The Milkshake Lab

Burger Mania, P. Burgos St., Calamba, Laguna

The Milkshake Lab
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Rebecca G.
4.0 Stars

sweets, ice, and everything nice, do it in milkshake lab and you will get what you want. ;)

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Ilela k.
5.0 Stars

The milkshake lab by: burgermania! the first time i tried their extreme milkshake was last december 2015, that time they were one of the first to sell it in the philippines and the first and original in laguna! but they only have one flavor which is "THE FREAKSHAKE" then after a few months, they launched THE MILKSHAKE LAB BY: BURGER MANIA! a chemistry lab themed milkshake kiosk that serves lots of varieties of extreme milkshakes with syringe syrups and they serve their plain milkshakes in an erlenmeyer flask! yes, you read it right! an ERLENMEYER FLASK which scientist use with their experiments! lol. i find it cool though. And i was lucky to live near their restaurant and of all the milkshake i've tried this one is the best. i can say their milkshake was authentic because others i've tried are just using ice and flavored powder in their milkshakes but this one, O.M.G! PURE ICE CREAM!! the consistency is thick you can really taste the milk and surprisingly not runny i think because the milk they are using is concentrated. i love the whip cream that they are using too! unlike the others, their whip cream are not easy to fall off and melt, and holds the toppings perfectly so you can take an instagram worthy photos! but right now they were forced to close for expansion and transfer the whole store to their 2nd floor because these guys are seriously indemand in calamba! they're causing traffics in the place and the restaurant is always full that you have no tables and seats to occupy because there are really tons of people coming so i am not recommending them for people who don't want to wait. and the last time i ordered it was sold out and i need to wait for another 30mins. because one of the crew that i asked told me that they need to go to their commisary to get more ice creams because they can only stock 100 pint of ice cream that is not enough for the demand of the customers and they are sold out almost every 2 hours. like wow! they must be seriously slaying in the milkshake business! 128558 right now these milkshake craze are going viral like zombie apocalypse and i am almost seeing it everywhere and i tried some of them but for me, the milskhake lab is the best so far. so keep it up guys! i am waiting for your re-opening and for another free donut day!! i tried to catch up last time but i didn't make it because the donuts got easily sold out as usual!!

if you want more info just like their facebook fanpage:

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