The Plantation

Cyberscape Alpha Bldg., Sapphire Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila

The Plantation
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Joren A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Jomarie A.
2.0 Stars

I was in the Ortigas area this morning, because I went to my previous workplace to get my COE and final pay (FINALLY!!!). The HR office hours starts at 8AM, but I arrived at 7AM. 128517 To kill time, I tried to look for a nearby Starbucks, but there seems to be none around. I was about to give up and just settle for a convenience store with seats, when I chanced upon this quaint coffee shop by day, bar by night, near my previous workplace. I went inside, and instantly loved their ambiance.

When I got their menu, their breakfast and coffee menu was limited. There were only two servers present this morning, and one of them (the female server) had a grumpy face on, so I got a bit irritated. I asked the other server (male, and more cheerful one) if they offer decaffeinated coffee, but they don't, so I settled for their HOT CHOCOLATE instead.

✔ HOT CHOCOLATE (Php 150) - 110881108811088
Their hot chocolate tasted like a thicker version of Swiss Miss -- like they put in two sachets of our favorite instant chocolate mix. It was nothing exceptional, and was served in an old looking mug. Good thing the serving size was big. There was also no stirrer provided, so I ended up with lots of chocolate settling at the bottom. Also, the price in the menu is Php 125, but the bill reflected Php 150. Since it was the grumpy waitress who handed me the bill, I opted not to complain, as I do not want to ruin ny morning. 128530

Service was bad. At some point, I got up to ask the grumpy waitress the wifi password, and she told me the wifi is not working. Heck, they have two wifis in the restaurant and none of the two is working??? The cheerful guy server, on the other hand, was watching TV! Too unprofessional, I must say. The nerve of them to ask for 10% service charge. 128546

The ambiance and good choice of background music are the only redeeming factors, hence the 211088 rating. Not sure if the service will be better during night time, when The Plantation converts into a bar. Will never come back. 128078

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Mark G.
4.0 Stars

I'm a great fan of 'herby' grilled meat.
I highly recommend The Plantation's

Mediterranean Pork Belly
Italian Porkchop (didn't like the Pepper sauce but the meat is good by itself)
Lechon Kawali

Aside from the Pepper Sauce, the other thing that the resto can improve on is the way they handle bill-outs. It takes them a long time to give you your bill.

This is my 2nd time to eat here.


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Amabelle A.
4.0 Stars

My team and I headed to The Plantation recently for a team eat out. It's near our office and it is open 24 hours which works to our advantage. Menu is fusion of Filipino, American and it's priced reasonably. We ordered Nachos, Shrimp Pesto, Chicken Wings, Calamari, Pork Sinigang at 2 orders each. We also had hefty aervings of rice and unlimited refill of iced tea. We are a group of 13 and the total bill for everything was 4,600pesos. Not bad for the servings were huge and its really ideal for group sharing. Not to mention they have fast wifi connection for FB and IG update which we are all happy for 1285409996

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Yna N.
4.0 Stars

Advance celebration of my 31st birthday with my lunch buddies Sandra Y and Lorie Mae B..

Happy tummy for us!!!128523128077🏻

We ordered:
BEEF KARE-KARE (Php380) sharing price
CRISPY LECHONG KAWALI (Php350) sharing price

Price is right and food was yummy and staff was very accommodating!

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

Delectable lunch courtesy of Yna N We are back to The Plantation last Thursday for her advance birthday celebration, this time we tagged along Lorie Mae B

We are quickly seated and we order:

Oragon na Liempo(P270), grilled pork belly with a side of laing and tomato salsa. - big serving! Surprised with the laing as side dish, this is so rice intensive! Pork belly is ok, but it can be crispier sana.

Kare-Kare (for sharing P380), it is served in a pot, looks festive in appearance! Veggies were half cooked and has beef knuckles , tripe and ox tail. Served with bagoong.

Iced Tea- not the usual taste of iced tea, theirs got a hint of peach which is so good. Bottomless is only P50.

Verdict: its my 2nd time here and its still good! Big serving and not that pricey.

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

Wenesday lunch at Plantation with Yna N

It was our first time. There are few diners when we arrived. The place is simple yet attractive, loving the white accents all over. I get an impression that this place is alive during night, with numerous liquors at the bar. Looks like a nice hang out place for a gimmick.

We are starving and good thing the screen is showing the different menu, so we quickly decidedz
. We ordered:

128161Roasted Shrimp & Sausage Jambalaya (P290) rice sauté with shrimp, squid, chorizo and sausages with herbs and spices. Good for sharing.

128161Crispy Pork Sisig (P180) classic sisig, but its extra crispy!

128161bottomless iced tea (P50) This iced tea has a peach mixture, for me its good! Plus the price is so cheap.

Verdict: Generous servings for a reasonable price. Food taste good, though nothing spectacular. Iced tea is sulit! Place has good ventilation and clean. A nice place to visit again.

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