The Minokaua

1951 Adriatico St., Malate, Manila, Metro Manila

The Minokaua
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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

🍽The Minokaua

1282051951 Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila

.128240No it's not Japanese as you would have initially thought of. The Minokaua is actually a gigantic bird of Filipino Folklore proportions. A befitting representation of what the Minokaua is set to bestow upon the ancient party place that is Malate.

The Minokaua is a multi floored restaurant and bar that is also multi-purpose depending on the time of day. At night, Music from live bands fill the building with different genres performing every night.

They also have a loft overlooking the stage that can fit around 30pax, which can be booked for private functions.

Since it is also a Restaurant and not just a bar, you can expect quality food and an extensive menu consisting of burgers, rice bowls, paella, lamb, seafood, desserts and bar chows among others.

I particularly loved the Kimchi Mussel Pot. It had the just the right amount of spice. Not the burning kind, so yoi can enjoy the imported mussels and sauce with the accompanying bread. 128525

The Eclipse though is a different story. It's super hot hot HOT! Paella made of Chili! 128539

Lunar Eclipse on the other hand is their take on Paella Negra. Perfectly executed. 128076

For Dessert they have a unique one. Grilled Ensaymada Ice Cream Melt. We all loved this one! Whoever thought that smoky charred ensaymada is a thing. 128513


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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

This tita rarely goes out but I wanted to support my friend's gig so off to adriatico we went! Been about 20 years since I was last here OMG 128516 thanks to waze, found minokaua quickly and we parked at the bank across the street.
The place had surprisingly good acoustics considering it's an old house/establishment. A/C was great too. According to the menu, their food is good for groups of 2-3 and it was actually true. Although we just had cheese sticks, it was quite different from other bar chow we've tried elsewhere. I think it was the wrapper that made the difference.
Wanted to try their rose sangria but it wasn't available so I got their white sangria called white wedding. Natawa lang ako when it arrived cos it seriously looked like vinegar in a bottle 128514 I appreciate the creativity but maybe they could've served it differently, the similarity is just too funny!
Anyways glad I went out that night. Happy my friend still had fans lol and nagkita pa kme ni Christina R yay!

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Denise A.
4.0 Stars

The Minokaua is a newly opened bar and restaurant
which recently opened last May and they've been getting known for their band menu so most of their customers come in late bec. cause of the band sessions.

The genre usually being played is more in the blues, jazz and indie rock/ rock. They wanted to gear away from the mainstream pop as much as possible but they don't close their doors for mainstream artists to perform either.
They heavily curate the bands and musicians that they allow to perform here because they wanna stand out amongst other music bars. Most of the artist that play here are notable and known to be the best in their craft in the industry.
They have weekly music sesh which you can check on Facebook.

The usual set up of a music bar is music first, food second and the main goal of Minokaua is to create a balance between the food and music. They are really focusing on creating better food for customers to encourage them to come earlier because the food is something worth visiting as well.

The restaurant is a 3 story bldg. the third floor being a loft which you can reserve for private gatherings. It is pretty spacious and can be easily located along Malate. The vibe is very chill and ideal for friendly reunions while jamming to the music.

✔️ 10am to 5pm - Coworking Space
✔️ 9pm Onwards - Concert

✔️ Food is inspired from Filipino International
✔️ Serving is usually good for 3 to 4 people
✔️ Head Chef is Chef Douglas who also became part of Draft Itallianis and Draft
✔️ BEST SELLER: Chicken SKIN! Must try!

We've tried the ff:
127930 Wilted Taiwan Pechay + Garlic, Grilled Tomato, Fried Egg
I love this. I don't usually eat Pechay and I can't believe it could be a Salad but this is so flavorful. It is light and one unique salad! Pechay FOR THE WIN!

The Minokaua Rice
127834 Eclipse (Squid, Fish and Squid Ink) good for 4 pax
I went back for this 4x lol. Nasarapan much? We were also served another Minokaua Rice but it was pretty spicy so I just ate this one. The squid ink taste was so noticeable mixed with rice, Paella yung dating niya.. Must try!
127834 SOLAR ECLIPSE / Anghang rice (Maanghang talaga!)
Eng Anghang nemen. 128567 It was bearable on my first few bite pero di kinaya ng powers ko yung anghang. Others loved it though i'm just not meant to eat spicy food!

127930 Laksa Style Mussel Pot
The mussels were gigantic. Ang laki besh hindi tinipid. It is expensive priced at 850 pero sulit na siya for me. They are imported btw! I was surprised that it went well with Laksa. One of my faves that was served during the night! The garlic bread is the perfect side dish, dip it all the way you want!

127930 Chicken Lollipops
Your typical Chicken Lollipop with Extra Spice. A lot of the food they served were spicy so I just tried some of them. Spicy lovers will like this! Pinagbawisan ako sa anghang but this is a good pulutan while listening to good music plus drinking sesh.

127930 Pork Riblets

127930 Grilled Ensaymada Ice Cream Melt
We were served CHEESE FLAVOR for the Ice Cream but you can also have it in Ube or Vanilla. This is a home made Ice Cream and the taste is premium I can't believe it. I love the toasted effect on the bread which made it a little crunchy and the smokey taste from the burnt cheese gave it an extra uhmf!!! Ya know what I mean 128517

We were also served cocktails drinks during the nights which accompanied us with our chismisan. I am happy to have spent time with foodie friends. Minsan lang yung ganito kahaba. Thank you Minokaua!


Flatlay by: Ej B.
Thanks Midz Sy for the invite!!!

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

I've been trying to experience more in life, doing something I don't usually do, going places I don't usually go. I've been trying to come out of my shell, and so far, everything I've done differently have all proven me right about this decision of mine, including my most recent trip to a new bar. 

The Minokaua is a new Jazz bar located along the streets of Adriatico in Manila. Its name is derived from an awesome Filipino folklore about a bird that swallowed the moon, resulting to the lunar eclipse (search it up, it's really cool, I promise!). It's a 3-storey establishment, with the second and third floors (loft) as the band venue. The bands playing in Minokaua are also well curated to ensure the perfect harmony of blues, jazz, rock and indie rock all under one roof. 

Not only does this bar house the best music in town, it also offers delectable dishes 

An unsual salad with a bed of Taiwan pechay, but with the same fresh taste and nice crisp. Who knew that there are still a lot we can change about a simple salad?

Almost a paella negra, but without the use of paella rice, and without the strong, heavy taste of the squid ink. The taste of this lunar eclipse was also a bit odd, as it was like a fusion of the paella valenciana and negra to me, which is also the reason why I loved it a lot.

This was too spicy for me to take, so I won't be able to say much about it. My friend who loves extremely spicy food loved this one, though. Are you up for the heat that is the solar eclipse?

Juicy bite-sized pieces of pork ribs sprinkled with chopped crispy garlic bits and parsley, and served with vinegar sauce. I tried it both with and without the sauce, and I definitely loved it better when dipped in vinegar since it kinda activated an added taste in the ribs.

Their wings are cut into lollipop style to avoid all the mess associated with eating wings, so you can enjoy it and the performance all at once. Are you up for a challenge? Then I suggest that you try this. It's insanely delicious and hot! I would've eaten more of it because of how good the coating tasted. Too bad all the hotness set me back! :(

Seafood lovers are surely going to love Minokaua's mussel pots. They offer different choices on how you want the mussels cooked. Oh, and have I mentioned that these are gigantic mussels we are speaking of? Yup, and we got to try the laksa version. The mussels were perfectly cooked, with the laksa complementing the flavor of the fresh seafood well. This wasn't spicy, so I was able to savor each bite 128523

Grilled cheesy ensaymada sliced horizontally into half and filled with a cheesy surprise that comes in 2 huge scoops of home made keso ice cream. Yum!

If you're looking for a place to eat, a place to chill, and a place for good music, well, Minokaua sure is the place to be. It's a bar way different from all the others we already have, but offering the same (or even better) experience.

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4.0 Stars

Rock 'N Roll!

Team Kaladkarin went to The Minokaua for eat up headed by Midz Sy.


What is Minokaua?

According to the owner, the name Minokaua was based to a legendary bird in the Philippines called Minokawa. It's a dragon bird like that can swallow the sun in Philippine legend.

The Minokaua is a 3 storey restobar that will rock your night out except Sunday from 5PM to 2AM. The place is situated in Malate, Manila. Most of the band here performs rock music whether it's hard rock, alternative or indie.


🦅Not really salads for Php240.00
(Wilted Taiwan Pechay, garlic, grilled tomato, fried egg) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🦅The Minokaua Rice for Php880.00
Eclipse (squid, fish and squid ink) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Spicy Chicken Rice - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

🦅Kimchi Style Mussels for Php850.00 (New Zealand Mussels) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

🦅Pork Riblets for Php850.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

🦅Grilled Ensaymada Ice Cream Melt for Php320.00 (Cheese Ice Cream) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

"Obviously my favorite is the salad. It's appetizing. Not your ordinary salad. The garlicky flavored salad is like I'm having a vegetable meal. Aside from the salad, all the dishes were good especially the version of The Minokaua's Paella Negra. But most of the dishes were spicy during that night. Thanks to ensaymada which balance and eliminate it after."


Yasss for The Minokaua's staff who were very supportive and attentive that night. And they provided a good one.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

I didnt know there's a new hive in Malate! It's like 10mins away from my place. 128525 It opened last May and sure it's gonna be a hot trend because of its interesting concept. Their aim is really to promote local craft mixed with different genre, arts and variety of cuisine and drinks!

Just a brief overview about the resto:
"According to Bagobo lore, MINOKAUA is a giant bird that lives beyond the skies. It devours the moon with its strong beak and claws of steel--explaining the lunar eclipse. To frighten the bird away, the Bagobos make a lot of noise." Interesting right?

Beforehand, i checked their site and saw the photos but believe me, it's even better in person! 128525 I super love the interior, the cozy vibe, the spiral stairs, the couches, the loft, can I just say everything? 128514 I really love cozy vibe, makes me feel at home. 10084

So we stayed downstairs, it took maybe few minutes and they already served the fooood!

•From their "Not really salads" menu - Wilted taiwan pechay, garlic, grilled tomato, fried egg (P240) - I like the combination of all these, it's not the usual boring salad. You'll love it!

•Minokaua rice - serves 3-4 pax (880+)
✔️The Minokaua Eclipse- comes with squid, fish and squid ink! This is really good! They were able to give balance to squid ink as tasty as it is!
✔️The Minokaua sisig rice - I died!! Since i am a fan of spicy food, when I say spicy, I can eat 🌶 literally! i super enjoyed this one! I ate a loooot 128514 to think that I dont eat rice that much! If you have a low spicy tolerance, you wont enjoy it because the kick is quite strong! 128514128293

•Kimchi style mussels (P850+) - this is also one of my faves! These are imported mussels, you can see how big the mussels are! It comes with a toasted bread. It's perfect again because I love kimchi! I didnt know kimchi will match the mussels 128525🤤 I think this was my special day to eat everything I want. Lol 🤣

•"Under our skin" menu - we had Pork chicharrones + onion vinegar (P250) this is just ok for me since I cannot bite that much due to braces adjustment, didnt really enjoy munching it. I think this can be improved if they'll add more spices.

•Chicken lollipops - very tasty and spicy again!! 🤤 I'm a happy kid! Again, if you're not a fan of spicy food, you can just remove the sauce 128516

•Grilled ensaymada ice cream melt (P320) for dessert!! OMG!! This isssss sooo sinful! You have a choice of cheese, vanilla and ube ice cream. The ice cream was made by the chef himself 128525

They also serve bottled cocktail drinks! They have their own concoctions chilled and served in a stylish bottle. (Instagrammable) 128514

The owner even mentioned that their planning to recreate a "co-working space" downstairs and paint the walls with different arts. I cannot wait to see that!

They have live bands from 9:00pm onwards.
The last time we went there, it was The Legendary Noli Aurillo. He's just so damn good! Ang lakas makagwapo when he plays even when he's aged already!
This was my reaction --> 128551128558128562128561128525128525

The owner was so accommodating and really took time to introduce the resto to us. This is the first resto-bar I really enjoyed in Manila! It's like a one-stop chill place and everything you want is there! Good thing it's just near my place, I can always hangout whenever I want to 1008410084

Thank you Midz S for the invite! 128536

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