The Crescent Moon Cafe

Ascension Rd., Antipolo, Rizal

The Crescent Moon Cafe
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Reopens Tue: 9:00a - 4:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Travel Eat Pinas T.
5.0 Stars

Entering the Cafe is like an escape from the hustle and bustle metro. Luscious trees and bushes surround the area. A koi pond that was once a World War II bomb crater together with the trees and bushes at the back of the cafe serves as a panoramic view of nature, a paradise in the middle of the city.

All dishes serve in Crescent Moon Cafe incorporate the natural flavors of their ingredients. They shy away from preservative and enhancer because Chef Bey wants each of their guests to smell the real aroma and taste the true flavors of the dishes that they serve.

Among the staple dishes of Crescent Moon Cafe is Alagao Appetizer. Alagao Appetizer is Chef Bey's version of the famous Thai street food, Miang Kham. It is composed of basil, dried coconut, chili, ginger, green mango, onion, shrimp, sweet peanut sauce and alagao leaf. You can mix and match the fillings of the alagao leaf depending on your preference.

Another staple dish of Crescent Moon is the Pumpkin Coconut Soup. The soup is creamy with a tinge of sweetness coming from the pumpkin. It has bits of coconut meat that added texture to the soup.

Along with the staple dishes of the Cafe is the Chicken Wings with Mulberry Mayo Dip. The chicken is seasoned well and has a crunchy breading. The meat is tender and has a tinge of sweet flavor. The dip, on the other hand, has a sour and fruity taste.

Along with the chicken wings is the Pork Indian Curry. This dish is oozing with flavor and spices. It has tender and juicy meat.

A visit Crescent Moon Cafe is not complete without savoring the famous Suman or rice cake of Antipolo. They two varieties of Suman. The first one is with manga and the second is the Black Suman.

Suman with manga is served with a slender shaped rice cake wrapped in banana leaf and a slice of ripe mango. The Suman is well cooked, has a tinge of sweet taste and perfectly blend with the mango.

On the other hand, the Black Suman is served with black sticky rice, drizzled with coconut sauce and topped with adobong casoy. This suman is sweet and full of texture coming from the casoy and the black rice. Black Suman has a mixture of sweet and salty taste.

Aside from their all natural and delectable dishes, Crescent Moon Cafe also provide great service to their guests. The staff, chef and the owners of the cafe always make sure that each guest is served well. Every now and then, they check each table and to check the needs of their guest.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
5.0 Stars

A gem deep in Antipolo. Their food is uniquely done and yummy too. I forgot to take a photo of their pumpkin soup which had buko meat in it. The salmon, prawns, ratatouille and their own salad bar, wow! When you’re you gotta drop by!

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

We had late lunch after touring Pinto Art Museum.

They were only offering buffet menu and no ala cart dishes. 550PHp per person. You can also order drinks from their refreshments menu. Even though their choices were limited, it was still delicious.

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Pötpöt P.
4.0 Stars

Crescent Moon Cafe is already a landmark in Antipolo, not only as dining destination but also as an art space.

Weekend trippers love it here especially on Sundays because it's buffet day. What makes Crescent Moon adorable is its truthfulness of flavors. No nonsense preps, no fancy presentations---just good food.

If you come on a weekday, they serve chef's special, meaning only the freshest available ingredients their kitchen can whip up.

But whatever day you come, one thing remains constant & it's the restaurant's signature appetizer, the Alagao Wrap. It's a delicious mix of minced herbs & spices, dried shrimps, cubed mangoes & a lot more, all rolled in natural alagao leaf.

Crescent Moon is also a pottery workshop made by the masterful hands of Lenelle Abueva-Fernando. She's no less than the niece of National Artist Napoleon Abueva. Make space for her ceramics because they're really lovely.

There's nothing spectacular about the entire space. No cutesy decor, no architectural masterpieces. But its expansive space allow guests to breathe fresh air & wander around the lush greens that we surely lack in Manila.

Ask the Titas of Manila about it & they'll tell you it's worth coming here.

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Cherisse Y.
4.0 Stars

Tagaytay feels in just 35minutes!!

If you watched the cinemalaya film, "mariquina", it feels like the shoe shop there but with pottery HAHAHHA

We went there too early for lunch so we ordered merienda nalang.

We ordered the Suman and mango which was awesome! Sweet without needing to dip it in sugar! Plus the mango was super sweet! <3

After eating, we went around the place and saw the plates they made for famous establishments like yabu, thespa, sariwon and even shangrila boracay!! Then we ended up feeding the fishes HAHHAHA

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Jose P.
4.0 Stars

We had lunch today with the family. The waiter was really nice. The food is good. I think due to the rains, the garden is a bit unkempt; unkempt but still nice. I'm sure it would be lovely during more sunny days.

The dining area has four walls with big screen windows, so air was circulating well. The good is great, Filipino fusion I think without trying too hard. They served us fresh veggies and seafood. Their pumpkin soup has fresh coconut and was delightful. It was my favorite of what was served. Healthy.

You could buy pottery and other ceramic stuff, which really are beautiful. If you are on a budget, like we are, they have overruns and imperfect pottery sold by weight at 200 per kilogram, which are beautiful as well.

Reservations is a must. Highly recommend. Be back again; after all, it's just five minutes away from where we live.

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Jc R.
4.0 Stars

If you're looking for unique pieces to design your home and kitchen you should consider going here. The place is hard to find but given the right directions and motivation to come no one can ever miss this place. You can purchase pre made items like tissue holders/plates/bowls or you can ask them to make a one-off design just for you (with a minimum, of course)
But the reason I like this place is that you get to escape the loudness of the city plus partake on their homemade suman with ripe mango paired with hot choco or coffee.
On weekends they have a small buffet for visitors(call ahead for reservation but walk ins are welcome)

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Louie A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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