The Clean Plate by Twist

1/F TriNoma, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

The Clean Plate by Twist
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

I am a fan of healthy eating for many years. The site of organic always makes me curious. This place prides itself for it. Their best selling for me is actually their most affordable fresh lumpia. The other which were also overpriced for its serving size were just so so. The escabeche failed in many ways, so u just skipping that one.

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Angelo A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Daylight M.
5.0 Stars

an organic resto in the city!!! the place is inviting, the food... all healthy!!!

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

Thanks to the Holiday shutdown, I could visit R at work and have lunch with him. But since the installation of my new shelves ended late and the Christmas traffic was worse than a typical weekday, I arrived almost 2PM and R already ate. I ended up having lunch alone. :( Perk though was that I had more time to explore and check the new restaurants. Buuut...there weren't a lot of interesting restaurants in Trinoma. Most of the establishments there are the ones you find in other malls. I even checked Looloo if I missed out on any. Sadly, I didn't missed out any interesting or new restaurant. That was it. (T_T) Then I spotted... The Clean Plate.

Hello, The Clean Plate!

The restaurant that promises healthy dishes (hence the name) has very charming and warm interiors. It made me feel comfortable and at home that I didn't mind being the only loner when I visited.

I ordered a bowl of Rustic Tomato Soup (PHP195) and a plate of Pro-Biotic Chicken Tocino + Veggie Rice (PHP295).

Service was quick and I got my bowl of piping hot soup in less than 10 minutes.

It was tangy, thick and undeniably flavorful! The slight spice of garlic and onions made me whet my appetite even more. It had that mild heat that makes you keep on eating, or in this case, slurping. What I loved best about this dish was the huge chunks of tomato for me to munch on. It was really hot though so I made sure to enjoy it bit by bit.

As soon as I finished my soup, the tocino arrived and it looked scrumptious.

I got a piece of tocino and noticed that the chicken meat was slightly tough. And my first bite confirmed that it was not only tough but dry as well.

I politely asked the server if their tocino is really dry (thinking there might be some "healthy" reason behind it) and he graciously took my plate and came back after 5 minutes or so with... burnt tocino.

How? Why? What?

How did the chef arrive with the idea of re-frying the dry tocino? Why re-fry? Won't that just make the meat even tougher? Or was he (or she) hoping that the meat will get moist with oil? What did that poor tocino do to deserve such abuse?

I still gave the burnt tocino a try as to not appear rude. But this time, the meat was dry, tough and burnt! I can't eat it. And so I told the server about it and he told me that they'll replace my dish with a new one and that I could keep the dish on the table.

Uhhh... it's burnt. So I politely told the server to clear it for me as I could not eat it anyway. (I'm so glad that the tomato soup filled the tummy or else...)

Anyway, the new plate arrived and it was better. The chicken tocino was relatively juicier and it was not burnt. But it was bland. Really bland to the point that even vinegar didn't help. At least the rice had a bit of flavor from the vegetable bits and helped bring taste to the dish.

Will I go back? Probably not (even if I loooove the tomato soup). Kudos though to the great wait service.

P.S. I'm still recommending it for its tomato soup. If you happen to be in Trinoma and want something warm, give this a try.


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Adrian S.
5.0 Stars

I'm impressed with the food that they served. Organic food is such a thing that is debatable but when I ate their food... Amazing... Their "extra moist" carrot cake is very luscious with a twist of yogurt cream on top...

Well as they say... Take care of our body, it's the only place we have to live... Kudos to the owner of this store 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼

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Glen B.
4.0 Stars

After enjoying my dinner at Green Pasture at Eastwood Mall last week, I think I am starting to dig organic food. They do taste good and it makes you feel healthy (and full) even if I don't exercise that much. 128540

We tried The Clean Plate by Twist at Trinoma. Actually, we were looking for Teriyaki Boy beside Pancake House but to our surprise, it is now Clean Plate.

To be honest, the prices of their meals are quite intimidating because it ranges from P300 and up. But their menu were quite appealing so...we went in.

I ordered their Grass-fed Sukiyaki beef tapa + kimchi rice served with eggs. It was really pricey (almost P400) but it was very delicious.

The meat was tender, a little sweetish and flavorful. I enjoyed the kimchi rice. The spicy and sweet taste of this meal blended well.

The place was really nice and very comfortable. They serve alkaline water for their house water so I don't think we still need to order drinks. Plus the service is superb.

Despite the price, I think I see myself going back here for more of their delicious organic and healthy food.

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