The Mandara Spa

3/F McKinley Park Residences, 31st St. cor. 3rd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

The Mandara Spa
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Earl M.
2.0 Stars

I lost Php 1,000 here. Right before going to Mandara Spa, I counted the bills in my wallet because I came out of a parking building somewhere else in BGC. There will be no evidence because there are no CCTV's in the massage rooms. I had to go to the bathroom twice and so there was no way for me to watch my wallet. The storage cabinet for the clients' valuables had a lock, but it was useless, because anyone could just forcibly pry open the cabinet even if the lock was engaged, if they yanked hard enough (I should know, I tested it myself). Keep your eyes on your belongings.

After the session, my therapist, Eden, uncharacteristically asked me for a tip the very second she started walking out of the room and I was just about to get my things and leave. I was a bit offended by the gesture and I have no idea what the compensation structure is for Mandara Spa's therapists, but I've lived long enough to know that it was improper (and suspicious). I get to decide when to leave tips. This isn't the US with almost guaranteed 15% to 20% gratuity for services rendered. I don't know if it had anything to do with the loss of a PHP1,000 in my wallet; maybe to embarrass me to not even take a peek at my wallet at that instance or just not leave a tip at all (and we'd be cancelling our karma out, if I choose to not leave a tip even if she asked for it from me face to face without any signs of professional remorse).

So I went out to the reception area to pay. I was informed that they didn't accept credit cards and so I had to pay in cash. I thought twice about leaving a tip for Eden, but, again I had no idea who took my Php1,000, so I decided to pull out a Php100 and asked the receptionist to break it into 2 Php50's. She was obviously not listening because she grabbed the Php100 and called Eden and gave the Php100 bill to her. I felt I was robbed even more, but I decided to brush it off and charge it to experience. Take your valuables when you're going out for a bathroom break in spas!

The massage itself was decent, but I have had a better experience at Aramesh.

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Natz G.
4.0 Stars

True, the place may be small but they make efficient use of the small place they have. This limitation they make up for in the service they provide. I came having a very bad back pain and left feeling light and having no more back pain. I suggest if you also have back pain to get the hilot treatment, the masseuse knows what he is doing and gets ride of all the "lamig" in your body. Don't let all the other reviews get to you :)

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Svetlana S.
1.0 Stars

My visit to Mandara BGC would have been better if the manager and masseuse treated us with professionalism, and also if the masseuse was trained well on how to massage the right way.
My massage experience was one of the worse. It was purely "hagod", without any pressure, which just feels like just being caressed.
With regards to their client interaction, this spa also did poorly with their service. Me and my friend was late for a few minutes from our set appointment. Both the spa's manager and the masseuse continuously kept pointing out that sessions will be shortened. I agreed with that, but during the massage, the masseuse endlessly kept asking if session can be ended already even if only 40mins has passed (I availed 1-hour massage and I already had my foot spa shortened to compensate the lost time for being late), and there is still more than an hour before the spa closes, and that there are no more clients after us.

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Junlyn M.
5.0 Stars

The signature massage + heat pad therapy was soooooo relaxing! At the promo rate of P750 for 75mins, this is a steal! Ambiance is very relaxing and sort of "exclusive" since the spa is only small.

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Beverly J.
4.0 Stars

Its just a condo unit turned into spa. The place is too small and they only have 3 rooms (1 couple room with two beds and 1 separate single room). They dont have any facility as the other spa had. If not for the massage it would be a bad experience but would like to give credit to nice,relaxing massage. 128077

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Candice M.
2.0 Stars

My best friend and I wanted to go on a spa date for his birthday, so we booked two scrubs + Swedish massages at Mandara Spa on a weekday afternoon.

It's located in a residential building in The Fort. Marketed on their site as a "botique" spa, it's actually a condo unit turned into a spa. The interiors are okay enough -- mood lighting (a little dark though); a/c was okay but there was weirdly a small fan next to my massage bed; massage rooms were a little bit small.

We did a 30-minute scrub before the massage. We chose a green tea scrub (good for detox, we were told), which the masseuse liberally applied all over the body. She was courteous enough to ask if I wanted the scrub to be applied on the chest area.

Afterwards, I was asked to wash off the scrub in the shower. They only had one shower-slash-washroom, so my friend and I had to take turns. It was so frickin' small! The shower was literally right beside the toilet seat, and it looked like it also doubled as their storage area-- mops, water containers and other cleaning implements were stored by the sink.

The one-hour Swedish massage followed. It was okay, not the best one I've had. I asked the masseuse for "medium" pressure, and it took her quite a while to figure out the difference between "medium" and "hard". I usually doze off during massages, but not this time! I could hear other massage therapists talking and laughing right outside. Talk about mood killer!

Overall, I wouldn't say it was a bad experience, but I don't think I got my money's worth -- not even close! The scrub+massage package costs P1,200 per person, which I think is too expensive considering their amenities and the service. I can easily get a better massage treatment in Quezon City for a fraction of the cost. Add to that the fact that they do not accept credit cards, which makes it inconvenient for people like me who don't like carrying a lot of cash around. Quite frankly, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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