The Masala Bar

Gastro Park Kapitolyo, 12 1st St., Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

The Masala Bar
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Christian C.
3.0 Stars

Fair enough for a price of 160 pesos. Bit over whelming

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

128020 I loved the Chicken Tikka (if I remember) with rice! Servings were a bit bitin for such a price pero kung nagda-diet ka ok na 128513. It came with vegetable sides consisting of mostly cucumbers to freshen up the palate after eating the rather spicy chicken tikka.

It was my first time to eat an Indian (or Indian cuisine-inspired) food so I didn't know if that was an authentic Indian tikka (or British tikka, as chicken tikka is the national dish of the UK). Nevertheless, I enjoyed the rather pungent/aromatic flavor. The chicken itself was a bit hard but it was dressed with the curry-like white sauce anyway.

My sister ordered the Chicken Tikka in a pita wrap. Same flavor din.

Plus we were given a keychain-cum-bottle opener for free. 🙂

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Katrina D.
3.0 Stars

Chicken tikka quesadilla (P100) it was ok, nothing special and it was really oily. The taste of strong processed cheese overpowered the chicken tikka. Bigger servings of veggies & the dip would be better bc it masks the cheese and complements the flavor.

Out of all the dishes we ordered in Gastro Park, this is the most acceptable. Everything else was a waste of money. Never going back to that place again. Magsara na sila.

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Binky B.
4.0 Stars

Really flavorful chicken curry, with the right amount of spice!! Was a bit weird that they didn't have rice (siguro naubos?), but I liked the pita that I got instead. It wasn't really the typical pita bread that I'm used to as it was rather crunchy, but my friends seemed to enjoy it haha. I ended up buying rice from another stall though, so take that as you will. I was also surprised sa liit ng serving..... Medyo... Maliit... HAHAHAH pero it was flavorful, and had a lot of sauce that went well with the pita/rice. I also actually liked their cucumber side dish, when mixed with the curry (I normally really hate any cucumber in my food).

I would probably go back, cause there was no line and I am impatient when I'm hungry. Hehe.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

Our desire to stuff ourselves till we burst brought us to our last Gastro Park Kapitolyo food discovery, The Masala Bar. This stall didn’t have a long line when we spotted it. (The ones with long wait are the milkshake stall and SurFries.) It didn’t cross my mind that the store might offer mediocre dishes hence the lack of foodies lingering in front of its store. I just wanted to maximize my Kapitolyo visit.

Hello, The Masala Bar!

We got the Chicken Tikka Quesadilla (PHP120) as it is easy to be shared and it sounded light, giving us room for drinks or dessert. An order comes with pico de gallo and garlic dip.

The server told us that they will just serve the quesadilla to us. We just have to inform them of where we’re seated.

Our order arrived in about 10 minutes and it was served warm.

I dipped my slice in the garlic dip and topped it with pico de gallo and… it was still bland. I had to sparingly drizzle more garlic dip as I was sharing it with my friends.

I am not sure if we ordered pita with pico de gallo and garlic dip or chicken quesadilla. I could not taste the chicken or any of the other ingredients. Perhaps they were almost out of ingredients when we placed our order? I have no idea but I’ll buy from the other stalls next time.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

We got invited to eat, drink, and be merry, for free, and have a taste of some of the offerings from the Gastro Park Kapitolyo establishments. 128541 

From The Masala Bar, we were served:

127842 Spicy Skewers with Chutney and Rice (PhP150). I only had a bite of this one since I am not able to handle spicy food. Flavor was good though. It's served with a lot of rice. 128513

127842 Chicken Tikka Quesadilla (PhP120). I liked this one. Tastes good even without the dip. 128076🏼

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Raisa Z.
4.0 Stars

I ordered Beef Quesadilla, generous amount of beef and I like the taste of their garlic sauce.

Hmm i don't know whats not to love with pita bread sorry, go try it for yourself! 128523

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Bibien T.
3.0 Stars

I decided to get some much needed "me" time after a disappointing day (I wasn't able to make it to my yoga class huhubells). And so instead of doing yoga, I pigged out instead hehe.

Read so many good things about Kapitolyo Gastropark, so I tried to check it out. Good thing the place wasn't packed as I expected it to be, so it was easy to find a chair. I could imagine it getting packed on weekends, though!

The place reminded me of Z Compound in Malingap/Maginhawa, as the place wasn't that big, but I could see that there were more interesting choices here.

I chose to eat at Masala Bar, simply because I felt like eating Indian food this time around. They only serve a few dishes, Chicken Curry and Beef Masala, with the options of rice, pita bread or as a quesadilla.

I ordered their Beef Masala with 2 Pita Bread. The dish also came with some kind of salsa (tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro). The Beef Masala itself was alright, it was tender and flavorful. I would have preferred the sauce to be thicker though, so that it was nicer to dip the pita bread in it. The one I got was slightly watery. What I appreciated was the spiciness. At first, I thought it wasn't spicy at all, but I found myself sniffling at the end of my meal (not a good sight when you're eating alone haha!).128517

The pita bread was done well, albeit a little bit oilier than what I am used to. The pita bread that they served was huge! I did not feel bitin afterwards.

The salsa was good in itself, but pairing it with the dish for me was weird. I thought it didn't complement the beef masala that much. Although if the point of the salsa is to refresh the palate after all that spice, I guess it could work. Just don't eat them together.128514

I think the Beef Masala Quesadilla would be a better choice, so I'll try that next time!

For my drink, I got a Mango Tamarind Tea from Elephante. It was very refreshing, as it wasn't as sweet, and I could really taste the fruit itself.

I had fun exploring Kapitolyo Gastropark, but I also concluded that it wasn't a good spot to have some me-time.128514 will bring my boyfriend or friends here so I could try out a lot of their food!

P.S. If you haven't tried dining out alone, you should! It's very relaxing (tip: choose a more quiet restaurant with a good ambiance hehe).10084

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Arianna K.
4.0 Stars

I was overwhelmed with the large selection of food available at GastroPark in Kapitolyo. Did I want tempura? Fries? Singaporean food? I couldn't decide and found myself visiting each stall, trying to figure out what I was in the mood for.

Then I found it. My new obsession: beef masala quesedillas.

Affordable at P160 and delicious.

I ended up going back a few days later to pick some up for lunch. Yum.

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