The Farm at San Benito

Lipa, Batangas

The Farm at San Benito
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Foodcrawl P.
5.0 Stars

This spontaneous trip to Batangas was indeed a great escape from the urban life.

The Farm is located at Lipa. It was clearly a short drive from Manila but getting inside is like being in an alternate universe where birds are chirping, peacocks are walking around, and green is the dominant color. We arrived earlier than the check-in time and we huddled at the Alive! Restaurant for lunch.

We explored the pool in different areas during our first day and the second day was a different story. We started our day at the Gym at 6am. The next hour is spent with a breathing exercise and yoga. By 9am, we joined the flower mandala session and then, a healthy breakfast at 10am. Everything I mentioned is already a part of our room package for P8000++ for 2pax. There’s a complete sense of rejuvenation in just one night. Wish I can prolong my stay the next time I visit.

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Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

had a great time relaxing and listening to my inner self. you get your money’s worth for the wellness experience they offer. you get to enjoy nature together woth animals they allow to roam around the vicinity. 128525

staff gives excellent service 128077🏼

i guess you have to at least be eating vegetables (not necessarily stricly vegetarian) to appreciate their food. im not a vegetarian but i did enjoy their food and serving’s can be shared by two.128523

will come back for the treatments 128522

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Cathy D.
5.0 Stars

The Farm at San Benito can really make you feel at ease. if what you're looking for is a place to destress, then this is it. Being able to focus on your holistic well being is something that we should be able to experience at least once in our lives. You'll leave The Farm a different person, a better version of you.


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Salie D.
4.0 Stars

Last Easter Sunday we visited a Retreat House in Lipa City to fetch mom-in-law after her 4-day Holy week stay there.
Before heading home, She asked us to go with her to have an inquiry here. I included a copy of their Room rates for my Review’s reference!
Btw, She needs to know the amenities and rates they have here for her future Spiritual Group or Family outing since nandito na kami. We were allowed to go inside by the Reception Area lang. By the way this place is just 5kms away from the Retreat House we went to. So we got there in no time.128525

The Farm is really relaxing because of all the natural plants and trees you see everywhere.
After her inquiry, Mama decided to have snacks in the Farm’s Restaurant, sadly Vegan pala ang resto nila, nothing more! So di kami natuloy kumain and decided to just leave...we also checked their Souvenir shop na dollars ang presyo! I remember one Dress costs 500 dollars!
Mama even paid 250 pesos kasi a souvenir Mug fell from the rack coz of her bag! Buti nalang hindi 250 dollars ang price!🤩

If you are into soul searching, body cleansing and looking for peace, then this place is for you! 128077🏽

  • No. of Comments: 3
Anne M.
2.0 Stars

It was a family weekend. They just didn't warn us that of you book two different types of villa (garden and narra) you'd have to walk long to see each other and spend the weekend as a family which was supposed to be. They didn't warn us upon booking that we were booked away. They knew we had children travelling. They didn't say that all food served were for vegans.

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Trixia C.
5.0 Stars


Hokayyy! I am supposed to go to Official Eatup. I swear! 128557

But I can't resist and should not resist this one. Hahaha!

Been hearing about this place. Been hearing a good reviews about it so when a friend asked me to go here I didn't thought of saying no. 128540

We passed by Alabang first before heading here.

I made my friend try Yushoken and my famous cookie oh I mean Tus' famous cookie. Hahaha! (This is another story/review)

When we arrived here, I was like "ano to seminaryo bakit walang tao?" Lol!

Their staff are nice and giving absolutely good service. Kuddos!

The view and the place is so relaxing. I want to live here everytime I am stressed!

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Len I.
4.0 Stars

We stayed in the Master Villa, it can fit upto 5 adults. It has a huge pool and garden area. There's also a kitchen complete with all tools and equipment so you can bring steaks and what not like we did! We brought beers, wines, champagne, desserts and pica pica. I have to warn you though, they only serve raw veggies and grains for the meals included in room packages. It's not bad at all but after how many meals of eating veggies you'll definitely look for meat.

The line up of activities were pretty good, we did yoga, they also have plyo classes, trekking, flower arrangement classes and soap making classes. Selected treatments were discounted too.

One thing I did not like about The Farm is that their staff are not so attentive. Even if it says in their website that we will have a butler attending to our needs the whole of our stay, no one refreshed our villa while we were out and no one came to make sure we've got everything we need. We had to call several times for assistance. 128545

But over all the experience was unforgettable 128522

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Len C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Veanney V.
5.0 Stars

This place is just really amazing!

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Chuck B.
5.0 Stars

The farm shouldn't be classified as a spa because it is actually a RESORT.

A fresh take to the concept of a resort.
It offers a completely different package than a regular spa and resort combined.

They offer a holistic reguvinating stay. From the food, place and the people inside, they are all living proof that taking carre of your body should always be the TOP priority.

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Reisha D.
4.0 Stars

(This is a long review. Really.)

Daytrip to the Farm costs 5000/head plus tax (around 6100 total). This amount is consumable though, and you can use it for any treatment, medical service, and food. You can also rent a room for a couple of hours (6 hrs I think) for an added fee of course, for which you can use to store your things, freshen up, or sleep. My family didn't intend to rent a room, but the management gave us a complimentary Garden Villa to use for our stay. Sweet!

The place is very peaceful and quiet, all the areas are clustered and getting from place to place requires a bit of walking. Wheelchairs can be borrowed at the reception.

Our first activity was their Oil of Life tour. Basically just a trip to where they process coconuts to make all sorts of products for the resort- soap, massage oil, food products, etc. Quite easy and everything was fresh and organic. After that my family separated into our own activities.

We weren't able to attend the flower arrangement session and Vinyasa Yoga so my brother and I headed on to our villa (which was quite nice) to wait for the next schedule. The lawn was huge, bigger than the size of the villa but it was empty and the landscape wasn't so designed or well-kept. There was an oddly placed fountain at the middle, but the sound of water added a lot to the ambience. The bathroom was HUGE, a lot of cabinet space with enclosing walls similar to the rest of the villa- glass sliding doors, exposed to the outside. The shower area and bathtubs were located outside but were blocked off from public view. Quite a liberating experience to shower outdoors.

At 10:30 my brother and I attended the Core Yoga session. It was an intimate group and we were quite shy because we don't practice yoga at all! But the instructor was very friendly and encouraging. The venue (Jungle Gym) was lovely, it was an all-glass structure with a view of the surrounding on all sides. Free water and fresh towels.

We had lunch at Alive! Restaurant. Our meal was a set lunch and the cuisine for the day happened to be Indian (it changes everyday). If the vegetarian-ism of it all wasn't alien enough, the Indian spices made it all the more exotic. My opinions aren't one to trust when it comes to completely foreign food and tastes so I won't talk of the food. I did like the dessert (Indian pastries and chai). Their ingredients are fresh though, there's a view of their mini-farm area from the restaurant.

My treatment was after lunch and it was their basic Reflexology massage in a room shared with my brother. The room was more of a villa: airconditioned with a nipa roof and a pond outside which ran through the inside onto the other side of the hut. It had a bathtub outdoors in the middle of the pond and a bathroom as well. The massage was a typical shiatsu-like massage. They used heated massage oil which was nice and the strokes of my masseuse were thorough and had the right amount of strength. I rarely fall asleep during massages except when I'm really tired- That was at around 1:30pm and I was trying not to fall asleep so that a 2000-peso massage wouldn't just pass me but I couldn't help it! It was one of the most relaxing massages I've had but sans the ambience, I could get the same good ol massage at the price of 300 pesos from our home service masseuse! My mom tried the Hilot Haplos which is about THRICE(?) the price of my massage, and she said it was nothing special. The traditional hilot massage she was looking forward to was nowhere to be found. The rest of my company didn't seem to be exceptionally satisfied with their treatments either.

They serve unlimited tea and pastries (again healthy and vegan) during the afternoon at this hut found behind the reception area. I was quite happy to find banana bread but it tasted/felt weird probably because it was flourless/sugarless? I don't really know.

The place, specifically the individual spaces were well designed. Perfect mesh of luxurious tropical design. The pool area was very picturesque and inviting but we barely had time to swim. The ponds were flocked with ducks and peacocks free to roam around. The treatments weren't well worth their pricetags but the service, accommodation, and facilities were great.

It was quite a drive to The Farm, it's located kilometers from the main road of Lipa and so we had to leave before dark because the roads had no lamps and were very narrow. Know your way before setting out to travel here because most of the people we had to ask for directions weren't really familiar with the place!

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Margie C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

Truly an all-around luxury Health and Wellness Spa Resort. This is the place where one can experience total wellness, cleansing, rejuvenation, relaxation, de-toxification of mind, body, and spirit in a surrounding of 5-star comfort. It is no wonder why The Farm has won a lot of recognition and awards -both here and abroad.

The Farm specializes in Healing Retreats and life enhancing programs supervised by a highly qualified team of experts in preventive health care including integrative doctors and licensed therapists, living food chefs and fitness consultants. It is the ultimate vacation where guests benefit from a comprehensive series of holistic health services designed to be specific to the individual to achieve optimum health, spiritual wellbeing and mental clarity.

We availed of the 3day/2night Seasonal Wellness Holiday Special Package. The package affords guests a stay long enough at the Farm to experience both the wellness treatments and gourmet healthy meals, but short enough that you don't have to spend at least some 3-months worth of salary (they even have a month long accommodation and wellness package that can easily fetch a wicked Php 250,000 --- and yes, there are guests who actually avail of these).

The Wellness Holiday Special Package is only available until the end of April. This package includes :
- Choice of Accommodation (the total cost of package will depend the type of accommodation you choose)
- Healthy meals: welcome drinks and daily afternoon tea with Healthy Snacks, breakfast , 5-course Gourmet Lunch and Dinner, Unlimited Wellness Beverages
-a Wellness Retreat Orientation that oriented us with our daily schedule (wellness activities of our choice, meals, spa treatments, etc)
-Fitness Assessment with a Personal Trainer
-a SPA Treatment
-Daily Wellness Activities : Ranging from Yoga , Circuit Training, AB Blaster, etc
-Use of Resort Facilities- swimming pools, gym, meditation Lounges and Pavilions

We were welcomed at the resort by their friendly staff with freshly squeezed fruit drinks. After registering, the guest officer briefed us on our daily schedule for the duration of our stay. I like the fact that they were very accommodating in my last minute change of one of the Health treatments I originally chose.

After registering and being given a print out of our daily schedule, we boarded the shuttle that took us to our abode. On our way to our accommodation , we were given a short tour of the property.The Spa Resort is in a huge sprawling property. I best describe the place as a Shangrila of Health and Wellness. Beautifully manicured gardens, walk ways, tasteful pavilions and gazebos (perfect for meditation), lovely swimming pools, calm ponds, and incredibly luxurious suites & villas. There is a certain air of peace and calmness that permeates from the place. This is pleasantly interrupted by the occasional sound of birds chirping, wind chimes clinging, sound of running water, and the rustling of the leaves from the large trees and plants that dot the property.

We booked our accommodation at their Palmera Suites. The suite had a tasteful modern Asian-inspired interiors with all the 5 star comforts. Large glass windows that give you a sweeping view of the gardens and plants. Very relaxing! Very green and natural! One thing about the suite that really got me was the bathroom. I'm not a prude, but I was pleasantly surprised with the design of the loo. I guess the objective was for guests to commune with nature. The shower area HAD NO CEILING!!! 128561128561 You are simply surrounded by walls made of granite . It was quite an adjustment using the shower. It gave me a sense of bathing outdoors in a secluded area covered by large palm fronds and stone walls. Whew!

After unpacking and freshening up, we headed for their Ampitheater to join their Vinyasa Flow Yoga Session. The Amphitheater was a big elevated hut right beside a large pond. Such a tranquil setting for the high powered yoga sessions. I practice weekly yoga in an indoor studio but doing it at The Farm was truly quite an experience. Nothing beats doing yoga at an outdoor setting surrounded by water and greens. 128076128076128077in addition to that, they have a refreshments counter where we had an unlimited fill of fresh Buko juice, fresh herbal juices, and fresh fruit juices.128077128077

Our first encounter with the famed The Farm healthy cuisine was during dinner at their Alive! Restaurant. The resort's cuisine is pretty popular internationally and locally for their use of organically grown veggies and fruits (a lot sourced from their own greenhouse). Most of their cuisine is prepared raw ( and they DO NOT USE MEAT-- a bummer for carnivores). Some dishes use minimum possible cooking temperature --just enough to cook some of the ingredients. The food preparation process that they incorporate ensures that the full nutritional content of the food is kept as natural as possible---for ultimate health benefits. They also cleverly incorporate natural flavoring and food preparation processes that somewhat mimic the use of regular food ingredients. On top of all these, dishes are meticulously arranged and look so pretty and elegant to eat. The stand out dishes during my stay were the following: all their veggie salads-- I loved their salad dressings and their use of ingredients that I never thought was possible to eat--flower petals, ferns, etc. Their potato-curry salad (I could eat this everyday!). Their vegan desserts- like their eggless, milk-less, and flour free chocolate mousse and the strawberry panacotta (I found out that they use almond milk and/or coconut milk and/or rice milk to prepare these sweets). Another favorite was their fresh fruit with fruit compote and black gelatine --- very refreshing! Their faux bacon made of dried flavored coconut meat ( quite surprisingly tasted very close to real bacon-- crispness , crunchiness, and flavor). I also immensely enjoyed the unlimited healthy beverages -- red juice, green juice, and Wheatgrass (yum!!). I'm truly impressed with the ingenuity of their chef and cooking staff!

Our second day was tailor fitted for our specific health , rejuvenation needs and objectives. In a nutshell, it included an early morning power walk with a guide, a circuit training with a trainer at their "jungle gym"( outdoor activity gym), and an afternoon of Spa indulgence- I chose the the Hilot Haplos Pinoy Treatment ( pinoy Hilot with ground cocoa and coconut cream-- a detoxifying treatment for muscle pains and aches. Then soaked in a tub filled with freshly squeezed warmed coconut milk!!!---NICE!!! 128077128077) and the Peppermint Foot Scrub (acupressure and reflexology treatment to detoxify the lymph nodes that was immensely relaxing).

Days were filled with activities. Quite surprisingly, despite the fact that the entire resort was WI-FI enabled, the daily activities made me pleasantly tired and relaxed. I never even bothered checking my emails or surfing through my tablet. I didn't even miss watching cable-TV. Free time was spent either lounging by the pool, strolling around the property and enjoying the majesty of nature, or mingling with the other resort guests.

Perhaps The Farm may not be ideal for everyone . Aside from the cost which may be prohibitive, the food may be a big issue with carnivores. But I believe that the short time that I was able to experience total rejuvenation , relaxation, wellness, peace of mind and spirit, compounded by excellent and friendly service, great accommodation , excellent healthy culinary adventures, and great health and wellness insights is enough reason why I would like to come back. Yes, it's something that I have to bloody save for again in the future....but at the end of it all...just think of that famous line: Health Is Wealth.

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Neīl Ą.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Brenda C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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