The Pantry

La Fuerza Plaza, Chino Roces Ave., Chino Roces, Makati, Metro Manila

The Pantry
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Most Recent Reviews

Julienne Y.
2.0 Stars

Dear The Pantry -

I've been your loyal customer since you opened. Ask your staff, we know each other by name. i hope you read this because you really need to improve what's happening.

1) your kitchen is too small for the lunch rush. I've been waiting 35 mins for my plate of bacon and rice. This takes like 5 mins to do. I'm not the only angry table in your restaurant.

2) hire more people. Dennis is your only waiter and he is severely overworked. Since you don't pay taxes and aren't BIR registered, I think you can afford to hire extra people.

3) increase your food quantity. Your portions are getting smaller. Your price is not cheap.

4) fix your airconditioning - it's been "broken" for the last few months. I know because I come here weekly.

I hope you read this.


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Fccv C.
3.0 Stars

As usual.... Sisig && Sinigang

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Jennifer N.
3.0 Stars

I was in desperate need of something to eat as I could feel my blood sugar level going dangerously low. This was nearby so I decided to check it out.

As I was soon having dinner elsewhere, I opted to get a revel bar (php45) and a coffee (plain brewed php60) just to have something in my stomach. The revel bar was good, though I thought it was a little too hard. I also thought the portion size was a bit tiny. The coffee was fine, better than some other brewed coffees I've tried in the past. This was pretty smooth, not too bitter or acidic.

The staff were pretty inattentive when I was there (I was the only customer). They were all preoccupied with chatting among themselves and doing other things. When I first came in, no one even took notice of me - I was tempted to just leave. Then when I asked what pastries were on display, no one answered - I had to ask a second time! They definitely need to improve on the service. 128563

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Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

People who work here know that Pasong Tamo (between EDSA and Pasay Rd) lacks food choices. So The Pantry is a blessing in disguise. It's like a second home to me. Good food, decent prices. Our favorites are their beef tapa, pancit canton, banana cheese, burger steak (with rice not the burger), ginataang halohalo, lumpiang togue and lechon kawali. We've ordered practically everything in their menu actually. Their coffee is good too. Their flat whites are kind of expensive but I get them anyway. Desserts - go for the smores cookie (not mug) and biko.

Tip: go early or late lunch to avoid the lunch rush and deliveries which will surely delay service.

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April G.
4.0 Stars

I keep forgetting that this place is just across the street from our office.

Finally tried it a few days ago.

I like the interiors and the vibe.

I ordered the Pork Binagoongan. It was good. In fact, I rarely eat rice anymore but I polished off the rice bec it was yummy. Not overly salty.

Will try other dishes again one of these days.

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Marc G.
3.0 Stars

I want to give it 1 star only but the app wont allow me to recommend it.
( Want to recommend this to my looloo friends, so I would know their review if they try it).

I ordered Pinoy Burger Steak and they served the wrong food. The staff said, that's what I ordered but I know what I ordered. It was Pinoy Burger Steak not Homemade Burger! So I just said okay. Since I'm hungry na rin and I don't want wait longer, so I just accepted the food. After we ate, we checked their desserts and asked for the prices ( cupcakes, brownies, etc.) One staff said, the cupcakes are 70, cream cheese cookies 50 and Smores mug 75. So we chose the S'mores mug. (We got irritated after because the staff keep on asking our order. I have said it twice already!)

When we asked for the bill, I got confuse because the Smores mug price becomes 130 pesos. So my friend inquired about it and they asked us who said that it's 75. The staff who told us said we got it wrong blah blah blah. They made us feel like we were wrong!

Honestly, we don't care about the price. We can pay no matter how expensive their food. But the thing is they didn't treat us well. They are not attentive, they don't listen well and friendly. They didn't even apologize to us!

So, we left the restaurant unhappy. I love the interior design. It feels homy. Food was good but what made us decide not to come back and recommend this place is their VERY POOR service. They turned my friend's Bitch mode ON! Haha! good thing I was calm or else my dear friend would fry them alive!

The easiest and most powerful way to increase customer loyalty is very simple. Make your customer happy." - Kevin Stirtz.

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Kaye H.
3.0 Stars

(Sweet) salpicao was okay. Not good, but not bad either.

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Abby C.
4.0 Stars

Finally, some good food around this area, good bye mini stop siopao! 128075
I tried their chicken lollipop, pinakbet, club house sandwich, and mango shake, so far so good. They also offer desserts, i loved the revel bar!:)
Nice interior! But...
128078 for the tables and chairs, not comfyyy, but i guess that's the purpose, so you won't stay long. Mehehe.

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Masaya S.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Eunice S.
4.0 Stars

Secretly tucked in La Fuerza Building is this quaint little place called The Pantry. Went there for lunch with office friends all the way from McKinley Hill haha!

Loved the following:

1. The interior! Black chalkboard paint on the walls, bulbs hanging from the ceiling and wooden stools. 128525

2. The pork binagoongan is delicioso! Not too salty which is often the case for binagoongan.

For a hearty eater, the serving is a little small. I had to dig in to my friend's binagoongan hehe!
Viands cost less than a hundred.

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