The Red Bus

One Destination Hotel, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay, Cavite

The Red Bus
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Don L.
4.0 Stars

If you are looking for something different because McDonald's and Jollibee are just plain trash, then this is your burger joint to visit. They offer a small selection but ask for the best seller and it will most likely be the Red Hogg burger. I loved the first bite simply because it was nothing else I've tastes before. I'm comparing it to 8 cuts and Brother's Burger. This is right up there with them.

Red Hogg burger comes with freshly made chips and it is so oily, it is what makes this burger truly special. We had Lemonade tea and Raspberry tea. Total was 300 pesos.

The patty was on the small side but if you can request for an extra patty, great!

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Franz D.
3.0 Stars

The Red Bus Mobile Diner, located at One Destination Hotel in Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway is one of the best Hole in the wall restaurants I’ve seen in Tagaytay. Set in a really cold and beautiful place, this Diner does not only feed your eyes with lovely decors and well, sumptuous burgers but it really does, taste so good! We went out from Megamall straight to Tagaytay for a night out, (imagine, 3 hrs just to get and try this diner!) and it was so worth it. I tried their triple cheese burgers and milkshake! Yes, I had milkshake even if it’s freezing cold that time. Come on and try the Coolest Hippest Food Truck in the Philippines! Serving Mouth Watering Gourmet Burgers in the South, in a 1970 VW Kombi. Taste to Believe!


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Carlo S.
5.0 Stars

The place is fairly small but they perfectly make up for the food. Very affordable food that's absolutely worth the price. There's a hidden menu as well so ask about it.

The burgers are divine. They're made fresh so when it's served to you, you get a hot crisp burger fresh off the grill. It's beautiful served in a basket full of fresh potato chips. Note the word fresh. The potato chips are not those you find in typical restaurants which you know are fresh from the big airy bags of processed food. They use marble potatoes that are thinly sliced to give you small circle of chips to go with your burger.

Now that we're over the potatoes, let's go to the main man, the burger. I got the burger that's in their hidden menu which has the toppings of all the other burgers in their menu. The burger was succulent and the texture of the bun is great, not those cheap airy buns that flattens to give you a pita instead of a bun. The toppings on the burger was heavenly which consists of 3 cheeses, lettuce, and salsa.

It looks like an ordinary burger but the taste differentiate it from other burgers. What I found really special was how the salsa taste and how it compliments the cheese with the burger. It has a hint of spiciness that's not overbearing and a juiciness that makes biting into that burger as refreshing as and fun as cliff diving. You dive into it and as your mouth bites into the burger, the succulent taste of the burger coupled with the taste of the salsa and the cheese explodes in your mouth then as you chew, the salsa and the patty releases juices in your mouth that is definitely likened to you finally hitting the waters after the jump from the cliff.

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Chili G.
3.0 Stars

Have been seeing pics of burgers from this place so we finally decided to try it last Friday. You've to keep your eyes peeled as they have no sign and the combi is a bit hidden, it's right after sinangag express.
The owner was there when we arrived so some proper chitchat was necessary haha. We ordered both of their best sellers, (I've forgotten the names, a burger and the burrito). Sadly, it was just meh.
Very cute place etc but the taste was just below par. The burger and fries were drenched in this kind of salsa so everything tasted too Mexican. I actually hinted that too the owner when he asked how the food was, he said that was what their going for. Ok.
The burrito arrived and it was huge! But no taste. We had to ask for extra sauce etc to down it. My husband (who could easily finish a chipotle burrito) gave up and ate just half.
3 stars for the effort of decorating the place but I don't think I'll be coming back here.

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