The Dining Room

Km. 52 Aguinaldo Rd., Silang, Cavite

The Dining Room
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DC l.
4.0 Stars

Food was delicious. Price was okay- not too expensive. I liked that the salad was make-your-own. It was 85 pesos/100 grams and came with a cup of soup.

Vongole pasta was very yummy, we had to order another one. Gourmet pizza was good too. Wasn't a fan of the beef entree-- I think it was pot roast. The meat was a little tough.

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Jean R.
5.0 Stars

Loved their grilled pork chops!

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Dan P.
1.0 Stars

Salpicao tasted like adobo loaded with garlic. Salad was nothing special and yet so many rave reviews were written. Pasta were uneventful and the pizza had to be followed up more than thrice. It took more than 30 minutes to arrive. Food was laid out and yet no water was served. They had to get back the sugar and used creamer to another customer. What would the customer think if she saw the creamer almost half empty? Ordered the Hazelnut for coffee and they listed it as their priciest coffee on the bill. No apologies whatsoever with all the atrocities. And its funny how this "fine dining" restaurant was visited by a popular female high maintenance celebrity. If this Tatler resto is included as one of the best somebody should try visiting on a lazy afternoon where everyone literally got lazy.

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Angge V.
5.0 Stars

This review might sound biased, I think it is. This place has a special place in our family's heart. Why? My dad has been working for the owner of this restaurant for years, and the reason why I am so familiar with their food and products is because we have been going to this place since I was very young. I have seen countless physical renovations, but the quality of what they have to offer was never compromised.

Located in Gourmet Farms, Inc., Km. 52, Aguinaldo Highway, Buho, Silang Cavite - there is a big sign that you will never miss :)

What we ordered:

Lettuce chips with Oriental Dressing and/or Garlic Dressing - since I know some of the waiters personally, they served us this chips for free! A healthy snack made from lettuce, not salty or sweet - dip it with some dressing and you can munch non stop without the guilt! (They also have Pesto Chips (thumbs up!), and a lot of variety of Gourmet's Kitchen Exclusives dips and dressings for you to choose from -- all available in The Country Store at Gourmet Farms (deli shop) or you can check this link: - or you can check major supermarkets near you!)

Choose your own salad from their Salad Bar - loving green salads? I tell you, when you see what they have, you wouldn't just settle for that usual Caesar's Salad ;)

Margherita - I am a fan of tomato sauce based anything -- plus mozarella and basil on not so thin crust - it's deliciously perfect! (though I removed the big slice of tomato - weird me.. lol)


Chicken Parmigiana (this is what I ordered) - I told you, I love tomato sauce! Tender and juicy and baked chicken breast swathed in olive oil, tomato sauce and a very generous amount of PARMESAN cheese! Served with creamy mashed potato -- you don't need rice with this one!

Beef Pot Roast (what my cousin Jenny ordered) - still served with their creamy mashed potato - tender and succulent slices of beef bathed in gravy, sprinkled with lots of toasted garlic, it is heaven in every bite.

Grilled Tuna Belly (what my cousin Bong ordered) - fresh, fresh, fresh, juicy, juicy, juicy grilled tuna belly served with baby potatoes and carrots - make sure you squeeze that slice of lemon for a citrusy flavor.

When you are dining in (Gourmet Farms) The Dining Room - make sure you opt out the usual soda drinks - and go for their must-try Beverages

Banaba Iced Tea (what I ordered) - what they did to this beverage has been mind-boggling to me eversince - I tried putting sugar, then honey to the regular iced Banaba tea (they also sell Banaba tea) but something is still missing. This is my drink everytime I go there. It is sweet and refreshing - and the people of The Dining Room holds the secret in the right way of making Banaba Iced Tea (oh well...)

Signature Lemonade (what Jenny and Bong oredered) - my favorite - well next to their Banaba Iced Tea -- Lemonade with basil leaves - yep, Basil leaves. And this is one of their bestsellers! This drink is very refreshing and allows you to cleanse your palate.

**Do not forget to try their coffee and their wide selections of tea -- which they harvest and produce at their own farm located at the back of the resto!

What other things you can do at Gourmet Farms:

Farm Tour - This is a must! If you love strolling around with your relatives or your kabarkadas, you must check out the farm. From their coffee, variety of lettuce, herbs and spices and everything nice - they also got animals strolling around the farm - including that palm civet - the coffee bean-eating mammal. They also offer different activities for you to do while your at the farm - like lettuce picking, salad demo and herb potting. Oh, and for diners from The Dining Room get to avail the farm tour for FREE! :)

For more info - check out their official website:

Shop at The Country Store - so you fell in love with that delicious dip you tasted in The Dining Room, or that lettuce from the salad bar, or perhaps the aroma of the coffee you had after that generous meal -- well, you can take them home! Yes! Drop by to their deli and be welcomed with shelves full of Gourmet products and a whole lot more. Please try their Coffee Buns (80Php/pack of 6), it is my favorite :)

So I guess this is a biased review, but hey, if you're headed Tagaytay, why not drop by Gourmet Farms and try it yourselves and experience what I have been babbling about for years. And everything is affordable, promise. :)

For inquiries:
Address: Km. 52, Aguinaldo Highway, Buho, Silang Cavite, Philippines
Phone: (046) 865.1064 Look for Fernan or Albert


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Raul C.
2.0 Stars

Sad! First they destroyed the building and now the food was no longer what it used to be. I ordered herb chicken, but sadly, it was the driest herb chicken I have ever experienced. ( note, no pics).The dining room tried to be looking like Mediterranean but sorry, it just did not work out. I hope they rebuild the old house with warm wood all over, because the current one is just not at sync with silang ambiance...

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Loren L P.
4.0 Stars

Tons of backlog!!! But here we go 128516

We had the ff: wild mushroom soup, mango arugula salad, basil Lemonade shake, beef kebab and vongole.

I was just supposed to have water but when I tried my husband's basil lemonade, I wanted to finish it right away so I got one for myself too. It was so good! Next time we go back, I will make sure to order an extra glass for take away. While waiting for our orders, I stood up and walk around then I saw their buffet of soup and salad. You make your own salad & they weigh it (php100/gram). An order comes with soup. When I checked out what kind of soup they had, our server approached me and asked if I wanted to try it- he said he'll give it for free. I said why not. It was very good I would have gladly paid for it. They used fresh wild mushroom. Mango arugula salad was also very good I ended up buying a big pack of arugula and vinaigrette dressing at their store.

We were happy with our main dishes too. I was surprised with the beef kebab meal. I initially warned my husband about ordering it as it might have been a safer choice to get their pasta dish but he said he was craving for kebabs. I'm glad I didn't insist on him getting pasta because rice and beef tasted very good- rich & authentic. My pasta was cooked al dente too. It had generous serving of clams. I took home half of the pasta though as it can feed 2 not too hungry individual.

So we loved the food- but why the 4 stars? The ambiance. It felt cold. They should improve on the lighting. It's nice that they used antique furniture, the aparador with huge mirrors are great but the poor lighting gives an unwelcoming feel. Maybe if it felt more homey, moving to another place for coffee & dessert would not have been an option for us too.

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Aix M.
5.0 Stars

Delicious organic dishes, courteous and attentive servers, clean interiors--these are just some of the many things I love about The Dining Room. My family and I make it a point to visit every time we go on trips to Tagaytay.

For this visit, we ordered Humus for appetizer, Garden Pizza, Pasta Puttanesca, Chicken ala Kieb, and Baked Salmon for the main course. Every dish was cooked to perfection, and the family enjoyed the meal without the stresses that come from being around the big Tagaytay crowd.

Two thumbs up for this one! 128077128077

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Warren M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Charlene N.
3.0 Stars

Blurred Lines 127926 I currently love that song! It just makes me dance! 128131

The road to Antonio's was jam packed with vehicles.. That is why we ended up having lunch here. When we arrived, there was only one table occupied but as time passed, the place filled up in a really fast pace. It's crazy.

I think their interiors were actually renovated, it looked different the last time I visited. It looks so shabby chic now, hmm not bad! This is the ideal place to unwind on a hot Sunday noon.

128205High-Protein Salad- Beans + Tuna + Romaine Lettuce + Olives + Pesto Chips. Not bad.
128205Calamares- I didn't try this!
128205Beef _____-It was moist and flavorful!
128205Black Squid Adobo- It was delightful!
128205Eggplant Moussaka-It should have tasted better if they added more spices! This is a Greek dish that I'm addicted to. A healthier version of lasagna.
128205Grilled Salmon-It was a little bit overcooked! Calm your grills down, Gourmet!
128205Baked Chicken-The taste and aroma from the herb that was absorbed by the poultry instantly won me.
128205Civet coffee- My dad drank this! I wonder what it tasted like...

Try their herbed lemonade! I have actually perfected this drink at home, so I didn't bother ordering it.

Their dishes except for the baked chicken were nothing noteworthy, however, it hits the spot when we are talking about comfort food.

After dining, we went straight to Refreshers, the Gourmet Diner to buy fresh herbs and some produce.

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Martin E.
5.0 Stars

food trip @ the dining room:
syempre kailangan ng panghimagas -- white chocolate cheesecake and french press coffee 1278569749128077

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Martin E.
4.0 Stars

food trip @ the dining room @ gourmet farms:
favorite signature lemonade w basil + caprese salad + grilled salmon w mango salsa drizzled w cilantro pesto & mashed potatoes = fav combination!! 128077

n.b.: the salad uses one of the best tasting kesong puti!

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5.0 Stars

The Dining Room's signature drink is a tasty treat... And their food is just exquisite

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Tina B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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