The Gourmand Market

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The Gourmand Market
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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

Hooray for BGC Passionfest 2017!! 127881

The Gourmand Market is here again and they have some new stalls (for me they are new, like first time to see 128521) But I saw some of my favorites and new favorites.

There were quite a few coffee stalls, one that caught my eye was the Coffee 2.0. They have some strong coffee and cold brew that I planned on trying tomorrow on their last day. 9749128591🏻

•Merry Moo was also there.
•Bulol Brewery was again there. I wanted to get a take out but I have to walk a long way home, didn’t want to drink it on an empty stomach 128517
•Cha Tuk Cha was also there but the line was long lang.
•Naty’s Kitchen was also there but by the time I wanted to grab something for dinner, there wasn’t enough left ☹️
•One stall that sells steak 🥩 *forgot the name*
•Niku Niku.. this was what I had for dinner 128522
•Wholesome Table even have a stall there selling some goji berries, chia, and granola
•Nic’s Bakery was also there. The cakes and breads they have are quite good. I’m not sure if they also have a place in BGC but at UP Town Center they have an actual restaurant 128521
•Puto Bungbong & Bibingka is once again gracing us with the holiday ambiance 128521

I hope to try the others by tomorrow 128591🏻

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

So my latest food haul from The Gourmand Market were the ff:

1. Carte Dor pistachio and salted caramel gelato - this looks to be a new premium brand being brought in under the Selecta(?) umbrella and trust me, this is soooo good.

2. Niku Niku kushiyaki sticks and chahan - the beef was so juicy and packed with flavor! And the chahan didnt fail either! I hope to see them next time.

3. Tikka Tikka beef tikka burrito - i couldn't resist getting one for myself after smelling that savory scent of Indian spices at their booth from meters away. Though i wish the burrito had more beef and 'laman'.

4. Pedro Elementary English Ale with frozen foam - this was like a dark, malty beer slush because of the frozen foam on top! Loved this and hope to see beer served like this more often.

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

On the last night of this pop up market, my mom and I visited and tried out the other food they had. 9786

🔸 Blue Marlin Poke w/ Rice 1108811088110881108811088
I just had to come back their stall and get to try what flavors they have 10084

🔸 Wagyu Meal 1108811088110881108811088
Another top picks at the market. The meat was so tender, looks burnt and hard to chew on the photo, but it was really good 128513 ..a bit pricey lang pero i think its worth it naman.

🔸 Cucumber Apple Juice 11088110881108811088

🔸 Manila Creamery's Ube-Langka Ice Cream 11088110881108811088

Looking forward to their next event 9786128077🏻

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

One of my favorite food markets. Unique stalls you don't commonly find in other markets (or baka kalat kalat sila sa iba), a focus on premium products, and a chill vibe.

During this iteration i was supposed to grab some food and go back to work. But i ended up ordering in one stall, then eating what i ordered while waiting for my food on the next stall haha!

Tried the ff this time:
Turdelneek - Trdelník filled with frozen yogurt soft serve; a modern take on a Czech favorite pastry.
Grit - smoothie bowl with blueberry and coconut. I liked this just as much as Jamba Juice's smoothie bowls.
Sevilla & Sons - Jack Daniels Irish sausage; spicy!

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

The cool healthy pop up market is here again 9786 Gourmand Market will be up from March 3-5, 11am to 11pm. Lots of promising stalls, plus food samples 128513

🔸 Sevilla and Sons Sausage
Homemade sausage straight from San Juan. Love that the ones they have at the market are freshly made. I got to try their German Sausage On a Bun with Caramelized Onions (150php) 11088110881108811088

🔸 Aslie
Homemade hummus and other Mediterranean dips. It has a touched of Filipino taste. I bought myself Babaghanoush (275php) and some vegan Pita Bread (100php) My most favorite of the night 1108811088110881108811088

🔸 Bulol Beer
Local draft beer brewery located at San Fernando, Pampanga 127866 I was sure I saw them at last year's Octoberfest. Iven, who was manning the booth, lets us a free try of their ladies' choice of flavors - Tisay and Trigo. Tisay is a bit light and has a sweeter aftertaste whereas Trigo flavor has more of a wheat-y pale taste, with a bitter aftertaste. Had a glass of Tisay (150php) 11088110881108811088

🔸 Pololi Pokè Bowls
One of the first stall that caught my eye and have been eyeing it the entire night. Owner Stephanie, who is Singaporean, just came over to be at The Gourmand Market this weekend 127843 Just the thought of pokè bowls caught my eye and my love for it is beyond words 128525. Just before everything got sold out, I was able to get myself a to-go bowl, the spicy flavor was what I liked, over chips. (250php) 11088110881108811088 Definitely need to drop by their stall as the flavorings will be different on all thee days 10084

🔸 I 10084 Longganisa
The stall carrying a variety of different longganisas around the country - Cebu, Lucban, Tuguegarao etc. Longganisa packs are being sold for 200php

🔸 Manila Creamery
Another favorite is here 128525 With 4 more new premium flavors. You need to visit today and until tomorrow to try it out 128521. One scoop of Mangga't Suman (100php) 11088110881108811088

Gourmand Market is now a favorite go-to event that I see myself supporting 9786128076🏻

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

This is something everyone will enjoy going to.

The pop up market is now at BGC and is a good idea to visit especially during this season wherein you suddenly ran out of gift ideas. Of course, mawawala ba ang food sa goirmand market?

128204128525 bao mnl
Too bad we did not try this but it really looks good. Now i have something in the list aside from ippudo's baos. It was tempting to buy one kaso i have my stomach reserve for some dinner pa.

128204128525 custaroonery
The sweet custard and macaroons in one! Alert guys because they have now coffee and matcha flavors! The matcha taste a little dark but still with some sugary texture.

128204128525 brownie bar philippines
Yay! Alcoholics will surely love this since their brownies are soft and chewy with the twist of liquor. I personally liked the black label (double black flavor) infused brownie. Pwedeng pwede for christmas gift. 09088995667 is the number to dial if you wish to have one.

128204128525 garapap hot sauce (badboy tikboy)
Ang anghang. They have several interesting flavored hot sauces. One of that is their strawberry flavor called strobano, the mango flavored and the garlic flavored hot sauce. They also have lambanog. Christina R was overjoyed by this. Lol

128204 sevilla and sons sausage
We bought (and shared) one Mexican sausage in a bun. It was good when we tasted it but serving it as a while was a different thing. It was a little salty. They have breakfast sausages that absolutely tastes like the sausage at mcdo's sausage mc muffin. They have a store at p. Gueverra i think.

Go visit (last day na ata nila ngayon sa BGC)

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

A small outdoor food market in BGC, this one pops up once in awhile to stir the taste buds of those looking for something different from the mainstream.

Most purveyors have pretty displays of food, creative names, and mash-ups of of whats hip and trendy to eat. Just be mindful with what you actually order. Taste their free stuff when they offer them. Some are really just super good, others are better to just look at. When I go to a market like this, I expect to be wowed.

From my visit last June, here's what I remember -

- Liked the suman of Manila Creamery. Tastes exactly like human with a few rice bits.

- The longanisa seller there was sooo good. Too bad I forgot their name, as I also forgot to come back to get a pack.

- Phat Boys was just ok, their snickerdoodle was too sweet for me. They need a better cookie recipe, I did like the generous almonds they put on their ice cream.

- The beef shank from Paul's was just ok, a bit deceiving. Tastes like something I can make at home. It said sizzling on the name card but they gave me pre-cut beef cubes from a tray instead of the appetizing spread you could see in the photo.

- Oh and a drink seller sold a refreshing fruity herb drink in a tiny cup with a lot of ice for 100. The tall drink from the green mermaid is bigger. Wow. Never again. Forgot what they were called too.

What I like about this market is that you see a lot of people who just happen to spot a friend either selling or eating. Nice place to catch up. They have many tables and sitting areas. Brought my beagle here once and I'll never do it again, I could sense his anxiety towards all the smells.

They're open again this weekend. The cool November weather is a great time to walk around the market.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Despite being near me, just a 10-15 minute walk from where I am working, I never had the chance to visit this food bazaar/event. Last time, I made a promise that I will go to gourmand market next time. And yes, finally!!! Was able to drag my aunt here one Sunday night (on their lastday). 128513128513128513

When I asked her to come with me, she asked what's Gourmand Market? I just told her that it's the pinasosyal version ni Mercato. 128517128518

So there are a number of food choices available. These are not like the ones you can see and buy in Mercato. What they have here are organic healthy food options, they also have la lola, a dessert slash milkshake place, takoyaki, burgers, sausages, bagnet, poke bowls, MANILA CREAMERY, PEPI CUBANO and a lot more. 128513128513128513

During this visit we were able to try the following;

Pepi Cubano - Yummy classic Cubano sandwich!
Manila Creamery - Dark Choco was so good! And the one with suman!
La Lola!!!! Churros.
Manong's Bagnet - Crispy! Oily! Deadly! Sinful! Masarap! 128518

Can't remember the name of the sausage stall anymore but the sausage sandwich we tried was just okay. But it's good that you get to decide what you want to add to to your sandwich. Condiments and different sauces are available.

They'll be having another round this coming November 25-27. Can't wait to get to try Pepi Cubano and Manila Creamery again! And all the other food stalls who'll be participating! Yayyyy! 128513128588🏼

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

This is not my first time in gourmand market. I love going go this place. Everything is a bit pricey but unique.

The schedule of the gourmand market is Friday to Sunday, from 11am. However, I think this place pops up more often now than it used to.

This review is about the Streetside Bakers. I bought a smores milkshake from them at P195. At first I was hesitant as it was a bit pricey for me and I was a bit full that time. But thank goodness I still pushed through with my purchase! I really loved this milkshake!!! It wasn't too sweet and heavy, but it's thick enough to be called a milkshake (lol).

I also got to try their plain Japanese cheesecake, and it was delicious. It melts in your mouth, but I think it lacked a little taste or sweetness. I'm not sure, but this can be overlooked.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

First time I tried The Gourmand Market. It's between Boni Central / C1 of BHS outdoor area. They have lots of stalls there. Lots of versions of crispy pork, for one, be it bagnet, pork belly and the like. It's an upscale weekend market with fantastic foodie finds.

I went there lunch today. Gawd, it was hot and humid. But my Mom was game to try it so we went ahead and checked out the stalls. We ordered different from 3 different stalls:

1. Wagger - Wagyu burgers (hence Wagger)! 150g (1/3 lb) of Wagyu Patty cooked medium well. Very friendly owners, too. Young pa. They don't have a resto yet but just join these pop up types of gourmet markets. I ordered the Cheese Wagger for P250. Their more complex burgers are around P280, like the Taco Wagger, Cheesy Bacon, Wagger Kani Salad is their best seller. The burger is really juicy and moist. I liked it.

2. NawwTy's Kitchen - typical dishes with a nawwty twist. Crab Fat Paella, for one. Sounds nawwtily delish. But we ordered their Paella Negra instead. Pretty good with shrimp and mussel. 1 serving is P300, which can be shared by 2-3 persons if they order other things. They also have juice combos at P60. I ordered the Pomelo Pandan while my Mom ordered their Honey Dalandan.

3. Burnt Orange - Chicken kebab at P150. Not bad, too, though I wish the chicken pieces were bigger.

They've got lots of other food stalls offering sushi, Cunanan's legendary ensaymada, Pedro Beer, pinoy Food wrapped ala sushi (On a Roll), etc. Great touch with chillout / French music blaring in the area, btw. Nicely decorated. Lots of people despite the hest during lunch. So this evening should be packed!

Their last day today! Check out their offerings at IG @thegourmandmarket

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Of all the weekend markets in the metro,  i prefer Gourmand Market for the following reasons:

~Proximity.  A stone throw's away from work

~Variety.  They always offer myriad choices for every discerning foodie.

I always swing by on their first day as i want to avoid the hipster crowd and it can get a lil crowded.  I saw a couple of familiar stalls.

Fresh off the fryer churros c/o La Lola.  Cookies and Ice cream courtesy of Phat Boys.  The wagyu burger joint  grilling some world class meat.  If you want some carbs,  head on to The Ricing Bowl.  Bring out the warrior in you and visit Wasabi Warriors.  Freshen up with some Stellina's lemonade.  Empanada Mas is also there.  A pastry shop - Pastry Amore,  i think.  And oh,  Manila Creamery is churning their famous mangga at suman gelato.  There's Taco,  Takoyaki and Chimichanga if you want variety. 

Newcomers include Naan Bar,  Pepi Cubano,  the Tuna Poke joint,  the stall that offers tea.  There are a couple of stalls that offer refreshments - the one that uses sugar cane and the one that offers turmeric infused drinks - Liquid Maestro.  Another newbie is the stall that offers kebabs and middle eastern fare - hummus,  pita,  baba ghanoush and the like.

BGC dwellers,  head on to The Gourmand Market,  today is their last day.  Variety and diversity in a one stop shop.

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Darlene M.
4.0 Stars

After dinner at Pound, we walked around to hunt for our next meal: dessert. We stumbled onto The Gourmand Market by accident and was a lil bit regretting that we didn't get there sooner. There were so many things we wanted to try but we only had limited space left in our tummies. Hehe.

I went for Phat Boy's and ordered double chocolate chip cookie, mint chocolate chip ice cream and m&m toppings for Pho 150. It was a good combo but I didn't like that the cookie was too crumbly. I prefer my cookie to be more on the chewy and fudgy side. Would like to try the Mother Fudger next time!

My friend had the Sugarcane juice and it was quite refreshing. We were also able to try the Original and Truffle variant of Manila Belly. The original was a bit salty but the truffle was really good!

We would have liked to try the corn cobs with Parmesan, bacon and cilantro as well as the wraps. Hope to catch it again next time. 128522

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

This quarter's Gourmand Market didn't seem to make as much buzz as the last one as only a few of my friends are aware about it. I actually missed the first one this year hence I made sure to pass by last night.

I got to Gourmand Market around 6:30 p.m. and I was greeted by a beautiful garden-like Gourmand Market signage. The set up inside seems to be pulled out from a wedding reception and it screams adorable with the cute signs on the benches.

But walking around the market was no breezy experience. It was so humid last night and combine it with the hot steam of the food, you turn into one sticky (and sweaty) mess.

I walked past the each row and saw yummy finds such as Manila Creamery ice cream, Ziazan hummus, Ilocos Bagnet from Manong's Bagnet, freshly pressed sugar canes from Healthy Cane and the creamiest and cheesiest lasagna from Tarlaqueña.

I didn't stay long as R was waiting for me for dinner so I quickly bought some dishes to bring home for us to share. Before heading back, I got some Manila Creamery Mangga at Suman (PHP120) and Healthy Cane Ginger Sugar Cane (PHP70). (I'll share this in a separate post.)

The Ilocos Bagnet (PHP175, 1/4 kilo, good for 2-3 pax) was great! It was tender and the skin was oh so crispy! Careful though with this one as it was so oily too! I had a tummy problem right after. 128547 But heck! It was soooo good!

The lasagna (PHP175) was so rich and every bite was packed with delectable creamy, meaty and cheesy taste! I had to remind myself that I was already full to stop from finishing it. I can't wait to finish it later! 128523

I think I have to go back and try the food from other stalls. I wonder if I should brave the summer heat for it. 🤔

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Maureen S.
3.0 Stars

We've been trying to visit Gourmand Market but always missed it! Finally, we chanced upon it while on our way to the supermarket.
As Mark O and I were too full to eat anything, we had ice cream sandwich i think from one cupcake's place - i forgot which. Was it Stacy's? Anyway, it was such a let down. Macaron had bad texture and generally crumbling and rough. The ice cream wasn't solid. It was more like ice-candy going on puberty (before becoming a real ice cream)
Maybe next time, when we have room for other stalls - it would be a great experience! For now, we enjoyed dog-watching and going around the booths as a form of exercise 128514128514128514

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

I was able to try a lot here. 127860

I've had Badboy Tikboy's black bun chorizo burger, which for me is interesting. I love the green sili twist. 128541

I also tried bagnet sisig from one of the stores there (I forgot the name of the stall, sorry). 9996🏻 I also loved Wasabi Warrior's mixed chicken maki set (picture).

I also tried Phatboy's Pretty Ricky, and it's delicious. I just love strawberry ice cream, maybe. 128525 I also bought Watermelon Mint juice to quench my thirst.

Before I left the place I bought Slurp's Cold Brew coffee, salted caramel flavor. Too salty for me tho. 128546

P.S. The place is so artsy! A lot of dreamcatchers everywhere. Yummy. Artsy. All IG and looloo worthy.

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

Who wouldn't like to go to a food market that offers something for almost everyone? Price point aside, Gourmand Market has a varied spread of food on offer for the indecisive eater. You can go with a simple rice topping or the fancy meat dishes; healthy sushi rolls or the sinful churros.

The only minus for me is the I am now sniffling through a bout of cold from the unexpected shower I got caught in last Friday noon. The slight coverage may not be enough when the booth you're queueing for is very popular. Ah well, lesson learned - and I am long overdue for a bit of coddling anyway.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

This is my nth time to swing by The Gourmand Market.  This is the most convenient among all of the weekend markets I've visited.  It's a couple of blocks away from work.

Think of this as an upscale version of the other Markets...the location is catered to the A and B crowd and they have the prettiest setup.  Very chic and stylish.  If you're up to date with our very own Page 6, you get to see some celebs and socialites.  Not that I'm keen on gawking at celebs,  there is only one that would stop me on my tracks - my forever crush Lourd Ernest De Veyra.

I saw a couple of familiar stalls - Wasabi Warriors,  Sonja's,  Phat Boys,  and the lemonade joint. 

I was hoping Larcy's is part of this run but i was wrong.  Too bad,  i really like their Jack Daniels Cupcake.  There are newcomers and they offer more options to the discerning foodie.  Wagyu burgers,  quesadillas,  paella,  grilled meat,  cold-pressed juice,  tea,  truffle,  chili sauce,  pastries,  organic produce,  cupcakes,  candy apples, sausages,  bread,  wine,  mixed rice bowls and the list goes on.

What i like best is Bad Boy Tikboy's Sinturon Ni Hudas hot sauce.  Level 9 on the spicy level,  tried some over crackers and my mouth is on fire!  I am thinking of adding some on my tomato basil pasta recipe. 

If you want to shed off some pounds, Tiny Tea has a stall. If you want some carbs, visit The Breadery. Swing by Phat Boys and Manila Creamery for something sweet. Candy Apples c/o The Bad Apple also has a stall. And oh, Lola is there too, fresh off the fryer churros is always a good pick-me-up after a long day at work.

Gourmand runs until Sunday.  Swing by if you have time,  let's support local business owners.

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5.0 Stars

We love going here bec there's always something new to try and almost every booth is interesting and serves quality food! 128525

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Jenn N.
4.0 Stars

I can't believe I haven't written a review for the first time I attended The Gourmand Market! Comparing my 2 visits, I think I bought more food the first time. It was scorching last April so I just bought food and went home right after! It was also very hot last Saturday, but it was more bearable because I was with #TeamClingy!

They have more food choices this year, but most of them were overpriced and, well, not good. We were set on getting Crab Fat Paella from NawwTy's Kitchen, but AS USUAL, the paella arrived too late. It kinda bothers me that they're the organizer, and yet they're always late. The market opens at 11, paella should be there at 11! :( Anyway, I got her lasagna which was 250/slice. What a waste of money, there was too much cream to the point that it gets cloying. I'm sticking to the paella next time.

I'm a fan of Art of Pie's Basil Longganisa Pie (more like empanada), but they were still baking it when we arrived. Chichi got their Galette, which was really pricey at 300+, but it was just okay..

So much disappointment for a day! Hahaha! Right, Doc April H? 128514

What's good this time is the dessert selection. My favorite local gelato, Manila Creamery, was there! Thank goodness. If they will still be at the next Gourmand, you should definitely get their Black Sesame and Mannga't Suman. Well, basically all their flavors are really good.

Other good items I've tried were Kirby G's Bagnet Wrap, Gio C's Porchetta Panino, Julie J's Chicken Caesar Wrap from Crisp on 28th, Chichi T's Lemon Meringue Pie Milkshake also from Crisp, and Dastine S's Garlic Crab Fries from FryGuys.

I miss Holy Carabao Farms' quinoa salad! I was really looking forward to that. I hope they come back on November!

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Maia T.
4.0 Stars

Was finally able to catch the gourmand market! After previously seeing this fill up my Instagram feed I had to try it for myself!

Weather was cooperative today. It drizzled a few times but glad the sun wasnt shining too brightly. Tents and tents of food choices It is indeed overwhelming! Had to get a hold of myself from trying everything I saw 128514

LES bagels been eyeing their bagels ever since. Had the whole wheat everything and the LOX Spread. Kind of on the expensive side but they didnt scrimp on the spread and it was full of salmon chunks! Had to save the other half of my bagel because it was so filling.

Il Ponticello ordered a take out slice of their pork something.. Unsure of what this is called. 260 for a slice. Not fantastic as there was a lot of fat. Probably something you could do without.

Phat boys had double chocolate chip, vanilla ice cream, chocolate chips and graham toppings. The cookie was chewy and chunky. Worth trying for 140 pesos!

I swear I wanted to try everything. What caught my eye was the crispy bagnet wrap! Also just heard about manila creamery's mangga't suman? Definitely going to give these a try once this market makes a reappearance. 128521

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