The Coffee Library

Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union

The Coffee Library
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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

I’m still contemplating if I’ll go to Elyu before the year ends as I’m terribly missing the food scene there. Elyu has this vibe that I truly love. It’s a place I would love to visit at least once a year.

I was looking at my pending review list and saw that I still haven’t submitted my review for this lovely coffee shop. Better late than never, eh?

The Coffee Library is one of my favorite coffee shops in La Union. Its menu is really extensive as it offers rice meals and pasta dishes as well. My first visit in this coffee shop was not really good. I remember not liking their mocha back then. However during my recent visit here, my view about this café changed.

I was able to try 4 (out of xx number of) drinks that this café offers – Caphe Sua, Caphe Bak Xiu, The Coffee Library Hot Chocolate, and the iced Matcha Mocha.

Caphe Sua or hot milk coffee – if you’re looking for a strong, kick-ass coffee, then this is for you. This will give you a hint of what Vietnamese coffee tastes like.

Caphe Bak Xiu – probably one of my favorites here, this drink is coffee mixed with coconut milk. I tried this iced, and it’s just so good. I heard angels singing in every sip. Lol. 128517 That’s exaggeration, but this really tastes like the Coconut Coffee I had in Vietnam.

The Coffee Library Hot Chocolate – if you don’t like coffee then (why??) this is the drink to order. It’s milky, but not overpowering. I super love this. It’s like a hug in a mug. 128153

Iced Matcha Mocha – finally, this is what I ordered. I was not expecting a lot in this as matcha-coffee combination is a hit or miss. BUT this exceeded my expectations. It’s so good. I love the balance between the matcha and coffee. It’s something I would recommend to first timers here.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit here. This coffee shop will always be on my must-try list in visiting Elyu. I know there are other branches of this coffee shop already, but it’s just different when you’re trying this in surfing paradise.

Who’s game for an Elyu trip? Let’s please! 128521

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Josette P.
3.0 Stars

High expectations from The Coffee Library due to reviews here in looloo. But I guess, experiences really do differ per person. Went here at 11am, and it’s so packed. The weather is blazing hot outside so all you wanted to do is sip something that’s cold or be at a cold place. Unfortunately, the ironic thing is that when I went they do not served the blended drinks but only serve the ones with iced. But when I was about to order the Vietnamese Iced Coffe it wasn’t available. HOW DOES THAT DIFFER? So I tried the Coffee Library Iced Coffee that is iced coffee with chocolate syrup and milk. It was okay. Nothing strong but just okay. It gave me a good caffeine boost but did not impressed me at all. My friends had this Vanilla Strawberry Tea and it was good they say. But they were disappointed though cause they wanted the yellow smoothie which has mango, bananas on it but was “not available” yet was served on the other table. They are so unorganize on peak hours when they should know by now how the weekends of this summer is going to be like. Forgot to ask the name of this staff that served us but she’s good. She’s quick on her feet on such a busy day. (She’s the only reason why this is 3 str review cause otherwise it would have been 2). Their food looks good though but when we wanted some pica among the four indicated in their menu only 2 is available. Nachos is only available at 5pm. Like what??

Between this one and El Union, I’d have to say I’d still go for the latter.

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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

With our very busy Elyu visit, i made sure i was able to visit The Coffee Library in San Juan, La Union, even for a very short time. So first I got a hot latte and had it placed in a take out cup. The latte was good, not really full-bodied as you would expect in some specialty coffee shops, but its good and did a good job in making my evening worthwhile.

This is my first visit to The Coffee Library and was quite surprised with the prices. A latte for only P90! Wow! Wish we had these prices in most coffee shops here in Metro Manila.

The place was neat, well laid out (they had two stories of dining space) and can accommodate around 35-45 people. This coffee shop offers full meals, btw! I do wish we have stayed here longer and tried different foodie offerings.

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

Coffee should be part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs! Do you agree? Been to LU for the nth time already but it was the first time I tried this coffee place.

We went here around 9am only to find out that they will open at 10am because they only allow those who have stubs? Which we didnt get. What stub was that? Lol. So we decided to have breakfast somewhere else.

We went back at around 10am and it was packed already. Some were already staying outside. Good thing, there’s space upstairs.

From all of the drinks we ordered, my favorite is the hot chocolate! I like that it’s not the usual hot choco drink that you can buy anywhere. It has a very rich cocoa taste! Ca Phe Sua is also good! Legit vietnamese coffee 128076🏼

I think they should improve on their service especially during peak days or hours. We billed out and ended up going to the cashier to pay. 128517

Nevertheless, it was one of the epic mornings we had!! We literally laughed out loud!! 🤣🤣 Blissful getaway indeed with my mains Norman Lester T Angela Marie C Cindy S 100849749

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Miss Tala I.
5.0 Stars

I LOVE IT HERE! 10084️🇻🇳

Perfect chill out venue, family, friends, mag-jowas.
Very friendly service people.
Coffee or Vietnamese dishes!
and... affordable! So worth it.

The only place we dined in twice. We're coming back to L.U. for The Coffee Library. (or sana mag branch out na sila sa Manila. Haha)

9728️ All-day breakfast comes with brewed 9749
Longsilog P150
Daing na Bangus P150

Pho Bo (Viet beef noodle soup) P150
Nem (Viet spring rolls) P150
Chicken teriyaki P160
Shrimp & tuna pasta P170

🇻🇳 Vietnamese Coffee
Hot milk coffee P80 110881108811088
Iced milk coffee P85
Ca Phe Mocha Frappe P130

We were here on a Monday lunchtime, (weekday!) and it's a full house but still they got pretty good ventilation and service still awesome.

Everybody got their smiling face. Feels home10084
Great experience here in San Juan!

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