The Rabbit Hole

G/F Tech Zone Bldg., Malugay St., Makati, Metro Manila

The Rabbit Hole
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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Went here for our dinner

We had their hainanese chicken, bbq chicken teroyaki w kimchi rice, etc. All was very good except for their keto avocado cream cake at 240 each.

The cream cake taste like gelatine one that would make keto diet people hqppy i guess.

Nonetheless prices were superbly cheap with exceptional taste.

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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

One of the best restaurants here in Malugay. Very affordable, food is great and watch out for their 50% off on cakes and pastries. Highly recommended.

Same quality even for take out 128076🏻128076🏻128076🏻

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Charles G.
3.0 Stars

Despite going during a busy lunch hour their servers were able to accommodate us.

Among their variety of offerings we decided to go with the recommended Bimbimbap, Liempo, and Chicken Satay.

The Bimbimbap was quite the surprise as it had choice mushrooms, greens, kimchi, and good quality strips of beef. The serving is also substantial, so if you're a hungry foodie this will definitely fill you up.

The Liempo, same as the Bimbimbap, is also substantial. The pork was cooked perfectly and the garlic rice was positively tasty.

Chicken Satay, sadly they didn't hit the mark on this. The skewered thighs were obviously frozen before preparation and it wasn't cooked well. Most of the parts were a bit pink and the fat hasn't rendered through. The peanut sauce seemed cake-like and isn't the freshly prepared faring I'm used to.

Overall, the Rabbit hole fairs well for me. Their prices are on point and the servings are a huge value for your money. Their cakes also look delicious, but that's for another review since we weren't able to sample any of it.

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Marianne P.
3.0 Stars

Small humble place like home128522 unfortunately half of the place was occupied by group of friends from work...ofcourse expect loud conversations and laughters. Well anyways.. we tried Korean beef with kimchi rice- rice is really good sweet going to spicy then array of spices128522 Kimchi quesadillas-kinda not so "quesadillas" as i expected it is more of a panini.l, it has chicken slices and cheese128528 for dessert.. Ube brazo de Mercedes nothing significant about it128528 Maybe will try other food next time.

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Ann Margret E.
4.0 Stars

Cute interiors. Staff were a bit inattentive, but food was delicious! Had the Chicken Teriyaki with Kimchi Fried Rice. For ~170 Php, sulit talaga with the generous serving <3

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Emm T.
2.0 Stars

"Will you move a little faster?", said we to the waitress who moved like a snail.

"There're more customers ordering behind us, and they're treading on my tail.
See how eagerly the hungry call center agents all advance!
They are waiting on the shingle – will you come and join the dance?
Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance?

When will they take our orders up and serve us, I'd like a beer to start
But the waitress replied "Most of the drinks aren't available" and gave a look askance --
we'd soon be disappointed by the ordinary food too, and regret even joining the dance.
We should have not, could not, would not, could not, would not join the dance.


This review has more of an Alice in Wonderland theme than the restaurant. Boy, weren't we mad as a hatter.

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Denielle O.
4.0 Stars

Nowadays, restaurants that are Instagram-worthy are a hit to everyone. The rabbit hole is a chicky café and restaurant owned by a blogger, Maxine Marcelino who is also known as @maxieissuper on Instagram. The rabbit hole is themed after “Alice in Wonderland” cool isn’t it?

To start off this review, I’ll begin with the interior. The place is not too big nor too small maybe around forty to fifty people could eat inside, usually they are not jam-packed (so far in our experiences) so a place to sit is not a problem at all, I think they also got some chairs outside but haven't seen them occupied by customers. The walls and chairs are painted with pastel color that makes it very cute, and if you’re walking along Malugay street you’ll see the inside of this café and will definitely want to come in. They’ve also got these vintage-like wall clocks painted with colors that match the theme of their restaurant that will catch your eye as soon as you enter their doors. Their tables are marble-like that creates a minimalistic look which is a good background for your pictures (if you're into taking pictures of meals); they also have this artificial grass on some part of the restaurant that is very alice in the wonderland-like. Lastly, they have this cinematic box inside where they put some short everyday quote like “Mistakes are proof that you are trying” which is really intagrammable. All in all the interior is an 8/10. Post some pictures on your social media accounts and your friends would definitely ask, “Where is this?”

I am a student and the rabbit hole is just a few blocks away from my University so it is very convenient for us. I’ve tried the rabbit hole a couple of times already. They serve all-day breakfast plates, sandwiches, cakes, coffee and more. Usually, I go here with my block mates for a quick lunch or sometimes when we have a long break and just stay there for a couple of hours enjoying their cakes. This is the perfect place if you want to chitchat and spend some time with your friends or family. So far the dishes that we have tried are:

Chicken Teriyaki & Kimchi Rice P175
Boneless chicken thigh with teriyaki glaze served with kimchi rice and sunny side up egg. I’m a fan of spicy food so I ordered this one, the spiciness of their kimchi rice is just right for me, not too spicy and can be tolerated. The chicken teriyaki is flavorful and tender; the spiciness of the rice, the sweet and salty taste of the teriyaki plus the egg combined is just ‘yum’. The serving was huge so if you don’t have a big appetite this can be shared. I tried to finish one order all by myself and I was so full after. Before eating, we were planning on ordering cake after the rice meal but ended up not ordering because we were full. I would definitely come back again here and try their other meals with kimchi rice. (Wasn’t able to take a picture because we were too excited to eat and the cooking time was a bit long.)

Pork Barbecue P125
Three pieces pork barbecue served with garlic rice and pickled veggies. The serving again was generous enough wasn’t expecting that much. The pork was tender and not tough to bite, it wasn’t too sweet or anything the flavor was just right. The pickled veggies complement well with the pork barbecue. The garlic rice was a bit dry not bad enough for P125 pesos.

As for the dessert, they have like 10 variety of cakes to choose from, I’m not sure if they sell the same flavors every day. When I suggest this café to my friends or family I always recommend to try out their cakes because it is affordable and their slice is big unlike other café’s that sell their cake at a price ranging from P110-170 pesos and yet small serving. The cakes that we’ve already tried are:

Carrot Cake P95 slice / P900 whole
If you're looking for something not too sweet then carrot cake is the one! Their slice is big enough it can be shared but you might want it only for yourself! The two layered cake wasn’t too dry but not entirely moist. The cream cheese icing was delish and thick, it was topped with nuts. Perfect for a quick sweet tooth fix. This one is my favorite cake from them so far.

Chocolate Cake P90 / P850
We looked into their cake display fridge before ordering and their chocolate cake was tall I’m not sure how many layers it was and it got my attention so I decided to order this one. Who doesn’t love chocolate cake right? Their chocolate cake tastes a bit like dark chocolate that is why I loved it, it is thick and soft, topped with shavings of chocolate and a little caramel sauce. Maybe not the best chocolate cake that I had but definitely worth a try.

Chocolate Mousse P125 / P1200
Their chocolate mousse is beautiful. On top it has this crisscross design made from powder-like chocolate, the layers are very satisfying to look at. It was light and creamy, it was not too sweet which is great and the chocolatey goodness is there. Again, the serving is enough to be shared.

Mocha P120 (Hot) P140 (cold)
I do not know why there is P20 pesos difference between hot and cold. Does their ice cost that much? Well, we ordered an iced mocha and there was too much ice, too much. Maybe if you drain the coffee out of the ice, you'll see that there's more ice than the coffee itself. Maybe next time when you order this one or maybe any of there drinks try to tell them not to put too much ice.

All in all, the experience was good an 8/10. Food is great and affordable, worth a try if you’re just around Makati, go check them out. :)


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Will C.
4.0 Stars

So heres another good find, i believe theyre just pretty new, we first went here last week, wasnt able to take a pic cause i was so hungry back then, they were willing to extend their closing hours to 11pm just for us. But i guess who else wont for a group of 15+ peeps.

Went back again this week, this time i make sure to snap some. I remember their ice matcha latte was good but too much ice, too much 128529 so this time i went for their frap, it was abit icey but after the meal its good as 'A' okay. Bbq chicken on a kimchi rice was really good. Bibimbap skillet was not bad either. Cooking time was abit long around average of 20mins for my 2 visits.

The place is cute, its like a page out of vanilla cupcake. While i seriously think they need to address the flies, but who can blame them coz of the construction going on here ans there. But it was really bothersome, one insect took a dive on my matcha 128547 but they kindly replaced it with a new one.

For a new place, ill give it a 4.

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