The Green Olive Cafe

The Green Olive Garden Hotel, Kabangaan Rd., Iruhin West, Tagaytay, Cavite

The Green Olive Cafe
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Open 24 Hours

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Street, Parking Lot

Most Recent Reviews

Arlene S.
4.0 Stars

Place you can eat and at the same time play board games with your friends.

Meals are great, except for dessert. Not impressed with the pancakes and latte.

Bulalo tastes legit Tagaytay Bulalo.

Pork sisig was my fave.

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Jill C.
5.0 Stars

The Angus Steak was so juicy and tender, I had to savor every bite! No need to add gravy because it's flavorful as is. I would say the only downside was that the java rice was not served hot, but no matter! It still complemented the steak.

We also ordered the chicken and waffles but didn't get to take a photo because someone devoured it right away! It looked dry but digging into it proved us wrong. It was juicy as well, and the waffles, though they looked bland, were good but not as crispy as expected. We loved it nevertheless.

Service was great, especially because there were not too many customers. Servers were friendly and attentive.

The place was cool and cozy, and was very inviting. The great food and cool weather went along really well.

Am definitely coming back to try the other food on their menu!!


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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Oh wow.
I did not know you could crop photos at looloo in ios platform until now. How i wish also sa android.

Well, here's another new player at sta rosa. The green olive cafe. It also has hotel but i am only curious of their ensaymada.. This is actually their best seller. Best seller it was actually sold out during my visit 128557

128204chicken and waffle
I got curious, still in this craze over yardstick's BUTTERMILK waffle, i asked the server: "excuse me"


"What's the waffle's BATTER made of?"

"Anchor po"

128563 ok next.

I just ordered this
For 363 tax included, it's in between medium and heavy meal. The waffle taste is bland. Several points below yardstick's. The three piece chicken (breast, thigh and leg) were quite medium in size, the oil used was old (base on the taste of the breading). It was just a thin line of uncooked and cooked. It was dark reddish on the bones. I still ate it anyway. Heehee. I could easily give this a three, but because of the super good service, as in like you are attended to (water refill), am gonna give them a four.

Just a proof great service can make an ordinary meal into a good dining experience.

Again. I am not giving up on the ensaymada.

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