The Dessert Museum

S Maison at Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. cor. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

The Dessert Museum
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Justine Lauren C.
2.0 Stars

I was quite disappointed when I went here. Ambience was really great and I really do love art but I expected more with the Php 700 ticket I bought. You can achieve great shots but I think there’s nothing special about it, it actually just feels like a step up from a kid’s playground. I believe they should enhance it more by finding something unique to share to others and promote it for new customers. Should actually highlight the history of different desserts. Transitions were a little faster than expected because they really put about 40 people per group so, people don’t really have the exclusivity of the place for shoots if they plan to do so. They should set a room that they design for every occasion like christmas, halloween or autumn, so that there’s always something new to look forward to and should actually highlight a specific dessert.

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Adnad S.
5.0 Stars

A good place for family bonding. Everyone will enjoy taking pictures & eat sweets! 128522

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Katrina K.
5.0 Stars



It's actually a dessert museum! You can also get to try some of their desserts inside. Yummy! 128523

They also have a boutique for you of some of their chocolates and items to buy for your friends, siblings or kids! It's very cute inside and very enjoyable especially of you love to take photos and desserts at the same time! You'll surely love it!

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Arvee L.
4.0 Stars

I won’t elaborate much, all I know is that I enjoyed the place, I had fun taking pictures and I had really munched on the free desserts. 128076🏻128588🏻128077🏻

Just a little observation though, masydong mabilis ung transition ng pagtransfer on each rooms. They could have let us stay longer. There are times that we just take pictures and we’re not able to get the freebies anymore. Or vice versa, we have spent time getting and eating the sweets that we are not able to fully roam around the room to take more pictures.

And I wish they have free donuts too.
Coz when we went there I was expecting there is since it’s the first room but unfortunately there is none.

But then anyway,
It was such a fun experience! 🙂

Fun factor: 127849127849127849127849
Place: 127846127846127846127846
Value for money: 127851127851127851

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

12,000 feet of your sugar filled dreams 127849127853127851128059127846

The Dessert Museum is 8 mouthwatering rooms of sugar filed happiness . This is the only museum you’ll ever slide into . This sweet wonderland just recently opened last February 10.

The Dessert Museum is an interactive eat as you play and learn experience where the sights are just as delicious as the sweets. You will gobble your way through 8 mouthwatering rooms of sugar-filled happiness. There are only two things on the menu - sugar and selfies. Welcome to the Dessert Museum. Please don't eat the furniture.

Went here last Sunday, it’s our Mothers Day celebration part 3! Since it was a Mother’s Day , there were a lot of people that time and they have a very long queue. They have two lines , one for walk in and one for online . We fall in line at the walk in . Glad mom Elaine P was with us so she went inside Dessert Museum and told them that she was a Senior Citizen128117 and hooray , all of us skipped those long lines , this is a privilege of Seniors . Another good news is that we get discounts . First Mom used his senior ID so she got discount then they have Mother’s Day promo that if your a mother and you have a child companion with student ID your entrance is for free and glad my daughter Adelheid L brought her ID with her all the time . We’re 5 pax and it’s like we paid for two regular tickets.

For the rates :
This two hour sugar coated adventure will cost Php 799 when you walk-in - they do have a special online rate of only Php 699.

Php 699
A Two-hour Tour in 8 Mouthwatering Dessert Themed Rooms
5-6 awesome, surprise dessert samples
Most likes you’ve ever had on your Instagram Photo

HOURS: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Last tickets are sold by 8:00pm)

After we paid they gave us wrist bands which will served as your pass to enter the Dessert Museum. After few minutes a staff announced that we can already enter and we hurriedly get our camera 128247 phones 128241.

The tour starts with a slide through the donut hole and into the Donut Room. A side door is accessible for PWDs.

Here are the 8 mouthwatering rooms :

✔️ Donut ROOM
✔️Marshmallow Room
✔️ Naughty or Nice Room
✔️ ice cream room 127846
✔️Gumball Room
✔️ Gummy Bears 128059 Room
✔️ Cotton Candy Room
✔️ Cake Pops

Each and every room is sweet and unique . So ready your cameras 128247 because this is all about sugar and selfies . Videos are allowed also !

They will be giving away 5-6 tasty treats. You will NOT go home hungry sweet-tooth128523

We definitely had a great Mother’s Day family activity that time 128525 perfect for kids 128118 and kids at heart ❣

LOCATION: Unit 124, 126, 127a, S Maison, Coral Way, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
HOURS: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Last tickets are sold by 8:00pm)

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

I’ve been hearing about the sweetness of this newest destination. I’ve seen quite a number of buzz from friends and was even tagged on a post to go and visit. Two weeks ago, I was invited via @hungrytravelduo to cover and feature it. This first of its kind museum here in Manila is located inside S Maison Mall, beside Conrad Manila, Mall of Asia Complex. Pasay City.

Dessert Museum reminded me of 3D Art In Island, except this one had a variety of creatively designed props. You come here if you enjoy taking photos, may it be a selfie or a group shot of people you love. It has 8 stops of different sugar-filled desserts with most rooms providing you the actual dessert piece and trivia about them.

Since most of my foodie friends were busy, I went on my own dynamic adventure. I traveled from one land to another, going through doors and holes of this 12,000 square meter attraction. The staff patiently shot multiple angles of me posing here and there and I was done ahead of everyone else! You, however, can take your time. One has a two-hour window to finish up.

They have Donuts, loads of them hanging around. But before you get to access them, a short slide is required. You have a donut wall on top of an infinite number of donuts in pink with rainbow sprinkles.

Marshmallows come next, and they are all white and fluffy but unfortunately not real. Just like donuts, these are all hanging from the ceiling. You get rewarded here for posing though, a giant mallow dipped in strawberry or chocolate. Oh did you know that they don’t contain fat? Woohoo!

Do you love Candies? You go through a naughty or nice door to choose your next destination. A candy room awaits, they have striped candy canes, huge candies of different colors, and macaroons as your sweet treat. For some activities, they have a see-saw, a swing, and a jump rope.

Cold dessert anyone? Ice Cream follows and they are either in plain vanilla or different flavors. They are shaped via balloons, so you have the movie Up as a recall. A trivia on the wall says: It takes you around 50 licks to finish off a scoop of ice cream.

And then there’s Bubblegum. They have a gumball machine that you must go in to, and a giant bubble man to get you into one. This was my favorite among all 8 whimsical attractions.

In the gummy bear room, you get to jump on a trampoline or choose to get in a tub full of gummy replicas. You must be careful, they are tough and bland. Visitors get a handful of bears to munch on here as your guilty pleasure!

Probably the fluffiest and insta-worthy space in Dessert Museum is Cotton Candy room. It’s super pink and cloudy, and definitely, a must for your cameras.

Eight giant Cake Pops wraps up this tour. And you can ride on it too. For a final dessert, you get a cake pop flavored Red Velvet or Chocolate.

To book here at the Dessert Museum, one must choose preferred time and date from their online calendar. Two-hour tours start every 15 minutes. Currently, tickets sell at Php 699 via online and Php 799 if you just decide to walk in. Go ahead and check more information at

If you ask me, I truly enjoyed the travel inside. The costs, however, were too much for only six pieces of treats. Hoping more would be added in the future.

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Karla Niña M.
5.0 Stars

Satisfy your sweet tooth 127849127853127851127850

The Dessert Museum
128205S Maison Mall at Conrad Hotel Manila, Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

NOTE: Wear your cutest OOTD's guys 128514

How much?
Walk in rate: 799 php
Online rate: 699 php 680 php (click my post to see the link)

More detailed info:

CURRENT PROMO: 599 php (Student Promo) Until April 14 only!!!
> Just present your student ID upon arrival. Go grab yours now! 128525

> 2-hour museum tour
> 15 mins in each room (total of 8 mouth-watering rooms)
> 6 free desserts

Operating hours
🕙 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, everyday
Note: Last call of buying tickets is until 8:30 PM.

#KNBMadventures 128076🏼

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Tommy T.
3.0 Stars

Passed by this place again tonight, still doing some finishing touches, with just 12 hours before opening, there is still.strong smell of paint and thinners outside.

Managed to snap some photos outside.

Entrance fee is a bit costly.

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars


The Dessert Museum is a 12,000 square feet museum full of colorful fun-filled bliss! 127881 This place is not just for the kids but for the young at heart. If mahilig ka magselfie at magpapicture, this place is definitely for you. Make sure to bring your most every patient instagram boyfriend, jowa, hubby, manliligaw or friends who will take 100 million snaps of you posing in the different rooms. Mag baon ka na ng maraming poses dahil for sure mauubusan ka 128514 Be ready to get hyper dahil sugar rush ang aabutin mo cause some rooms comes with free desserts!

➡️The Dessert Museum WILL OPEN ON FEBRUARY 10 Saturday!

128205Location: S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila (Ground Floor)
Mall of Asia
🕛 Open from 10AM to 10PM

Experience 8 mouthwatering rooms:128069
127849 Donut Room
Probably everyone's favorite room. You can take photos with the donut wall, the giant sprinkle slide and hundreds of hanging donuts!
Ps. Don't wear heels ladies, learned my lesson after kong tumalsik sa slide 128514 pero poise parin after para di halata, si boyfie lang nakakita!

127872 Mallows Room (FREE MARSHMALLOWS with 3 fondues to choose from!)
The hangging mallow decor looked too authentic I was so tempted to eat them and bite them, they're super soft and fluffy. But don't worry, one gets to have a free GIANT mallow which can be taken from the end of the rainbow pot of mallows. You also have three flavoured fondue to choose from - Strawberry, Chocolate and Caramel.

127873 Candy Cane Room (FREE MACARONS!)
Are you Naughty or Nice?
Before entering this room you get to pick which door to enter - NAUGHTY (Blue Door) or NICE (Pink Door) but they both lead to the candy cane room. This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!
The place seems to be divided into the pink section and the blue one. They give away free macarons in this room. I also loved that they had a swing which had the word FLY in the background! If you have an eye for photography you can make the subject look like they're swinging in the clouds! DREAMY!!!

127846 Ice Cream Room (FREE ICE CREAM!)
My least favorite room. It felt like this room was just forced to exist. It was the tiniest compared to the other rooms. There's nothing much to do except a photo op with the ice cream melt wall painting and the ice cream hot air balloon.
There's also free ice cream in this room - flavors to choose from would be Avocado and Mango. It was fancy and good! Infairness!

127880 Bubble Gum Room
My Favorite Room!!! The wall art had trivias on them about bubblegums! 2 interesting activities to be done in this room.
1. Go inside a giant bubble
2. Go inside the bubblegum machine (SUPER FUN!!!!)

127853 Gummy Bear Room
Cutest Room! It's pastel and it's pink!
There are 2 trampolines where you can jump jump jump until you burn all the calories of the sweets you've taken, hyper mode na ko sa part na to, totoo pala ang sugar rush 128514 or take photo ops with the colorful bath tubs filled with mini gummy bears!

127852 Cotton Candy Room (FREE COTTON CANDY!)
Cotton Candy Land! If heaven looks like this I'll never ever leave! 127853
You'll get a free cotton candy with powdered milk sprinkled on top.

127856 Cake Pops Room (FREE CAKE POPS!)
Dito ako nag-ala Miley Cyrus! 128514 lakas maka-wrecking ball ng upside down cake pops. Don't wear skirts if you wanna copy my wrecking ball pose. Medyo nakakahiya siya pero do it for the gram!
At this point umay na ko sa tamis ng lahat ng desserts so I opted not to take my Free Cake Pops.

After the tour they gave us transparent balloons with confetti inside and a chocolate. Make sure not to pop it inside the mall cause it can really get messy!

THE TOUR WAS FUN OVERALL. 128513 It brought out the kid inside me, I swear!
Ang saya lang! Tumaas lang sugar ko after the tour pero mabuburn naman yan dba!

BOOK ONLINE & Avail a discount!
128165 Online Rate: P699 Early Bird
128165 Walk-In Rate: P799
This includes: Up to 6 FREE DESSERTS and UNLI SELFIES!
✅ They offer group discounts for 20 pax and above!
* Yes I would agree that this is pricey for a museum tour but it's something you wouldn't just see anywhere. It's a good date place, a nice place to bring your kids, very educational pa siya.

Tour Duration: 2 hours (Max of 15 min. per room)

✔️Make sure to arrive 15 minutes before your the tour to avoid delays
127775The tour comes with a guide + fun facts and history of the dessert per room! Very educational!
✔️The museum is wheelchair accessible!
❌Pets are not allowed inside the museum
Be mindful of other people. Consider that you are 10 to 15 people per batch, if you're done with your photo op, give way to others para makapagselfie din sila 128522 always be kind and courteous!

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