The Manila Foodshoppe

G/F Parkmall, Ouano Ave., Mandaue, Cebu

The Manila Foodshoppe
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Angela Marie C.
4.0 Stars

An e-mail from Peanut is always exciting, so the moment I got invited to the 2-days sponsored |ooloo X Parkmall food crawl, I cleared my weekend schedule for it. Visiting 15 (to 16 as per e-mail 128569) restaurants in one weekend is no easy feat, but It was a challenge I was so up for trying. Hahahaha. 128569 And to be honest I could not believe it could actually be done, but I did and it was absolutely awesome! Thank you so much, |ooloo for the invitation! Just having a few bites from a number of items is enough to get to know the restaurant, which was essentially the aligned itinerary for us throughout the food tour.

Parkmall has been a staple place for me to go to here in Cebu. When you’re a Mactan dweller like me, this mall is the easiest to reach because it is the terminal for most multicabs (jeepneys) from the island to get to more areas in the city. I’ve been here countless of times and I have actually tried a number of their restaurants already. I never realized how much more there was to explore in this place until I got the list of places to go to. 128568

The first stop on day 1 of the food crawl was The Manila Foodshoppe. It was only Roegan T and me then, along with Ms Justine from Parkmall’s Marketing Team. We were met by Ms Mia, their store manager. She was very hospitable and helpful in giving us more information about the restaurant and their food. The restaurant was named as such because the owners were from Manila. They opened a humble place to serve some Pinoy food favorites here in Cebu. Since then, they have been a frequent go-to place for locals already. They never branched out to Manila though. They have boasted of making the best siopao here for a number of years on the Best of Cebu list. I can actually attest to that as I have tried it in their branch in SM Cebu. (Sorry |ooloo, I have yet to write about that too. Hehehe 128569)

For this particular visit though, they prepared a number of their newly launched menu items. The chosen items were geared for one to go for carboloading, but we had to resist eating more to prepare for all the other places. 128569

1.) Sambal Miswa
This was my favorite. I was actually nervous to try this because my palette’s not very accustomed to spicy food. Plus, if it turns out to be really hot and spicy then I’d have to drink loads of liquids, which I didn’t want to do during the start of a food crawl. I’ve had sambal in Indonesia before and my sense of taste died after a bite to try it, so having seen it on the name of the dish was quite nerving. Ms Mia said they created this dish to cater to some Chinese patrons and she assured that the level of spice is mild and very controlled. So I finally tried it and it turned out to be really good! The noodles were actually cooked really well, al dente and very flavourful. The heat from the sambal was just at the end of the taste. It had quite a balance of savoury and a tinge of sweetness and just the right spice, indeed a flavour profile their target market would like. They didn’t scrimp on “sahog” either and I really liked that. 128568

2.) Roasted Pork Belly
I liked how tender the meat was. It was rather too sweet for me though. It tasted like tocino already. It was even served with a sweet sauce, which made the dish sweeter. Still I liked this one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of sweet and savory food, so this one’s really good for me. It would probably pair better with plain white rice though. 128569

3.) Crispy Golden Pork
I don’t know what the toppings of this dish were, but it kinda looked like the thing that goes on top of cereal prawn. This dish was very salty for me. The meat itself was cooked really well, crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside. Maybe it’ll also pair well with just steamed rice. 128568

4.) Bagoong Fried Rice
Ms Mia mentioned that this rice dish was enough to be a meal in itself. I do agree. But the taste of the Bagoong was very faint for me so it was kind of confusing if I was really eating Bagoong rice. I got to taste it at the tail end of the bite, just right before I had to swallow. I still liked this take on fried rice though, again very tasty and not at all greasy. 128568

In general, all four dishes served were very flavorful! The look of their branch here is also really nice. Very cozy and the hue of blue used in the restaurant was very nice for the eyes. It’s actually a very nice place to dine in. It was a great start to a day of eating. It pretty much set the bar quite high for a first stop. I would definitely come back to sample more of their good food next time! 128568

***Note: The event is sponsored by Parkmall in Mandaue, Cebu as partnership with |ooloo. All food items have been chosen by each restaurant based on their own discretion.

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Jöm C.
5.0 Stars

Big Fan of their Spareribs! Honey glazed with garlic bits! Yummmmm!!! Gotta love their veggie dishes too! Usually crowded by dinner time.

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