The Bunny Baker

3/F Rustan's Makati, Ayala Ave., Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila

The Bunny Baker
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Josette P.
3.0 Stars

Bunny Baker has quite an interesting concept located at the 3rd floor of Rustan's. Interesting enough, they're situated right where kids would enjoy buying their toys. Quite strategic but undermanned if you'd ask me.

Sooooo ... I tried their tapa and speculoos latte. First the tapa comes with either an americano or pink lemonade but I'm curious about the Speculoos latte thus an addition. Haha. I like the latte. It really tasted that speculoos spread that went really famous once upon a time. It's sweet, but can still taste the coffee. The bacon like tapa is okay. Interesting enough looking exactly like bacon, but tasted a little something like tapa. It's more of a bacon for me but good with vinegar so does that makes it a tapa? Haha. Quite confused.

The place is small, could accommodate roughly 20 person. But looks cute. The staffs are nice but like what I said, undermanned. They offer customizable cakes, and they looked good. I like the place though quite tricky to find.

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DC l.
2.0 Stars

My family and I were at Rustans recently for a Halloween event. We wanted to try the small cafe at the corner of the floor where the toys are. They were hesitant as the look of the resto didn't appeal to them but I wanted to try the skillet cookie so they all agreed to give in to my request.

We loved the pesto pasta (no photo as it was the first to be served and it was so good, it was gone in 60 seconds)! Wish we ordered three of these instead of the following:

Bunny Cristo sandwich - this wasn't delicious at all. It tasted like something any person would prepare at home for merienda (ingredient wise, the ham and cheese tasted ordinary). Forgettable and wasn't worth ordering.

Milo dinosaur - was okay. My son liked it. Wish it was more chocolate-y.

Cinco dinamita - deep fried peppers- more than half of this appetizer was left untouched at our table. There were about 3 peppers left uneaten.

Skilettor - this was the main reason I wanted to eat here but was extremely disappointed. It was one of the worst skillet cookies I've ever had. It was extremely dry (not sure if it was overlooked). It definitely was NOT half baked as described in the menu. Tasted like a boxed cookie you buy at the supermarket. I asked the server if it was really like that and he said yes. He said the skillet brownie was more moist. Wish I had known! For skillet cookies, better go to Tony Roma's, Chili's or Stella.

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

The Bunny Baker has finally opened in their new hub at Rustan's Makati. It's now a bit smaller and they have cut down some of the delicious goodness in the menu 128553

The location is parang #mazeangdating , it is indeed at the toy floor of the mall, but i had a hard time locating it coz of the unfamiliarity of the place. The decorations are not to pink compared to their previous store.

I had time in between classes so I might as well visit their new hub 128522

128048 Chicken Alfredo (320php) -- 11088110881108811088️ I like the flavor and the taste of the chicken but I find the sauce a bit creamy, very filling #hindikotuloynaubos 128549

128048 Nutella Latte ‼️NEW‼️ (180php) -- 110881108811088️ A new coffee flavor that has 2 shots of espresso, tons of nutella and milk. So-so lang for me it has more chocolate in and even if it was just a shot (I requested to just have a single shot), overpowering pa rin yung nutella. I'm not a super fan of nutella, but if you are, drop by and give it a try. 9786️ They also have it on iced and just with milk

(IMO) Parang I like the previous store than this new one. The Hemady store was more pinkish, colorful whereas the new one, parang tinago sa sulok and hindi super fun yung colors. Naoverpower ng mga toys tapos nasa tabi lang sya. Parang ang sad and wala mashado guests eating. Maybe they can come up with something para the kids and parents buying at the toy section would also end up buying a shake or cake.

So if you are in Glorietta area, hop on over na sa The Bunny Baker 128048


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April H.
4.0 Stars

Of course we had to drop by and enjoy our favorites before QC says goodbye to The Bunny Baker!128048

I enjoyed their ube latte and their sriracha kung pao chicken pasta for this visit... The pasta was like a spicier version of Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan; both were good, but I prefer the Charlie Chan... I'm kinda getting into ube lately, so this purple drink was a wonderful treat for me... TIP: Drink it all up immediately!128156 you don't want it to turn into a semi-solid thing in the bottom of your cup...

My fiance enjoyed their beer-blackened pork chops and the chicken noodle soup... Gone within minutes... He was so excited for the Skilletor-- his favorite dessert here... The huge chocolate chip cookie cooked in a skillet with vanilla gelato is on his happy food list...

Just a couple more days before they close and hop on over to Makati! Awwww...128546

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Steff S.
4.0 Stars

Ice cream (P110/scoop) - 1108811088110881108811088
I loved the gelato-like consistency that's smooth and gooey!

Ooey Gooey (P285) - 110881108811088
The brownie was a little dry but the half-baked chocolatey center was delicious. A little too pricey for the quality though.

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

|ooloo rendezvoos always excites me, not just because of meeting new and old time |ooloo friends, but also for the yummy food that will be served.128517 (Disclaimer: This is one delayed review post #firsttimekongnalatemagpost )

It is an honor to be included in the dinner hosted event by The Bunny Baker. Prior to trying their food, I already had the chance to dine here a few times. I patronize friends' restaurants #jasmskidkami and would visit often and recommending it to others 128513

I arrived early in the venue, straight from duty #ndiaqexcitedmalapitlangtalagapinanggalinganko 128517. The event would be starting at around dinner time, yet I was already there 3 hours earlier. So I ordered their mac and cheese pantawid gutom muna hehe

Owners Zach and Aila were there to share their stories of how they jumped from their home based cake business to making it into an actual cafe restaurant. They told us stories of how everything started, like they had no idea how to put a restaurant - the ordeals of sourcing out their suppliers, visiting food bazaars/fairs, decorating the store, running the restaurant and the like. With this being their first "baby", they've put their heart into building it and making it as homey as possible 9786️ (check out their bathroom, parang ayaw mo ng lumabas 12851710084️). Almost every interior of the cafe is customized.

128048Bunnies and pink makes all things cute and that is what this cute cafe aims for. 128147

Here's what our generous hosts served us:

🔹Ube Latte 11088110881108811088️ -- I like the flavor, it was unique but something I know i would be ordering. Thanks EJ B for the small sip 9786

🔹Starters Sampler - Dinamita, Champoy Chicken Skin, SPAM Fries 1108811088110881108811088️ -- lahat masarap! Especially the chicken skin 10084

🔹Corn Dogs 110881108811088

🔹Creamy Pesto 110881108811088️ -- very filling, cheesy and heavy

🔹The Blackened Cajun Chicken 110881108811088

🔹Sriracha Kung Pao Chicken Pasta 1108811088110881108811088️ -- out of the three pasta that was served, this would be my favorite. Very flavorful, tasty and just good! 128076🏻

🔹Adobo Flakes 110881108811088️ -- i like the flakes 128517

🔹Beer Blackened PorkChops 110881108811088

|Highlights of this rendezvoos|

128147 Cheesecakadilla ala Mode 1108811088110881108811088️ -- this cheesecake turned everyone (especially Peanut D) into battle mode 128517 During the savory meals, P was placing small portions of the food in our plate while we were busily chatting with the owners or other reviewers 128517 #sayangdawkasiyungfood ..but when this came out, napalipat na ng upuan si P 128514 ..hindi sana obvious but Zach noticed her move 128514128514

128147 Skilletor 11088110881108811088️ -- gooey marshmallows, what more can I ask for 128522

128147 The Ooey Gooey 1108811088110881108811088️ -- another sweet dessert. One of the best ones that goes unnoticeable

128147 The Purple People Eater 11088110881108811088️ -- if you love anything ube, this dessert is for you. 128521

We were all generously hosted by Zach & Aila 10084️ Ending the night off, we received a special Christmas Cake which they made it for us 9786️ Which you can get for Free if you book their place for your special occasion 10024

Catching up with the other reviewers, and listening to the owners stories, was a great rendezvoos spent. The owners were great to talk to, the stories seemed endless 9786️ Thanks to the |ooloo crew for the invite and The Bunny Baker for hosting 10084

PS.. The Bunny Baker 128048 is hopping out! Visit them (soon) at their 2nd cafe in Makati! 128048

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Who can forget the viral post from someone asking for a free cake for her debut from Bunny Baker?

I know the owner was the target of some harsh comments, but he gained my respect. That is what these small, specialty businesses are about-- passion projects of certain individuals that take a lot of time, effort and resources. In this case, their artisanal cakes are mini works of art, meant as a focal point for your event. I think their craft is worth more than likes or comments.

This visit took place long before that incident. I would have said kudos to the owner had it transpired earlier.

My friend and I were able to enjoy the whimsical cafe with many adorable details-- like bunny ears for the backs of the chairs. Even the presentation of the food served was cute. The spam fries were stacked neatly on top of each other, forming a 3D hashtag of sorts. The adobo flakes and bacon were served with heart-shaped eggs neatly arranged on the plate. I love that they have an assortment of sweet treats to choose from (though we veered away from these that night). I also like watching the bakers at work on their creations-- pastry voyeurism if you will. Plus, you also have your choice of drink for a nightcap or a pick-me-up-- mine was the iced matcha latte.

Do they offer the best tasting food? Honestly, no. Well, this is MY review and you won't get anything less than blunt honesty. Passable taste regarding their savory offerings. Whimsical desserts. Anyway, they are bakers, after all. But it's a feel good place if there is one.


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Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

Before anything else, I am glad to be back in Manila. Definitely missed out on delicious eats and new places coming to light here and there. The Bunny Baker is not new to the scene but is part of my backlogs. I was hanging back because I thought that the place only serve coffee and desserts, and I don't have big eyes for a sweet course.

Cast away for 3 months down south, I wouldn't say no to a looloo rendezvoos invite. It was also the perfect opportunity to scrub one off of my must try list.

The group started with some latte but I only got to try two. I had the Ube Latte (PHP150) and Iced Matcha Latte (PHP165). Between the two, the Ube Latte was the top dog. It was actually my first time to try this kind of Latte and the flavor was intense. It had the rich, velvety smack like I was drinking a cup of melted ube halaya and this, alone, is enough reason for me to go back. The drink was finished with a bunny latte art which will definitely gain likes on Instagram. I thought the Iced Matcha Latte was okay. I was looking for that bold matcha flavor but the drink was bopped with too much water.

For the appetizers, We had their Starter Sampler (PHP275). If it's your first time to visit The Bunny Baker and you're not sure what to eat for starters, then this will be the best choice. A delicious set up of their first string appetizers; Dinamita, Champoy Chicken Skin and SPAM Fries. We all know that SPAM is delicious but what I like about it is that it was lightly covered in batter and that it wasn't greasy. The Champoy Chicken Skin was also good. Although I didn't get to taste the champoy (which I was excited and snoopy about), I still enjoyed eating it. My favorite among the three was the Dinamita. This Pinoy favorite finger food is perfect with a bottle of beer but it went well with my Ube Latte. Haha! I like that it wasn't too spicy but still had that savory heat.

Next in Line was the Corn Dogs (PHP195). This is definitely a huge hit for the kids. I was trying to guess what hotdog brand they used (hoping it was Armour) but I cannot identify. The corndogs were weighty, mellow and had a smiley marked on each.

We tried three kinds of Pasta that night, Creamy Pesto (PHP250), Blackened Cajun Chicken and Bacon (PHP285) and Sriracha Kung Pao Chicken (PHP250).

They used fusilli for their Creamy Pesto which I think is a choice of pasta drowned in homemade cashew pesto cream sauce with some shiitake mushrooms and served with buttered toast. It was without question, very creamy. IMO, it would have tasted better if the pesto flavor was bolder.

The Blackened Cajun Chicken was very aromatic but talking about taste, I was waiting for a delicious blend of cajun spice which I thought was not present in the chicken.

I know that everyone will agree with me that the Sriracha Kung Pao Chicken Pasta was divine. (Parang sugar crush lang, Tasty! Divine! haha) Similar to the other two dishes, the pasta was cooked perfectly and the sweet-salty sauce was very delectable. What made this pasta dish A-OK was the hint of spiciness that made it so addicting.

For the mains, we got to try their Adobo Flakes (PHP235). The chicken was cooked in patis and served with sunny side eggs and garlic rice. It was delicious but I am not a fan of Adobo Flakes because I don't think its texture goes along with rice. :D

The second main dish we tried was the Beer Blackened Pork Chops and customers have two options, Single (PHP295) and Double (PHP475). I love the dark sear which added a hint of bitter taste. I would have loved it to be heftier but it was good and served with grilled tomatoes and garlic rice.

One thing is for sure, Bunny Baker's desserts are out of this world, from concept to taste. We started with their Cheesecakadilla ala Mode (PHP175). Just looking at the set of ingredients used for this dessert, I am seeing the gates of heaven. Cream cheese wrapped in crisp whole wheat tortilla with some butter, cinnamon for a delicious scent, drizzled with salted caramel and chocolate and finished with a delicious vanilla gelato on top. We asked if we can have another Cheesecakedilla and Battle Royal was live as soon as the dessert reached the table.

Next was the Skilletor (PHP285). Another delicious treat for sweet tooth foodies with a delicious half baked chocolate chip cookie in a skillet. Well, not for me. Though it was good, it was a bit too sweet for my liking.

The Ooey Gooey (PHP285) was one of my favorites. First, I enjoyed the level of sweetness plus it has a delicious salted caramel gelato on top. The smelted chocolate brownie in the middle was the real hero of the dish.

The Purple People Eater was an outrageous but delish ube desert. I enjoyed the ube halaya and the ube together in one plate.

The Bunny Baker is indeed rightful of the rave especially for their desserts. I love the place because it was sizeable. Even if the place was packed with people, it was not elbow-to-elbow and people can move around easily. BIG THANKS to the very generous owners, Zach and Aila and to looloo (Pam L. and Peanut D. for having me as part of this rendezvoos. It was great to meet new reviewers, EJ B. Muffy T. Nikki C. and Julie L. . And as always, fun time with these folks Clarissa P. Ruth D. and Jorelle F.

Not to forget, ang Banyo pang pay restroom and dating 128514

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

My first time in The Bunny Baker happened on a fine Saturday morning. We were supposed to have breakfast around 8AM but we ended up ordering two dessert skillets with two extra scoops of gelato. Jairus d. and I swear by their desserts so when I got an invite for a sponsored dinner, I jumped right into it!

The Bunny Baker x looloo (with a bonus of Peanut D. Nuks!) = YES!

We started with their Starters Sampler - chicken skin, dynamite rolls and Spam fries. Deep-fried goodness with a good crunch. Great way to start a feast!

We also had the chance to try their corndogs. Seriously, these are the happiest corndogs in the world! Just look at them! These cornmeal coated cocktail franks will surely delight kids and kids at heart.

Then we tried three kinds of pasta dishes - Creamy Pesto, Kung Pao Chicken and Cajun Chicken and Bacon.

| Creamy Pesto for 250Php - believe it when they say creamy! I would have wanted a stronger pesto flavor though but if you love cheese, this sure has lots of cheese!

| Blackened Cajun Chicken and Bacon for 285Php - when you say Cajun I usually think of a strong flavor - smoky with some heat. This pasta had a subtle Cajun flavor, which should be good, but also had this bitter after taste that I can't deny.

| Sriracha Kung Pao Chicken for 250Php - if there is one pasta that I liked and would recommend for spicy pasta lovers to try, it would be this. The al dente pasta, the tender chicken chunks, the sesame flavor, the texture from the cashew nuts with the Sriracha infused Kung Pao Sauce - so good!

Onto the mains, we had the following -- Adobo Flakes and Beer-Blackened Porkchops

| Adobo Flakes for 235Php - Adobo was cooked with patis instead of soy sauce and according to the owner, Zach, this version is called "Adobong Puti." Just like your usual Adobo Flakes, the pork flakes were crispy, served with garlic rice and egg. Flavorful flakes, good garlic flavor but I personally like my Adobo saucy.

| Beer Blackened Pork Chops for 295Php Single, 475Php Double - grilled meat that was tender, good flavor from the marinade but nothing wow about it.

Then came dessert time. We had the following -- Purple People Eater, Cheesecakeadilla ala Mode, The Skilletor and Ooey Gooey.

| Cheesecakeadilla ala Mode for 175Php - everyone's favorite! Golly, this dessert is one for the books! It's a genius creation. Imagine, rich and tangy cheesecake wrapped in whole wheat tortilla, deep fried to a nice golden brown crisp perfection, drizzled with chocolate and salted caramel syrup and served with vanilla gelato. One bite and it will blow your mind! Seriously, the contrast in texture, the rich oozing cheesecake, the contrast of warm and cold - we asked for a second order!

| The Skilletor for 285Php - they served the "Smores" version of this and quite frankly, I found it too sweet because of the addition of the marshmallows. I still prefer the original one though.

| The Ooey Gooey for 285Php - URGH!!! Still my favorite dessert skillet. The molten chocolate center topped with an equally good salted caramel gelato - this got me swooning again! I especially like brownie stuck towards the sides of the skillet.

I aslo tried their Gingerbread Latte since I loved SB's version. I was giddy because gingerbread screams Christmas! I don't know what's wrong with this drink. I mean, I liked it but it had this after taste that was like soap or whatever. It had a good aroma though coming from the gingerbread.

Aila also made a pretty cake for us! Three layers of vanilla cake that was barely covered with white frosting, smothered with white chocolate ganache, decorated with snowflakes, pocky, berry knots and thick shards of pastel pink and blue tinted chocolate - it was such a girly festive cake! According to Aila, this cake is complimentary when you spend a certain amount for a booked event this holidays. How cool is that?

110881108811088️ for their Mains + 1108811088110881108811088️for their desserts = Overall 127775127775127775127775

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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

After passing-by the area and seeing The Bunny Baker a lot, I'm glad I was finally able to visit last week.

It's the #cutestcafe filled with unique lamps, pastel decorations, and vibrant cakes. The owners Zach and Aila definitely put a lot of attention to detail and quality - it's so good I believe they even have the #bestbathroom in Quezon City!

Lucky for me, I was able to try a handful of drinks, apps, mains and desserts. My favourites are:

- Dynamitas: jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and meat
- Corndogs: definitely not ordinary; the sausage had big flavour and zing
- Champuy Chicken Skin: the best! you can really taste the plum flavour

- Kung-Pao Chicken Pasta: sweet and spicy; waaay better version of Charlie Chan (imho)
- Adobong Puti: crispy adobo flakes marinated in suka and patis

- Milo Dinosaur: milo dinosaur :))
- Ube Latte: who knew coffee and ube were perfect together?
- Speculoos Latter: missing a little bit of the speculoos flavour, but still pretty special

Dessert (this is what we came for)
- Staypuft Skilletor: half-baked cookie in a skillet; filled with molten marshmallows and chocolate; topped with gelato. surprisingly not too sweet!
- Purple People Eater: (joining the ube-bandwagon) ube pancake filled with ube halaya and ube gelato. it's "okay". Wasn't a big fan of the halaya, but the others loved it so it's worth a mention
- Cheesecakeadilla: caramelized whole wheat tortilla filled with cream cheese, and topped with vanilla gelati. FAVOURITE! couldn't get enough of this!

Overall, the food and ambiance of The Bunny Baker Cafe is great! I enjoyed the company, the drinks, and the food. Most of all, i appreciated the stories Zach and Aila shared about how The Bunny Baker came to be.

If you're in the area (or not), The Bunny Baker Cafe is definitely one of the places you should visit.

* visit sponsored by management.

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

This is one of my go-to places for studying and wasting time 128517 They have good wifi, tv with kid movies to watch and good food especially their coffee and desserts 127848

🔹Hungarian Sausage All-Day Breakfast (285php) -- 11088110881108811088️ this plate is quite filling. I like the taste of the sausage, high-quality ang taste 128076🏻

I'll try their pancakes on my next study session 128513

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

I've been to The Bunny Baker a few times before and I've had some good experiences there. So when I got a rendezvoos invitation, I said yes as I actually miss this #cutestcafe already.

I arrived late (with early advise 128518) so I missed the appetizer and pasta dishes. But I got there just in time for the main event - dessert! 128517

Well, there were still 2 dishes served before the desserts but I've already tried both from previous visits. They were the Adobo Flakes, a personal favorite, and the Beer-Battered Porkchops.

For dessert, they served the following:
🔹The Ooey Gooey
🔹The Skilletor
🔹Purple People Eater
🔹Cheesecakeadilla ala mode

Loved the desserts especially the Cheesecakeadilla. 128525

It was great meeting the owners too and hearing about their stories, the good and the bad. I really appreciate when owners talk honestly. It makes us realize the hard work they put into their business and truly, #TheStruggleIsReal.

BUT... Despite the struggles that only made The Bunny Baker stronger, they are now preparing to open their 2nd cafe in Makati!127881

Thanks looloo Crew, it was great seeing everyone!128522

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Julie L.
5.0 Stars

It was such an honor to be a part of another Looloo Rendezvoos hosted by Peanut D and Pam L. Thank you to the wonderful and generous owners of The Bunny Baker, Zach and Aila. 

It was interesting to hear how the owners started their venture from baking cakes at home to running their restaurant. 

All along I thought that The Bunny Baker was a cafe that only serves sweets and coffee. It was a scrumptious surprise that they also serve delicious savory dishes. The interior of the restaurant was made out of love. Every part of it was customized. From the kitchen to their toilet, you’ll see parts of their creavity poured into it.

They started us off with DRINKS. 
Cafe Latte (P145), I’m a coffee lover and there are only a few coffee shops that piqued my interest and this is one of them. 
Ube Cafe (P150), I love anything ube and this is surely a must try. 
These drinks were not too sweet and you taste a hint of the flavors: Speculoos Latte (P145) and Salted Caramel Latte (P150) 

Starter Sampler (P275) includes: Dynamite/Dinamita, Spam Fries and Champoy Chicken Skin 
The last two were really good. You might feel guilty after but it was worth every bite. Not a fan of spicy food but Dinamita is perfect for individuals who like it spicy. 
Corn Dog (P195) I’m used to thick batter when it comes to corn dogs but it was interestingly good. I liked the hot dog they used. 

Creamy Pesto Pasta (P250)
Siracha Kung Pao Chicken Pasta (P250)
Blackened Cajun Chicken and Bacon Pasta (P265)
These pastas were all packed with flavor and cater to different palates. Siracha Kung Pao and Blackened Cajun are a must try!

Beer-Blackened Pork chops (P475 - double), the meat was marinated in beer and I think it worked well. The pork was tender.
Crispy Adobo Flakes (P235) yummy crispy flakes great with vinegar.

I had to leave early but for DESSERTS I was able try out their Cheesecakeadilla ala Mode. The warm crepe with the gelato was like a party in my mouth. 

I will certainly come back to try out the rest of the menu. Both food and service exceeded my expectations. 

It was a pleasure being part of this experience. Thank you again, @looloo team and The Bunny Baker team as well for having us. Great seeing everyone Nikki C, EJ B, Muffy T and Ruth D. Nice to meet you Kiko G, Clarissa P and Jorelle F.

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Jorelle F.
5.0 Stars

I didn't expected that I will be once again invited by Peanut D for another Looloo Rendezvoos. I was very excited to meet another batch of loolooers and to try what The Bunny Baker has to offer.

The Bunny baker, Aila and her hubsband (Zach) were very accomodating and very cool host. It was a fun filled night for us. They openly shared stories of struggles and success behind their venture. 128522128522

They let us try a lot of their specialties and the ones I posted are my personal favorites. 128525128525
127860 Starter Sampler (Champoy chicken skin+ Dinamita +Spam fries)
- Perfect appetizer! The chicken skin is crunchy and not oily like the others. In short hindi siya nakakaumay. Hahaha. For manginginom like me, dinamita is 10084️. Not too spicy. Spam fries?!? No need to say more...! Hahaha.
9749️ Salted Caramel Latté, Ube Latté and Cafe Latté
- I am actually not a hot coffee fanatic but I liked It. I usually order frappuccinos and I didn't regret trying. Their coffee is not too strong for me, just the right taste. If you wanted a stronger kick, then have double shot espresso.
127837 Sriracha Kung Pao Chicken
- OMG! At first I thought its like Yellow Cab's Charlie chan, BUT its a BIG NOOOOOOOO. I 10084️ how spicy, tangy and sweet all at the same time. They served creamy pesto and Blackened Cajun chicken and Bacon.
127847 Skilletor and Cheescakeadilla ala mode
- two of the best desserts I have ever tried. Skilletor is a half baked chocolate cookie in a Skillet. And cheesecakeadilla is a tortilla with Cream cheese inside. Heaven in my mouth. I will definely come back for more. New found Favorite 12852510084️.

They also let us try their Christmas cake. Super cutie cake that I can't let myself watch while the bunny baker was in action slicing it. Hahaha.
They custom made their cakes and some of their masterpiece are displayed in their cute shop. Zach and Aila personally designed almost eveything in their second home.

128205 Location is one ride away from Ubelt and very accessible. Most of their customers were from a schools nearby.
128663 Packing is not a problem. The building has spacious slots for the customers of their tenants.

Thanks to the bunny baker for this sponsored looloo rendezvoos. Nice seeing you again Ruth D Kiko G Peanut D and Pam L. And always a pleasure meeting new faces EJ B Nikki C Muffy T Julie L

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5.0 Stars

It's another "Busog" night for another |ooloo Rendezvoos at The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio. I was invited again by Peanut D... Yes! the |ooloo goddess is back! 128540 She and Pam L hosted the event together with the owners of the restaurant, Zach and Aila.

The owners greeted us on our table while we wait for our fellow loolooers and offer us a drink. We tried different kinds of latte and other beverages in their menu.

Zach and Aila tell some stories on how The Bunny Baker started from their humble beginning as a maker of beautiful cakes until they put their own restaurant and cake studio.They also mentioned the challenges and struggles of putting their restaurant. But one thing for sure that they want The Bunny Baker as the best cake studio in the country.


3rd Level, Hemady Square, Doña Hemady St. cor. E. Rodriguez Ave., New Manila, Quezon City

They customized the design of their own restaurant... from the lamps, ceiling, wall designs and furnitures. Zach and Aila wants that every costumers who visited The Bunny Baker to remember their bright and eye appealing restaurant and they don't want to be tagged as "one-time visit restaurant".



128007Cafe Latte for P125.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
128007Speculoos Latte for Php145.00 - 110881108811088️ 3/5
128007Ube Latte for Php150.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128007Salted Caramel Latte for Php150.00 - 110881108811088️ 3/5
"The Ube Latte was so promising, I think I can drink 2 cups of it. "Ang sarap!" For Speculoos and Salted Caramel Lattes, they need to intensify the flavors of these two lattes. Medyo hindi ko malasahan yung Speculoos and Salted Caramel"


128007Starter Sampler for Php275.00 (Champoy Chicken Skin + Dinamita + Spam Fries) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"I'm addicted with Champoy Chicken Skin and Spam Fries... sinful!"128520

128007Corn Dog for Php195.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"I love the happy face design of each corn dogs"128522


128007Creamy Pesto Pasta for Php250.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128007Sriracha Kung Pao Chicken Pasta for Php250.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128007Blackened Cajun Chicken and Bacon Pasta - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"All of the 3 flavors of pasta were flavorful and served al dente but the Sriracha Kung Pao Chicken really stand-out." 128588🏼

Main Dishes:

128007Beer-Blackened Porkchops (Php295.00 single; Php475.00 double) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

128007Crispy Adobo Flakes for Php235.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5


128007Ube Pancakes with Ube Halaya, Ube Ice Cream, Macapuno, Whipped Cream and Rice Crisp for Php290.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128007Cheesecakeadilla ala Mode - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128007The Skilletor for Php285.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128007The Ooey Gooey for Php285.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128007Christmas Cake - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"All of the desserts served were super delicious! Walang tapon! My favorites: Ube Pancakes and Cheesecakeadilla! 128079🏻

Overall, I am satisfied with the superb service of The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio. I will definitely going back again to try the other dishes.

The event was sponsored and paid by The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio. Thank you Zach and Aila for your generosity.

Thank you Peanut and Pam - Looloo crew. 128521

Nice meeting you Kiko G and Jorelle D and good to see you again Clarissa P, Nikki C, Muffy T, Julie L and Ruth D. 12851510084

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

With its hashtag #cutestcafe, Bunny Baker is indeed one of the cutest cafe here in Quezon City. The pastel colors and cute interior design is all instagram-worthy. Bunny baker is a cake studio and cafe located in Dona Hemady St., New Manila.

Upon entering, you can easily see the awesome cake designs made by The Bunny Boss. The price ranges from P8,000 to P12,000 each but depends on the design. Aside from their cakes, they are also offering healthy meals on the menu, gelatos, coffees, and desserts.

127860FOOD & PRICE

✔Creamy Pesto (P250)
This dish was so good and yes, it's really creamy and delicious! Pasta was a bit overcooked but not really soggy. For my appetite, the serving was actually big, my friend and I even shared it together. Best paired with garlic bread.

✔Chicken Parmigiana (P275)
I could easily tasted the freshness of tomato sauce. I don't know if they used the canned one or fresh, but heck it was really delicious! It complimented well with the breaded chicken breast. The rice, by the way, is sticky compare to the usual rice serves in other restos.

Upon reviewing their prices on their menu, they are a bit expensive compare to the other "cute" restos that I've been with.

Crew were attentive and nice. They immediately served water when we arrived because we looked 'haggard' haha! But, yeah, its plus points!

Location wise, they are very accesible. For sure, I'll come back again and taste the cupcakes and desserts.

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Poch I.
4.0 Stars

After a quick run, got something healthy from the Bunny Baker Cafe: Fish and Quinoa Wrap (265php) and Squash Soup w/ Sour Cream. The Squash Soup was on point - the right amount of creamy and yummy. The wrap was definitely colorful and inviting to eat but it's a little bland and kinda messy to eat. Also, they did not have kale that day, so they replaced it with lolo rosso. Overall, the interiors is cuteness overload. I'll probably come back to try out their desserts and other 'sinful' dishes. 128522


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Kimberly C.
2.0 Stars

Ill tell you what i think. I think in a few months/ a year magsasarado na ito. Lahat ng order namin not available!

The reason i gave 2 stars dahil cute and archinecture. Thats it.


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Yshkael C.
3.0 Stars

Visited this place for Brunch out with some of my closest cousins.

I ordered their Adobo Flakes. My cousins tried their Chicken Parmigiana, Beef Salpicao, Beer Porkchops and Chicken Cordon Bleu.

My Adobo Flakes were pretty crunchy but I did not get that "adobo" flavor. I do love the way they cooked their eggs cause it came in hearts! 128155128155 Haha very insta worthy plating they have here.

What I don't like would be their cupcakes especially the one we got-- the Red Velvet one. Yikes it was pretty dry and not good at all. Far from Sonjas or Vanilla Cupcake Bakery but you are paying the same price for it ....

Their service is pretty quick for most dishes. Some do need to take a longer time cause of the cooking time.

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Hydz T.
4.0 Stars

Creamy pesto: tasty and creamy at first. But nakakaumay. Hubby didn't finish it, we exchanged food.

Crispy adobo flakes: yes it's crispy and has generous serving. Tasty but the we cant find the qdobo taste.

Iced matcha: actually i ordered for hot matcha. 128517 but it's okay. It's like eating kitkat matcha! 128512

Oeey goeey: great for sweet tooth!

Ambience: cute bunny chairs. Stars in purple ceiling! I like it.

Service: 11088110881108811088️( 5 star sana kung d nagkamali ng bgay ng order hehe)

Overall experience 11088110881108811088️!

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