The Dessert Kitchen

3/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

The Dessert Kitchen
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Most Recent Reviews

Pat D.
4.0 Stars

My favorite dessert place in Rockwell 128153

It isn't my first time here and I'm always excited everytime I visit this place.

The Dessert Kitchen is a franchise from Hong Kong and serves light Asian desserts – their menu promises low-fat sweets with ingredients like matcha, fresh fruits, seaweed balls, and kanten.

Food/ Desserts 1108811088110881108811088
➡️ Winter of Love- cookies and cream ice cream, corn flakes, mini rice balls, mango and vanilla ice cream. I love how everything works together. Perfect for this Christmas season 100529924127877🏻

Price 11088110881108811088
➡️ I ordered the Winter of Love for P168.

Service & Ambience 1108811088110881108811088
➡️ Friendly staff, excellent service

I also recommend you try their Sakura Warabi, Mango or Chocolate Taiwan style shaved ice, Black Temptation and of course the Purple in Love.

If you are looking for a place to satisy your sweet tooth headover to The Dessert Kitchen

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

After a quick visit for a Blogger shoot in nearby Sunrise Buckets, I was drawn to visit this vibrant and well lit establishment, a Hong Kong born, dessert place that serves a long list of popular Asian sweets.

It took me awhile to browse their multiple paged menu, which featured parfaits, sundaes, kantens (jelly noodles), ice creams, eggettes, puddings, seraduras (tea biscuit puddings), panna cottas and many more. It was a haven of anything really. Some items, however were sadly, unavailable.

Since I was alone I only had two kinds. I ended up having their filling Chocolate Eggette with Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with fresh fruits and classic Chinese Mango with Pomelo Sago. Both did impress vis a vis pricing and taste. And they served these quite fast as well.

If you are one of those that got the sweet tooth, this establishment might just cure your craving. 128522

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4.0 Stars

Went back here after a year and glad to know it was as good as our first try. Only sad part is a lot of the items were jot avail, especially durian stuff! Serving size seemed to have gotten smaller also but I’m not so sure. Maybe our appetite have just increased more and more!? 🤣128517 Anyway, I still find this place a great option for dessert :)

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Lia B.
4.0 Stars

Cool dessert place! It a local resto but looks ‘foreign’ due to its interiors. Loved their Purple in Love, strawberry soft and green tea and valrhona hard ice cream. 128149

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Shellah Marie R.
4.0 Stars






Chocolate Lovers Eggettes and Valrhona Chocolate Ice Cream : Eggettes are crispy outside, soft inside, and super chocolatey. Valrhona Ice Cream is sooo divine. If you're a choco addict, then you must definitely try this one!

Choco Kiss : It has coffee jelly (if I'm not mistaken), chocolate Krispies, and many more chocolate thingy topped with chocolate ice cream and banana then drizzled with chocolate syrup. This is so good that even non-choco lovers would enjoy it. My friend who's not a fan of anything chocolatey enjoyed this one too.

Dancing Queen : I actually don't know what's on it since I wasn't able to try it. Why? I'm so occupied with my Choco Kiss! But as per my friend, dancing queen is okay. Great for green tea / matcha fans.


Staff seems to be friendly


A bit pricey but worth it.


Did I enjoy it? - Yes
Will I recommend it? - Yes
Will I come back? - Yes

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

Noong linggo,
sa pagod ng aming paglalakad ni Ateng,
ay napadpad kami sa taas ng Powerplant Mall,
Tumambad sa amin ang kaaya-ayang tindahan

Tila bang kami ay hinila
Ng kanilang mga nakakabighaning panghimagas,
Mga iba't ibang uri ng sorbetes
at mala-halo-halong kasarapan128522127847128077🏻1278461108810084

Kaya't wala ng patumpik tumpik pa....
Na nilusob namin ang pagpipilian 12852210084128077🏻

"Yelong Bihon"128540127847

Walang alinlangang
isa ring pinaka-natatanging dessert
na makikita mo sa menu...
Ang mga makatawag-pansing
makulay na bihon
ay ginawa gamit ang kanten,
isang damong dagat na hapon,
na nagiging likido sa halaya.

Ang mga pansit ay mas matigas
kaysa sa karaniwang halaya
( mala-dikya sa kalambutan ),
Sa ilalim makikita mo ang tamis....
gatas na sopas, durog na yelo,
At bilo-bilong gawa sa bigas.

Kasama ng mga mabibilog na melon
at hiwa-hiwang mangga
ay malalasahan ang sapat na tamis,
ngunit kung gusto mo itong
mas malapot pa at malasa,
maaari mong buhusan pa ito
ng malagkit na sabaw
gawa sa melokoton...

Nagustuhan ko ito
dahil sa iba't ibang lebel ng tamis
at mangangatngat1285221008411088127847128077🏻
Halong tamis na may kurot ng asim 12852210084128077🏻

"Pagmamahal na Lila"

Isa masiyahing pangalan,
Isang masidhing kombinasyon....
Mga sangkap na nagsisimula,
Sa rum at sorebetes na pasas...
Isang mabilog na pagsasalansan ng mga bola,
At damong dagat na lasang ubas.

Gulaman na mala bilo-bilo ang hugis,
halintulad sa kawyar,
Ay siyang nakalululong kainin,
Sa dulot nitong tamis
at sarap nitong nguya-nguyain 10084100841008410084

Habang palalim ka ng palalim
sa paghalukay sa yelo,
nagiging mas maprutas ang lasa
At sadyang sariwa....
Hanggang sa magiging magulo na ito
at halo halo ang sangkap,
ay siyang maalala mo ang lasa
ng naghalong ubas at cranberry 10084100841008410084

Maiisip mo,
Na tila ang kinakain mo ay parang almusal,
Dahil sa ubeng sorbetes na nakabalot sa malagkit na kanin at harina na siya namang kaibig-ibig

Ang sarap ba? OO Naman, ito ay may patimpalak na Katangi-tanging Panghimagas noong 2009 sa HongKong 12852210084128077🏻

Kaya't halina sa The Dessert Kitchen 12852210084128077🏻


  • No. of Comments: 4
Julie L.
4.0 Stars

After our lunch, we had desserts at The Dessert Kitchen. This resto serves the most beautifully plated desserts and the taste isn't so bad too.

The Taiwanese style shaved iced in strawberry flavor was yummy and wasn't too sweet. Eggettes used both warm and cold textures. Plus they use fresh fruits which was a plus.

Nippon Warabi aka raindrop dessert was ok nothing special in terms of taste.

My relatives ordered various desserts and I wasn't able to take note of all of it. 128517

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Gerald G.
3.0 Stars

Tried the Sakura Warabi at the Dessert Kitchen and found it to be only so-so...

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Anna d.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Trizha A.
5.0 Stars

After some debate on where to head to for dessert after a bday lunch we finally decided on Dessert Kitchen.

As you might be able to tell we got extremely excited choosing something to satisfy our sweet tooth.

2016's on trend dresser was the Raindrop Cake or Warabi. I wasn't really eager to get this one coz I've already had it before and it is basically gelatin which gets its flavor from the syrup and matcha powder that typically accompanies the dessert. For me it's another one of those food items that's Instagram worthy but not satisfactory to the belly.

Durian in shaved ice is beyond words amazing. Of course if you aren't a durian fan then skip this. The ice is smooth and the durian flavor is rich but not overpowering. The accompanying pearls adds texture and the pineapple pieces compliments the otherwise strong flavor of this pungent fruit.

Chilled Mango Cream and Pomelo is a twist on the mango sago dessert. Quite unfortunately the mangoes they had were on the sour side. It still tasted pretty good because the combination of fruits married well with the cream.

Chocolate Lovers comprises of premium dark chocolate ice cream and really crispy eggettes that play well together. The smell alone of cooking eggettes is sublime!

Last but not the least is the Joy of Party sundae and if is exactly what it is, a party. A party in your mouth! The seaweed grape balls burst in your mouth with every spoonful. There's nata de coco and cornflakes for the extra crunch. The ice cream is a luscious cranberry with a good amount of rum for that added flavor kick.

We also ordered the Bacon Dracula unfortunately the server didn't get that order down. Some other time I suppose.

What I like about the desserts, they aren't heavy. Hence we were able to have that many in our bellies for dinner elsewhere. Service is quick but not quick enough for all orders to be at the table at the exact time. So no top shot of all the desserts lest you want them to be a drippy mess.

Toto cost for our indulgence was a little over 1,000php

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Liezzy M.
4.0 Stars

tried their bacon dracula eggetes and it tasted 128076🏼. this came with free blueberry smoothie which i think is a good combo. bf got the cocoa kiss and we both liked it. not too sweet, not a fan of the coffee gelo though 128528.

service was ok and place was clean. you get to check how they prepare your dessert. 128523

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Jom L.
5.0 Stars

Honestly I did not enjoy my first visit at The Dessert Kitchen, few months ago. I got Taste of Uji Yogurt Parfait back then. It is so sweet that I was not able to finish the whole thing, and I can barely taste the Matcha flavor.

Recently my BF and I decided to have our desserts here. We ordered Tofu with Black Glutinous Rice, and Original Eggettes. Since we are still full from our lunch, we just shared our sweets. We both loooove the Tofu with Glutinous Rice, it was not too sweet, just the way we like it. We were so happy that we made the right dessert choice. The Eggettes was good too, even if we only got the original.

We are excited to try more of what they have. Looking forward for the opening of their S Maison Conrad branch.

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

After Raclette, we went to Fireside. After Fireside, they still wanted dessert so we ended up in Dessert Kitchen!! Hahahahaha! Talk about 128055!!

Dessert Kitchen is located just beside Tuan Tuan at the top level of Power Plant Mall near the cinemas. I quite like their interiors. It's cute and homey!

Strawberry Shaved Ice • Php 228
They ran out of the actual strawberry fruit so they replaced the fruit with mango after asking permission. Their shaved ice is similar to the one I had in Taiwan at Smoothie House! It was a thick shaved ice and sweet! This would have been better if the strawberry fruit was also available. 127827

Blueberry Kiss • Php 288
The blueberry version of Purple In Love! As my friend said, he prefers this because it's less sweet as compared to Purple In Love. I enjoyed the blueberry flavored ice and the crunchy pearls on top! I'm not a fan of the ube flavored marshmallow looking thing though. 128517 I like ube but it tasted a bit weird for me.

I might come back when I'm less full and try some of their other desserts. 128541

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Angel U.
5.0 Stars

Who can resist desserts? i'm not haha... so after a grocery, decided to have a dessert at upper level of Power Plant & been wanting to try this place & feels like small kid & want to order everything haha...

So after fliped 3x back to front and back the menu, decided to order:

- Mango Pudding
- Soft yoghurt with blueberry (parfait)
- Coconut Pinacolada pudding

And.... here comes the desserts,

- the Pinacolada, very interesting, not so sweet and you can eat the bowl, yes bowl, i repeat, the bowl can be eaten haha.. they made it with coconut pudding & it is really blend well with the Pineapple syrup as the base

- the Yoghurt ice cream, actually you can change to hard or soft ice cream & alot of flavor to choose (see the kitchen area, they have the board with list of flavor), so I just realised it later on hahaha... the parfait really taste so good.. fresh & so so yummy...

- the mango pudding... all made from real mango and mango and mango, ha. Not so sweet and really taste fresh,

All worth it & yes I eat all of that wahahah~ joke .. it's eaten by two people and mostly is me haha..

It's worth it guys!

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

[Late post]

It is undeniable that The Dessert Kitchen has really photogenic desserts. I have been eying to visit this Hong Kong dessert shop for the longest time but I never manage to do so because 1) I don’t have any other business in Rockwell and 2) Manila traffic is crazy. But I managed to pay this place a visit on Father’s Day weekend and it sure was packed!

Hello, The Dessert Kitchen!

The small and quaint dessert place was very busy on a Saturday afternoon. There were only four bar stools and a table vacant when we arrived. Luckily, the table that was vacated could accommodate four.

It took us a while to order as the menu was quite extensive. Shaved ice, pudding, soft serve ice cream, eggette… name it, The Dessert Kitchen would most likely have it.

We went with the award winning and bestseller Purple in Love (PHP258), Tofu with Hokkaido Red Beans (PHP168), Matcha Red Bean Eggette with Strawberry Ice Cream(PHP288) and Sakura Warabi (PHP168).

Service was quite fast considering that the place was busy. Purple in Love was served in less than 10 minutes.

It looked pretty good and the serving size seemed generous as it was overflowing. Then again, it might be because the bowl used wasn’t that big.

My sister took a bite and said that it tasted like those popping candy with foot shaped lollipop. I took a spoonful and it did taste similar. It had a sweet grape candy flavor. In fact, it was a bit too sweet. I had to make sure that each spoonful had a mini rice ball or two to somehow offset the sweetness of the syrup. The taro mochi ice cream tasted like ube ice cream wrapped in thin mochi and I was not impressed by it. I liked the small Kyoho Grape Seaweed Balls though.

Tofu with Hokkaido Red Beans was served next and I loved this one. I liked the contrast of the smooth texture of the tofu, chewiness of the mochi and the roughness of the red beans. The best part is that it wasn’t very sweet.

This dish is perfect for dear grandmas and grandpas who have to watch their sugar intake.

I have been dreaming of trying the raindrop cake for the longest time. I bugged R numerous times to bring me to Malingap but we always end up elsewhere. (I’m not complaining though as he brings me to better places.) But finally, I can finally judge if it does taste like jello as what Masarap Ba? claims it to be.

After a spoonful, I could say that… it did taste like jello. I’m not sure if my tastebuds are simply unrefined but I didn't get a taste of the sakura (cherry blossom). But munching it with the chewy sakura rice balls (which my sister hated since she said it tasted like perfume), brown sugar paste and red beans made it worth its price. The different textures and flavors made it more interesting. I wouldn’t buy one giant plain jello for PHP168. (Note: The Dessert Kitchen ran out of soy bean powder and offered to add brown sugar paste as replacement but I requested to add sakura rice balls instead and they obliged.)

The Matcha Red Bean Eggette was served last and it was also good.

I loved that it had red bean stuffed inside each bubble adding flavor to the bubble waffle. But I wished it was crispier so that it had more texture and bite to it. Some parts were a bit too soggy because it took us a while to remove the strawberry ice cream scoop. (I blame myself for this one as it took me a bit to finish taking shots of this dish.) The ice cream was lovely as it was a bit tangy creating contrast of flavor with the matcha and red bean. Then again, I wouldn’t pay PHP288 for this. I would be more than happy with Happy Lemon’s version at less than half the price.

Overall, The Dessert Kitchen offers a wide array of desserts and most are pretty good. Sadly though, it wasn’t good enough for me to brave the traffic just for it. I wouldn’t mind visiting it again though if I’m around the area. I’d definitely order Tofu with Hokkaido Red Beans again and perhaps one of the noodle desserts.

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Ig Plummer S.
3.0 Stars

Finally tried the raindrop cake. We ordered Kanten and Sakura Warabi. I only liked Sakura Warabi since Kanten tasted plain.

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Annechile S.
4.0 Stars

This place is dainty, the staff who greeted us at the front was so pleasant.

We ordered:

| Kanten (198php)
Kanten + Mixed Fruits + Sauce (we chose the Green Tea Milk)

127861 This one tasted plain, nothing really special.

| Sakura Warabi (168php)
Sakura warabi kanten, sakura rice balls, brown sugar paste, red beans, and soy bean powder

127800 I liked this one, but also nothing really special. Just IG-worthy.

The extra 11088️ was for the staff who assisted us, she was really nice and answered our questions politely.

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Steff S.
4.0 Stars

Tried their best-selling Purple In Love. It's like a glamorized version of kakigori. A little too pricey for the overall experience, but I did like the popping little balls on top that tasted like tiny grapes.

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Leen C.
5.0 Stars

Nice place to have a dessert fix. 9786

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Mica C.
4.0 Stars

I guess if you want a very nuanced dessert, head here! This place is good conversation starter. The options can be a bit overwhelming because you'd want to try a lot of their unusual desserts.

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