The Daily Grind

F7 Bldg., 49 Sct. Rallos St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

The Daily Grind
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Most Recent Reviews

Marianne P.
4.0 Stars

Back with the burgers128513
F7 rallos is getting hyper lately.. The Daily Grind is eeally on my list and finally got a chance to try.
Ordered -Calamares- for appetizer usual taste
-Blue Collar- burger with umami beef, caramelized onion, BLUECHEESE ofcourse!! Haha tomatoes and mushroom sauce.
-BigBoss- bigger version og Overtime burger umami beef as well, parmesan crisp, bacon,lettuce,tomato.
Same burger buns, soft and a bit sweet.
Dessert we tried Frozen Brazo de Mercedez legit and so sulit128516 we'll try ribs special next visit128076

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Kheen S.
4.0 Stars

Coming from St. Luke's hospital, we decided to head to Scout Rallos to have our dinner in this restaurant. We saw this before and friends have been telling us to try it so we did. It is located in the second floor of the F5 Rallos building and upon approaching the stairs, their menu will welcome you.
I love that the interior design gives me a glimpse of what restaurants in penthouses in New York look like (Of course, I've just seen them in movies!) And their bar looks like those restaurants in Santorini, Greece (I've seen in movies only too). With different glasses for every beer, cocktail or wine. Of course, we opted to try their Pork Duo Ribs (Php 550) that comes with 2 sides. As seen on the picture, we got two rice and two sides such as buttered corn (Php 37) and salad with dressing (Php 85). The buttered corn tastes like shredded corn literally from the can and the salad was kind of pricey considering it only has lettuce and balsamic vinaigrette. We also got to try their freshly brewed iced tea (Php 70) which is somewhat similar to Army Navy's Libertea, only sweeter. As for the star of the night, we can't help but compare their pork duo ribs to Casa Verde's Ryan's Ribs. They kind of have the same texture which is tender, only Daily Grind's sauce is more smokey than sweet which we liked. It did not meet our expectation of fall-of-the-bones-ribs but for Php 371 budget per person for a full meal, Daily Grind is worth a try! So why not go to Daily Grind after your daily grind?!

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Leen C.
4.0 Stars

I did not set my expectations high since i read several reviews that their food was not that great. But me and my friends wanted to try it and i'm happy we did.

Food was great!
We ordered the following
ribs duo P550 (good for 2 pax) it comes with rice too. 128077
The ribs was tender and juicy plus the mixture of the bbq sauce was just right.

Pulled chicken sandwich
Pulled chicken in hamburger bun. I like how it taste. it gives a sweet with a spicy kick and comes with fries too.

I was not able to try the burgers since i saw several negative reviews about it but surprisingly my friends love it they even told me that it is one of the best burger in town.

Btw the place gets really crowded. It is best to have a reservation.

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April H.
2.0 Stars

My dream is for QC to have a really really good burger place... There are cheap options, big chains, and even good burger joints. But I want one that people will go to the trouble of traversing traffic for.

Enter the Instagrammable The Daily Grind at F7 building. Seems promising. Another new restaurant that will make an already crowded area even more crowded... Been wanting to try a couple of new restaurants in the Morato area. Last night, my parents and I wanted to have dinner prior to watching Rak... My mom wanted burgers and this instantly came to mind... Finally128525! Or so I thought...

We went here past 6pm, surprisingly found parking immediately. The newly opened restaurant is located at the 3rd floor, just across a health cafe... Upon entering, it definitely had a hipster vibe. Polished industrial look, with cement walls, blackboards set up for the menu options, and monochromatic trinkets.

My mom and I ordered burgers while my dad got the braised beef. We all decided to share an appetizer...

The staff were nice. Wifi was fast. Place was open with ample tables. No crowded feeling even with the amount of people present. They have coffee for those who want to study. Lots of sockets for computers and phones. They also serve alcohol... Sounds good so far...

The food came.

Our shared gambas and chorizo tapas was an immediate disappointment. It was good enough for 3 people-- for each person to have one prawn and one chorizo apiece. The garlic flakes outnumbered the actual food. One taste of the chorizo and you know it's cheap. The prawns were tough to chew and obviously overcooked. Bad dish. Mr Ramsey would throw it in the trash in a heartbeat.

My dad's Braised beef came and it was not pretty to look at. Presentation was plain, AT BEST. Beef was tender but that's about it.

The burgers came. I had the Daily Grind Creation 1, with blue cheese and caramelized onions. Mom had the Creation 2 with bacon and cheese. Don't know why it had to be called "Creation" since there is nothing out of the ordinary about those combinations.

One bite and I knew I wouldn't finish it. The beef tasted like it had extenders. The beef patty was underseasoned-- Jollibee's champ and McDo's quarter pounder taste way better. The blue cheese sauce was a joke, really weak and looked like mayonnaise with blue cheese mixed in. They added just a little bit of caramelized onions. There were tomatoes and iceberg lettuce included, which made no sense since those flavors don't mix well with blue cheese. It's a confused burger.

My mom was likewise disappointed. The bacon wasn't crispy. The cheese, ummm where was it? Plain bad.

The place itself was nice, but I just don't get it. Being a savvy consumer, I wouldn't go back. It is all hype. To me, it's really all about the food and no amount of "hipness" can make up for bad food.

If you want a good burger, why not try the following:
Charlie's Angus burger
8cuts Piggy or Four cheese or whatever you fancy there (these are creations)
Chunky Sam's Sam's blue
Lazy Bastard's Breakfast burger options or even any of their burgers
Stuff over Burger's Chunky Daisy or Chilly Dilly
Food Camp or Burger Company's burgers Or even Army Navy's Bully Boy

Don't let IG fool you. Jenn N Julie J Roy Lambert T move on na tayo...

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Jho D.
5.0 Stars

All that blue cheese goodness!

Would go back to try their other dishes!
Service was great!
Ambiance was nice but a bit noisy..

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Bea B.
4.0 Stars


Calamari tasted like calamari
Burger (Angus Creation 1) was like a normal v delicious burger, but nothing TOO special. Plus points tho that it wasn't too nakakabigat
Pasta (Carbonara) was rlyrly good! Like intense

Cute place w good comfort food. Def gonna come back to try their other specialties!

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Kristin C.
5.0 Stars

Great service and good comfort food
definitely would want to come back

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