The Circle Hostel Baler

Buton St., Sabang, Baler, Aurora

The Circle Hostel Baler
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Jacob N.
4.0 Stars

"There are no strangers".
So goes the tagline of this budget friendly eco-hostel.
Well that does not necessarily mean that you have to talk and mingle with everyone. Its just like staying in a common place with random people. Lying on bean bags , hammocks, sharing the space with strangers on a care free mode.

It is also the best place to get some lone time with yourself. During our stay we had the common area all to ourselves 128524

You can choose to sleep on hammocks, bunk beds, and shared rooms. Prices range from 350-1000 per night.

What I noticed in this place is that the people who stays here are actually legit surfers. Those who does not need an instructor to catch a wave 128514 Those whose been coming back every weekend. Having a good crowd is a sign that the place is good 128077🏻

Though its not for everyone, since the comfort level is a bit low. It is definitely a great experience.

Oh and the whole place looks very much alive to, with the art works left behind by guests. I was able to leave my own mark as well. Everywhere you look, you will see a riot of colors that adds charm to the place. Actually you don't need to think of captions anymore for your photos because there are unlimited quotes around the walls, floors, and ceilings 128514

Just some tips.

1. Bring extra food, you can even use the kitchen for cooking 128521
2. Bring insect repellent, they have kulambo though but just to be sure.
3. Bring padlock. They have lockers where you can leave your things, so you can be care free 128521

Cant wait to visit the circle hostel kn LaUnion and Zambales 128521

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

As we were planning our trip to Baler, our surfer friend recommended this place. I was hesitant at first since there were not that much reviews about the place plus the pictures weren't that inviting. And there's no aircon and the cr is shared... The maarte in me was just not so happy... 128533 Tried checking Costa Pacifica other places but most are fully booked already. 128546

Days before our trip to Baler, I read an article about the "nice/chill" places to stay at and this was included. Since we haven't booked/reserved anywhere yet, the review somehow convinced me to stay here. Decided to give this place a chance. 128527 We reserved and paid everything online. The process was just confusing because we don't know if our reservation was already confirmed. It was hard trying to figure out and navigate their site. So we called them to ask but they weren't that much helpful as well. They just instructed us to email everything. Oh well. 128527

Instead of staying at the "dorm type" which is 450/head, we decided to get the Buddy Room which costs 1200. The room is good for 2 persons but you can add 1 extra person (not sure how much for the extra). If you're going to divide it, the difference between the dorm and the room is just 150/head. For our privacy and the safety of our things, the additional 150 is not so bad. Breakfast is included also -- bread, peanut butter, and banana. I wasn't able to clarify it anymore, but rates online and actual rates posted in the hostel are not the same. It's cheaper to book online.

When we arrived at almost 10 am, 4 hours earlier than the check in time, we asked if we can check in early and Ate Viah gladly accepted us. 128513 We just showed her our confirmation online, she let us write our names in the log book, asked for 200 pesos as deposit for our bedsheets, gave us our bedsheets, pillowcases and blankets, gave us a mini tour around the place, and then led us to our rooms. She was nice but not super welcoming and friendly.

When you enter the place (even from the outside), you will already have an idea how "artsy" the place is. Paints and bright colors fill the entire place - the floor, doors and wall. So there's (1) a common area where you can just chill, play, and/or socialize with other guests, (2) the kitchen which is complete with all the basic things you'll need. You can cook and prepare your meals here. They have ref, microwave and oven toaster. Water is unlimited. (3) 2 shower/restrooms, one for males and the other for females. There are 3 shower rooms then 3 toilets as well. The cr is just okay... Don't expect tiled floors and all. But I am happy that they have heaters. 128513 (4) an area where the hammocks are which you can use but they don't feel super comfy and inviting. And lastly (5), the rooms. Two dorm rooms and around 8 "private" rooms (buddy or cuddle room).

And btw, they allow you to paint on the walls just be sure to ask for permission first as there are only areas/portions you can paint on. 127912

Also, during weekends at 530pm (friday, saturday, and sunday), they have yoga classes for 350php/class. It's in the second floor in the common area.

Originally, the plan was to stay here since this is where we reserved but we weren't that much happy and comfortable with the place, my friend is having allergic reactions and all... Plus there were too many flies. So in the end, we ended up at Surfhouse (will review that place later). Our surfer friend (who recommended this place) invited us to just sleep there. Yayyyy!!!

But if you're not really maarte and you just want a place to sleep, this can already be a good place. Get a bed for only 450. Because after all, you are after the experience, the adventures and of course, surfing!!!! 128521127940🏻127946🏻

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