The Lifestyle Club at La Stanza

La Stanza, 6 JM Panganiban St., Concepcion, Marikina, Metro Manila

The Lifestyle Club at La Stanza
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Mariajay C.
1.0 Stars

It's been a year since we last ate here. My children loved their lights outside so we decided to eat our dinner at the same time. We tried there mongolian buffet before and also ordered something from the menu.

This time, same as before our kids enjoyed their new rides and other arcade games. As usual we ordered some food after. We ordered something from the menu: beef sinigang, chicken teriyaki and tocilog. After more than 30mins of waiting we followed up our orders. (Take note, we are the ONLY customers at that time!) First the Tocilog was served.....Cold! 128078Everything on the plate were cold (egg, tocino and rice)! My hubby does not want me to argue with the staff but then again I wanted to hear their end. Their reason was, "ma'am inantay po maluto lahat ng order bago nilabas". Luto na ang iba pero dahil hindi pa luto lahat hindi muna nila nilabas, kaya ang resulta lumamig na! Wow! Kamusta naman yon? Yung rice nagmistulang bahaw na sa texture and quality! 128078

Then my chicken teriyaki came out, hubby told me na wag na tanggapin dahil malamig na, true enough when i touched it, it was indeed cold! The chicken teriyaki was hot pero yung rice hindi, nakakawala gana. 128078 I asked for their supervisor, ang tagal... Nagmimeeting pa muna sila sa loob sa kung ani nangyari bago pa man ako ksusapin...sheesh... Pag labas ang reason, wala daw pala sila lutong kanin. And ang kitchen hindi sinabi sa superior nila kaya sinervan kmi ng mala-bahaw na kanin. 128543 Haay...

Good thing, the beef sinigang is hot naman. And the two extra rice we ordered are newly cooked! Pero 1 hour na sya lumabas. Kainis lang talaga dahil kami lang customer tapos sablay naman service pati quality of food. 128545128078

Quality of food is really really bad! I can understand their staff naman dahil ang sabi ko sa supervisor, yung staff sumusunod lang naman sa iutos sakanya. So it turned out, according to the head of the operations yon daw kase utos sa chef and sa kitchen na isabay sabay ang labas ng order! Booooo!!! 128078128078128078128545

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Dax A.
4.0 Stars

The php250 swimming pool rate is worth it already. Just think that you won't be hassled anymore for driving all the way to ultra to swim.

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Patricia M.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Geraldine P.
4.0 Stars

Hungry but want to pig out guiltlessly, try La Stanza's Mongolian Buffet for a quick veggie fix

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Rikka L.
4.0 Stars

Unusual place to swim and have a nice massage!

Imagine, an olympic size swimming pool for swimmers or tourists to enjoy for only 200?! They have intricate and astonishing furnitures and designs for conventions and parties too.

If you are not much of a swimmer, you can enjoy the relaxing bed and have a massage with your request for only 350! For families, You can dine in their exceptional mongolian buffet and let your kiddos swim at their covered kiddie pool! Not to mention, the place is very quiet and serene.

The best part? Night swimming! You can swim and enjoy the cold waves and water with bright flashing lights!

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

My favorite events place and lifestyle club and last my favorite spot for Mongolian buffet.Dinner with fambam tonight and this was the best sulit Mongolian buffet dinner for only 199pesos plus with 1round of soup and ice tea yummy 128077127858128523127860127772128106

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