The Circle Hostel La Union

Circle Rd., Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

The Circle Hostel La Union
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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

"Free your mind and your ass will follow"

"And then I realized that adventures are the best way to learn"

"Best days give memories, worst days give lessons, bad days give experience, good days give happiness. Never regret a day in your life"

"It was always you"

These are just some of the quotable quotes you will see in Circle and they caught my attention. 128514

It's my very first time in Circle Hostel. My friend who's a regular boarder asked me to try it as well. I checked photos and reviews online and some are not so good so I was a bit hesitant but then I still want to experience it myself. You wouldn't know unless you try right?

They are known to have common areas where you can meet a lot of people which later on will became your friends indeed. No room for strangers.

As we check in, we paid for the beds already. It was only P450/night, I actually thought it's P600 but maybe they gave us a discount plus 100 deposit fee. They have hammocks, bunk beds exclusive for girls and there's also Co-ed. They have lockers where you can place your valuables if you want to leave them.

They will provide your own mattress, sheets and blanket. The bunk beds have mosquito net, curtains and even blinds where you can use at night. There's no aircon available, just fans so mosquito nets are a must especially at night.

They have "tambayan" upstairs with pillows, tables and mats where you can kill time while charging since there are no outlets around the bunk beds, it's really a must to charge in the common area. They also have speakers where you can use whenever you want to chill. It's a very nice concept because their aim is really for you to get along with new people.

They have common restrooms, they painted blue (males) and pink (females). So with this, you really have to wait for your turn if occupied.

I noticed that they also have segregated trash cans per area so they can ensure the cleanliness of the place.

You can also cook if you want. They have complete kitchen set downstairs and you can even ask assistance from the staff. They have water dispenser too. Also, you have to wash your own glass or other dishes after using. They made a lot of signages everywhere to remind everyone.

It's cool that they have paints where you can be creative and draw! Except indicating names like "sandy was here" LOL. I appreciate the whole concept of the place. I like that it's very environment friendly and it has a positive vibe. There was never a dull moment during my stay.

Check out is at 12nn. You have to give back the pillow and sheets as you check out at the reception area.

Sometimes it's good to take the risk and experience yourself (which I did) cause you'll never know what's great ahead of you. 10084️ It's a good learning experience for me plus I get to meet new friends.


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Jown P.
5.0 Stars

We had shortest time to stay in La Union (aka less than 24 hrs) thanks to the non stop rain in Manila we missed the Partas bus. We opted to stay in The Circle Hostel since the 3 of us don't mind the nomad and chill feeling of staying here.

We loved every single thing about this hostel. From the very artsy and chill vibe to the very friendly people who stay here and accomodating staff, everything was a 10/10. They had a common area where you can drink untill you pass out, chill with the other guests, play board games, and even play instruments so you could jam your hearts out. The bathrooms we're clean and okay too. They had bidets inside the bathrooms too. Very sosyal hahahaha.

We each paid 450 pesos for the bunk beds. They provide you blankets and a kulambo each for the bunk beds. We we're lucky that there were not much people staying when we were there so we had a very calm and relaxing stay. It was also raining slightly so we had no issue when it comes to the heat since it was already slightly cold.

Just a little tip: if you want surfing lessons, you could inquire here directly. You could buy drinks outside and drink it at the common area. It saves up money since it's cheaper when you buy it outside. You can also bring in food and have it cooked by the people from the hostel. We weren't able to try bringing in food but my friend said that they can do it 9786️ you can also paint!!! Just ask the people from the Circle. 9786

P.S. We were lucky enough to see Franco in the common area but we we're too shy to hang out or drink with them or even have a photo with him LOL

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Luisa E.
3.0 Stars

I am never checking in this particular hostel again.
It's a very nomad-ish vibe and I guess it's not my thing, but it was a great money saver and a decent experience.

They had comfy bunk beds, I like that it had its own curtains and a mosquito net. The CR could use a more attentive maintenance from their personnel and less rusty lockers would be nice.

Their working hours should improve to accommodate guests and their late check-in's.

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Patsy C.
4.0 Stars

Luisa E and I went to LU last weekend for the Single and Unattached 2016 event.

Since we wanted to save on accommodations, we tried out staying here at circle hostel. Each of us only paid 500 per night.

We took the Partas bus from cubao at around 6pm and got to LU at around 12mn. When we got to circle reception was closed, there was a sign that instructed us to leave our things in a locker and take up a hammock.

Surprisingly I was able to sleep well, I wasn't sure if it was because i was too tired or I was just cool with sleeping in a hammock. The problems that night were the jurassic sized mosquitoes and the super cool breeze.

Thankfully the reception area opened at 7 and they handed us our bed sheets, blankets and pillow sheets. We got a bunk bed made out of kawayan.

Bathrooms were pretty decent and the staff was friendly. The common area is the only place where you can charge your phones and basically chill.

The colorful interiors painted by guests themselves and the swing added a quiant touch to the place.

They also have rates for surfing lessons (400 w board and instructor) and guided tours to Tangadan falls (min of 7 people, 450pax).

If you're on a tight budget and you're not really bothered by the idea of communal living, then this place is perfect for you.

I understand how this isn't everyones cup of tea, if you want your own room, I recommend you check into the nearby resorts. 9786

*Yay for the Hotel Trippin badge!

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Vanessa P.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Elaine B.
5.0 Stars

If you're looking for a cheap place to stay in La Union, The Circle Hostel is the one for you! (Wow parang endorsement lang 128517) sleep in a bunk bed with kulambo for only P550 pesos with a free breakfast. Or if you are in a really tight budget, you can choose to sleep in a hammock (I forgot to ask the price 9996️) it's conveniently situated near the beach, you just have to cross the road and walk for a bit and voila! You can surf your heart out. The Circle can accomodate more than 50 people (I think?), they have common shower and cr, and a common area which I think is the best part of this hostel. This is where people can socialize, make new friends, play games, listen to music and just chill. Which lives up to their motto, "there are no strangers here at the Circle." 128076128076128076 You can also paint your hugot quotes and what nots all around the hostel. Thus making it very colorful and instagrammable. 128513 so yeah, I highly recommend The Circle. Let me know your experience! 9786

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Lady L.
4.0 Stars

There are no strangers here.

(Disclaimer: This place is not for maseselan ppl)

Stayed for 3 days, 2 nights for only Php 1100 (bunk bed), with free breakfast (pan de sal and peanut butter)! Haha

Common cr, common room, common area.

In the common area, you could eat, drink, play, read, paint, and meet new friends.

The Circle is a place where you could just chill, and/or take lots of photos for your instagram hahaha

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Cacat M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

There is No Strangers in Circle Hostel is really true. They made the common area/Hangout place very welcoming for people to meet new friends. In our stay there we met so many new friends and you can just really see the world is so small there are just those little connection with everyone.
For the place itself it was maintained clean. for just 400php for a bunk bead and 300 for a hammock. this place is really worth the price. But I always say to my friends this place is not for the maselan.
For first time surfer request your instructor to teach you in lingsat beach area for a more suttle waves. Enjoy surfing the waves this season are really good. :)

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Sharleen C.
4.0 Stars

Hammocks aren't the most comfortable to sleep into, but also not the worst. Most people would think that you have to follow the shape of the hammock and be stiffly straight (or bent) all night, but you don't. It's like a bed. You can lie on your side and switch every now and then. The kind Circle has has a mosquito net that doubles as a blanket so zip up for maximum protection. Haha!!

Circle is fun. They have a tambay tree house, musical instruments, assortment of colored beanbags and pillows, swings and a bamboo-made view deck.

It's a place where you can chill. They also offer surfing lessons and waterfalls trip.

For the surfing lessons, I recommend you go to the beach front and ask around first. I like The San Juan surf school better than the surfing lessons offered by Circle.

For food, try the Greek restaurant, Urbiztondo grill and Angel and Marie's! :)

Overall, it was a good experience! Just make sure you don't surf near areas where there are lots of sea urchins. It's a pain!

Enjoy La Union and The Circle Inn Hostel! :)

Hammock (bring padlock, p300)
Bunk bed (bring padlock, p400)

Oh! Common toilet and bath were clean throughout my stay.

I'd come back. :)

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Kathlyn D.
4.0 Stars

So far, this is one of the coolest Hostel I've seen!

You may choose between bunk beds (P400/night) or hammocks (P300/night) with free Pandesal in the morning! Just don't forget to bring a padlock to store your valuables. But I've been here 2 times already and I think your priced possessions are safe even if you don't use their lockers.

Their common room is the best! They already have some Ukelele, percussion instruments and a D&D guitar if you want to jam with your friends. Plus, you'll meet a lot of tourists and first time surfers. :)

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