemed like I couldn’t taste it anymore. Though to be fair, very few cafés in the metro serve really good chai.

9749️ Pulled Pork + Cheddar Sandwich
Super good and really tasty. Nice crusty toast with a hefty amount of pork. I love the saltiness of the pulled pork together with the cheese. It wasn’t overwhelming. A really good bite if you’re hungry.

They also have pasta and other pastries in the shop, aside from a really good coffee selection! Annnd, for people who wanna learn the technical aspect of coffee and coffee-making in general, they do cupping sessions. (Which we got to participate in while we were there.)

Their space is quite small but it’s a good place to work or do some reading and super friendly people manning the shop. Drop by if ever you’re in QC. 974997499749

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Kevin R.
5.0 Stars

Brewing coffee is not just a science. It is an art. And The Brewology Café in Paligsahan, Quezon City certainly knows how to make an art of warming the heart.

Here is what my friends and I had during our foodie meet-up there:

Flat White (PHP140)

Not too strong yet it still has a nice kick to it. I am impressed with the art at the top. It makes me almost regret drinking it. But I am glad that I did.


Heaven On Earth (H.O.E.) (PHP165)

This is an awesome experience. It is similar to an affogato, with the coffee poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream and ice. The creamy, cool ice cream is a wonderful contrast to the warm, bitter coffee. Definitely feels like heaven on earth.


Pulled Pork + Cheddar Sandwich (PHP220)

I love how the crispy toast leads to the chewy pulled pork and the gooey cheese. There is no overwhelming salty flavor despite the choice of filling, which is definitely a plus for me. As a cheese lover, I am impressed by this combination.

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Manila E.
5.0 Stars

03 February 2018
Saturday, 2:00PM

So I got overly excited last week when a good friend of mine told me we were going to Brewology! Well, for one, it has always been one of my favourite coffee shops in Quezon City and it also holds some sort of sentimental value to me since, in case some of you guys didn’t know, this was where I first had my first gig in April of last year.

I’ve been a few times last year and I’m happy to say that since then, things are still going well with this coffee shop. Thank you Carla for making my visit yesterday a pleasant one!

Flat White P140
Krunchy Patatas P200 (did I get this right?!)
Waffogato P160

I highly recommend that everyone try their coffee! Flat white is the safest and it is also instagram-worthy! 128076🏻128076🏻

Another interesting thing about Brewology that I didn’t even know about until yesterday was that they offer like a coffee 101 class. I hate the fact that I missed it yesterday because I had to leave early but even better because now I have an excuse to come back soon. The only wish I have is for management to open an extension or if possible a second branch with a bigger space. This shop can only accommodate 20 persons at a time. Regardless, I am still a fan and shall be back soon!

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
5.0 Stars

It’s almost always a good idea to explore new cafes that spring up every now and then. Concepts just don’t seem to run out and thankfully, they get better every time. A testament to this would be The Brewology Cafe, which comfortably sits on the second floor of Scout Lazcano in Tomas Morato.

The Brewology Cafe is a curious establishment – a mix of modern minimalist with the warmth of light wood and a lot of natural light. Perfect to replicate a relaxing day in with a warm cup in hand not care in sight. It had the makings of a go-to favorite cafe.

What you can tell from the menu board and the amount of information about coffee around is that this place puts the coffee they serve in high regard. It’s a third-wave coffee shop that serves specialty coffee. Now don’t start rolling your eyes with the mention of the terms “third-wave” and “specialty coffee”. These terms really have been misunderstood and misused that they have been stripped off of their true respective meanings and purposes.

To settle it once and for all, a “third-wave” establishment aims to educate the customer about the coffee, its origins, methods of preparation, etc., ultimately making the customer appreciate the coffee in all its aspects. “Specialty coffee” basically is high-quality coffee beans, coffee in terms of preparation and consumption. You can have specialty coffee without third-wave but you can’t have third wave without good or specialty coffee. The Brewology Cafe aims to deliver on both.

Their coffee menu is rather entertaining. They also have a wide array of coffee selection with witty names. It’s a creative way to get the customer curious about the menu item, leading to conversation and education.

Another delightful thing about this cafe is their all-day brunch menu. That means hearty and rich food that goes along with their homemade pastries and cakes. Talk about the will to deliver.

We had a whole lot of food and coffee served. Almost all of them too pretty to consume. The camera stealers were the Babysitter (Php 160) with its torched marshmallow top, the cheeky H.O.E. (Heaven on Earth) (Php 165) and the Affogato (Php 155). Their Mocha (Php 160) had a deep flavor, which was definitely a treat. Make sure to check out their Flat White (Php 140) and Americano (Php 130) too. One thing about their coffee is the singularity of the flavor and how smoothly it blends. Good coffee.

It’s wonderful to see these entrepreneurs actually work on their desire to bring the amazing coffee culture to the everyday coffee drinker. It’s a good sign that good quality coffee can be a staple around here.

And now, let’s talk about the food. Impressive offerings. We were able to sample their light and crispy Waffles, which had the right amount of sweetness in the dough. It was topped with a scoop if vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle. We had their Beef Bulgogi Tapa (Php 190), which I think is a must-try. Tapa Bulgogi style with a side of a sunny-side up and Kimchi fried rice! The strong savory meat was enhance by the kick of spiciness from the Kimchi. Delicious.

And from their sandwich selection, we had their Pulled Pork + Cheddar Sandwich (Php 220). Really filling. Dense bread pressed to melt the cheese inside along with the Pulled Pork. Packed!

And their desserts are just a treat. We had their S’mores, Chocolate Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake and Red Velvet Revel Bar. Moist and just the right level of sweetness. Perfect for another Latte to down all of that.

You could get this amazing cafe at a bargain even through the Big Dish app, up to 50% off. You just have to book ahead and sometimes days or weeks to get the maximum discount.

The Brewology Cafe caters to the needs of the true coffee shop goer. Definitely a place for soul food. Honest to goodness dishes that just want to satisfy you and give you your money’s worth. Again, good good stuff.

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Karla C.
4.0 Stars

Our hunt for the Krunchy Patata requested by our aunt from the U.S. brought us to this quaint cafe in Q.C. We tried H.O.E. and true to it's name it is really Heaven on Earth. It's no doubt a must-try Affogato. We also tried pulled pork with cheddar and it was also not bad. Overall, I was happy with their food, drinks, design & interiors. They also have excellent service and most importantly they have free WiFi. 128521

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Manila E.
3.0 Stars

Got invited to a pre-dinner event led by Marc together with Carla and Mikko, the masterminds behind a start-up group called The Table. This adhoc dinner affair is going to be held at Brewology Cafe and happening on Friday, 28th of April. Event is set to serve six-course meal which is a fusion of East and West. I had no idea what's on the menu and I was overall happy with my dining experience.

Tuna, shoots and preserved radishes served on a soft taco and drizzled with squid ink. This one was pretty daring for me in a way that I know not everyone is open to try a chocolate-colored looking appetizer, but I ended up liking it a lot.

Fried Oyster and Inari. Oyster was fresh and it's tricky to prep this one I would think, but they pulled it off. Then there's this japanese rice ball topped with mouth-watering slice of beef. Would be happy to take some more of this!

As a palate cleanser, we've been served a concoction of apple and rhum, which has been refreshing and perfect since we had idle time.

Beef cheeks drizzled with blood beets and mashed potato on the side was OK. It is a work of art in every plate.

Then there's pork belly, uni and cauliflower which is tasty and flavorful, definitely not boring!

Lastly we had cheesecake and earl grey drizzled with strawberry puree. I like how they managed to combine crispy and soft to end out gastronomic experience.

PHP 1,500/nett and last 12 seats left. RSVP now, please contact +63927 700 8191 and check their page for more details.

PS- Will revisit Brewology Cafe soon and take a closer look at a few must try drinks and dessert soon. Stay tuned!

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Manfred M.
4.0 Stars

Coffee in Brewology is made with the utmost regard to quality of the ingredients and exacting standards for preparation. While the place is a bona fide third wave cafe, it doesn't intimidate the average drinker who just wants a cup of good old caffeine.

During our visit, we not only got a chance to taste their offerings; we also had a cupping experience. We had to sniff out the different kinds of ground coffee laid out for us; then we had to guess the kind of taste it gave off. We were even given a tasting chart to help us determine the kind and blend of the coffee. During this experience, I noticed that they only used the best and freshest imported ingredients. I was able to guess the variants of coffee involved after sniffing the brews. Oh, the beans for the coffee shop were provided by Crema and Cream, a startup offering high quality coffee beans to different coffeeshops in the area.

We then tried their dishes. We first had the Chicken and Spiced Honey, which was in essence a waffle sandwich with fried chicken, Asian coleslaw, and spiced honey. The tangy and peppery taste was pretty good, although the servings could have been more.

Beef Bulgogi Tapa was a mix of spicy kimchi rice, sunny side up egg, and tender beef bulgogi with a taste caramlized sauce. I considered this as the best dish in the house. The mix of sweet beef easily complemented the spicy rice. The spiciness was also at par with my taste.

Pulled Pork and Cheddar Sandwich was less remarkable due to the thin pork and cheddar filling. It was generously served though.

The breakfast pasta was remarkable for its excellent texture and taste. The pasta was not soggy compared to those cooked by other cafes.

Waffogato was a simple dessert composed of baked waffle and vanilla ice cream. It is what it is: simple. I didn't find anything so special with it. Minimalist.

Smores Brownies were a chunky helping of chocolate goodness with roasted marshmallows on top akin to real smores. These had an excellent texture and a good, sweet taste.

Chocolate chip brownies were milder at the taste department. It boasted of a mocha-like flavor compared to the smores.

Smores Waffle was a bit dry for the palate; but the marshmallows and grahams were generously topped.

Matcha Cheesecake was a slightly bitter cheesecake dish that was pretty tall in size. I liked the mix of sweet cheese and the acrid taste of matcha, though.

The drinks I tried were:

Butterbeer. Brewology had their own version. I'd say it was excellent. This was a non-caffeinated non-coffee drink made with milk and other secret ingredients. It reminded me of a rootbeer float, though.

H.O.E or Heaven on Earth was simply the best coffee drink/dessert in the cafe. It was an amalgamation of whipped cream, coffee jelly, cold brew, and their mocha pudding. It can be mixed as a drink or eaten as a dessert, depending on the customer's preference. I drank it instead. It had a strong mocha flavor accentuated by the coffee jelly and the pudding. It truly was a unique coffee experience.

In sum, Brewology is no frills coffee shop with a lot to offer than just coffee.

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Denise Q.
5.0 Stars

If you're looking for a place more homey or simply a spot for quiet me-time, then this is your answer!

A newly opened cafe along Mother Ignacia Avenue, The Brewology Cafe offers good desserts for those with sweet tooth and of course, premium coffee from local & imported beans (varies from time to time) from a supplier called Crema & Cream Coffee Roasters.

The time my family and I visited, they had Red Velvet Brookie, Smores Brownie, Matcha Cheesecake & Mocha Crepe Cake to offer as their bestsellers. And guess what, being the glutton that I am (and I had my family to help me finish, woops!), I ordered all four of them.

My personal favorite was the Matcha Cheesecake - thick cheese and a mild taste of green tea. Very much captured the palate! 128525

The Mocha Crepe Cake was just so-so, since I'm not a fan of the layers, hee hee. Sorry. 128517

However, the Red Velvet Brookie made up for it!
The red velvet flavor (too bad there's no cream cheese), cookie and brownie combination is everything a sweet tooth could dream of (count me in!)

While the Smores Brownie is another plus! The marshmallow and chocolate combination would just make you wish you're enjoying a campfire with friends.

But good thing, with their coffee - we had Flat White & Mocha, perfectly paired with the yummy desserts, good service & ambiance, it's just what you would need. 128076🏼128077🏼

Recommended for those who love cafe hopping like me, or for coffee lovers who appreciate the artistry of brewing since they offer cupping sessions too! 128588🏼9749

P.S. And I had the Ben's Bae (Buttermilk Waffles with Bacon, Poached Eggs & Coffee Syrup) for take-away too, hehe! My dad loved it!

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Ruth D.
3.0 Stars

Sad crêpe cake. Let's just say I need to try the other stuff they offer here. 128556

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

This quaint little cafe is owned by energetic and hands on owners. They were all friendly and ready to answer any questions about their products. I was really craving for waffles and this place didn't disappoint. We ordered waffogato (160PHp) and s'mores waffle (190PHp). Then my sister ordered hot chocolate (150PHp).

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Jess L.
5.0 Stars

The place was so comfortable we stayed almost 5 hours. If you really know good coffee, you'd notice right away the freshness of the beans used. Coffee bubbles means freshness of your coffee. It's so obvious that their beans are always delivered fresh to them. It also has a bold coffee flavor. Not sour and acidic at all.

We also tried the crepe cake, the flavor is good not too sweet plus it is also instagramable.

The cold brew is also a must, the taste is just right, not too bitter and not too sweet. The owners of the place are nice, they had a little chat with us when we were there

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Faith F.
3.0 Stars

Iced chocolate
Bens BAE waffle
3 cheese and bacon

Everything was ok lang, except the coffee. The coffee was bad and maasim. 128532128532128532

Everything else was so-so. You can even have a better waffle from Belgian waffle.

Iced chocolate is like chocolait na matabang.

And this is considering na we were super gutom when we went here.

Not worth the drive Kung sasadyain.

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Choi C.
2.0 Stars

The s'mores brownie was fairly pleasant due to being gooey & undercooked in the center, and it honestly is quite difficult to go wrong with the graham-chocolate-marshmallow combination. But on the whole, even utilizing the holy grail s'mores concoction, this failed to taste anything but average. The graham crackers were soggy and the actual brownie batter was too eggy (if you bake you'll understand) and bitter (even with the marshmallows). 3/5 110881108811088

The bacon and egg waffle on the other hand I haven't a single good word for. The waffle was neither crispy nor fluffy, but just plain soggy and kiosk-grade. The bacon had a rancid aftertaste and was, again, neither crispy nor soft but tough and rubbery. And the absolute worst bit was the syrup. It was coffee-flavored. 128563 I presume that would be delicious drizzled over a nutella or mocha waffle, but bacon and eggs??? 128567 And then when I asked the waiter for some maple syrup to try and remedy my purchase, he politely said they didn't have any. I then requested even just plain pancake syrup, and seconds later, the clear, watery syrup you mix in your coffee and other drinks arrived at the table. ... ... ... 1/5 11088

For an average rating of 2/5. 1108811088
Don't order their food. Fingers crossed for their coffee.

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