The Red Light

G/F W Young Bldg., Felipe St., Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila

The Red Light
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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

Tagged along with friends to The Red Light for the one day only Pappare grand teaser pop-up! I've always wanted to experience a pop-up event at The Red Light test kitchen. And fortunately enough, i had friends who knew the proprietors of Pappare, which lead to the semi-impromptu eat up at The Red Light!

We knew that the quantities would be limited and they'd serve only while stocks held up, so we made sure to be there early and on the dot. They only had 30 porchetta buns and i think 80 cones of pasta so it was an absolute must that we made it on time! 128514

The owner and chef handmade the pasta, and infused her culinary influences from Manila and the New York districts of Chinatown and Little Italy. Hence the whole eating pasta with chopsticks experience haha. The noodles were served in cones to emulate the on-the-go nature of how people in NY just grab something to eat while walking.

While waiting for our food, the chef generously served us some fried dumplings. These weren't on the menu, and were quite good! Think fried gyoza with cheese sauce good. Just what we needed to get our appetites going.

Then came our orders of the porchetta buns. These were heavenly! That was probably the closest thing to a mouthgasm i had on first bite. The crunch of the skin, the pesto spread, the juicy pork belly meat... that was the star of the show in my book! I know, i know, Pappare's supposed to be all about pasta, but this was exceptionally good. Nice touch too on branding the buns with a Pappare logo! 128076

The pasta proceeded next, and we had the Dan Dan Mian (personal favorite), Crabonara, Bleu Carbonara, Vongole (off-menu seafood pesto pasta), and the Meatball Colazione (tomato sauce pasta).

The Dan Dan Mian leaned closer to chinese noodles than Italian pasta. It had peanuts, ground beef with a mapo-tofu like chili spice, scallions, and Kaserebellen Royal Rebel cheese! Not to be confused with raclette cheese, but it was quite similar! This was soooo good that i wasnt surprised to find out later in the day that this was the best seller.

What's noteworthy too, and much appreciated, is that they didnt shortcut the carbonara, i.e. didnt heavily rely on cream as a base for the sauce. I could taste the egg and it was rich and creamy all over. The Meatball Calazione came with 3 meatballs that looked so much like marble potatoes i was like 'Where's the meatballs???' 128517 Though one bite was already enough to rectify that haha.

We also tried the signature drink called a Drunk Confucius, a hodge podge of different things i can't remember 128514 i think it had a lemon or limoncello base, owing to its yellow color and a piece of 'kiamoy' bobbing about. It was served smoking with dry ice that up-ed the cool factor x10. The drink wasn't sour, more sweet. The salt and chili powdered rim as well as the kiamoy added new dimensions to the overall flavor. I just wish they could have served it chilled. After the dry ice evaporated, the drink turned luke warm almost immediately.

My only real difficulty that day was eating the pasta using chopsticks. Aside from the Dan Dan Mian, the others took quite some effort to eat. The marble potato like meatballs would slip right off, and the noodles in red, white, and pesto sauces ended up too heavy and sticky to handle gracefully with chopsticks. Couldn't "cut" or separate the noodles into bite-sized mouthfuls and always ended up gobbling almost a fistful at a time. #TissuePlease haha!

Best of luck to Pappare!

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Ron S.
5.0 Stars

The rain didn't stop me from going to Pappare's Pop Up at The Red Light yesterday. Some of their pastas were already sold out when I got there so I tried the CRABonara and Pesto. Sobrang sarap!!! They deserve a 5 star rating 128077🏼 Thanks to Manila Eat Up! Will definitely go back to try the other pastas when they open their store next month in QC.#PapparePH #PapparePHGrandTeaser #CiaoPappare

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5.0 Stars

I am so lucky to be chosen by Manila Eat Up to attend Pappare's Pop Up at The Red Light located at San Felipe St., Brgy. Poblacion, Makati. I was able to meet Chef Gem Tee, owner and the mastermind of all the amazing pastas I ate at Pappare and had a little conversation with her.

Me: What is Pappare?

Chef Gem: Pappare is "lumamon."

Me: How with you come up with the concept?

Chef Gem: Just want to have it in TO GO. Thats why we have a special packaging for our food.

Me: Is The Red Light will be your place and where I can find Pappare?

Chef Gem: No. we're renting the place. Just for today. We will open our store in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City next month. In front of Wilcon.

Me: Wow, that's quite near in my place...

I got two pastas served in a very handy cone packaging. Pretty cool! I have an option to use chopsticks or fork, and I preferred chopsticks.

🔵 Mee Gamberi Goreng for Php235.00 (Shrimp, Fishcake, Shiitake, Special Sauce, Egg, Crispy Shallots) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Gosh! This is so MASARAP! Napaka-flavorful. I really like the Asian inspired pasta of Chef Gem. Two-thumbs up for Mee Gamberi Goreng"

🔵 Crabonara for Php250.00 (Pappare Bacon, Crab Claw Meat, Crab Fat, 63 Degree Egg) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"The 63 degree egg mixed with creamy carbonara with crab fat tastes really good and by the way, it's not salty.

Although the servers look "Ngarag" when I visited their Pop Up Stores in The Red Light due to long queues of orders but still they happily accommodated and served the customers fast as they can.

If you want to have your own restaurant or kitchen for a day, you can visit The Red Light in San Felipe Makati and/or you can check out their Instagram account.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Gerald T.
4.0 Stars

Great place to hang out on weekdays! Cheap beers!

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Saturday night unwinding with the husband took us to Makati since we wanted to check out Tambai. The street was lined with chill out places and I was really happy to see El Chupacabra and The Red Light.

We headed off to Red Red Light first since my online loves Bun Appetit and Kalookies were there for the night! Yay! Now I know that Bun Appetit has a regular Saturday stint in Salcedo Market but we haven't been able to go. So, tonight was the chance to grab some lobster roll!

Their lobster roll got a beautiful upgrade. Instead of the used to be shredded lobster meat, they upgraded to Maine Lobster claws and knuckles! Bigger chunks, tastier and juicier! Loved the simplicity of this bun. No frills, just the best lobster meat that has been slightly salted and dusted with pepper and some spices and finished off with some lemon. The bun was soft and was toasted, smothered with just the right amount of butter and mayo. Believe me when I say that this is a knock out good Lobster Roll!

We also got an order of their Mexican Grilled Corn that we asked to be shredded. Loved the mix of the grilled corn x mayo and cream sauce x chili x cojita cheese and lime. Great combo with their rolls.

We skipped on their Garlic noodles since we planned to checkout El Chupacabra and Tambai but I tell you, this simple noodle is full of great flavors!

Now about The Red Light. Nothing spectacular about the place. They serve alcoholic drinks with tables and chairs set-up right in front of the bar. No ambiance here since you're eating in the garage area of the building 128518 which is a step away from the street!


You still have the chance to catch Bun Appetit x Kalookies in Red Light! They'll be there all Saturdays of August. 128526

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Kathryna d.
4.0 Stars

Hawke - Asian street food style menu

Red Light is like a kitchen showroom where known chefs/up and coming chefs give their take on various cuisines (I think my baby Erwan is one of the part owners) 128571

The place was just an open area, with a well-stocked bar. It kinda felt like you were along the busy streets of Thailand from where we were seated. This is near Tambai and El Chupacabra.

We ordered:

Prawn and Langka Fried Wontons
- Loved this, prawns were nicely seasoned, think hakaw, only fried. I didn't quite taste the langka though. It came with a dip which was a good combination to the crispy wrap (baka yung dip yung langka????)

Singaporean Chili Crab Buns
- Two pieces of small siopao, only spicy filling, didn't try this one because I'm not a fan of spicy food but it was also good according to my food buddy.

Vietnamese Fried Spring Roll
- I wasn't really that hungry so I I ordered this along with the prawns, I loved it as well, the veggies were fresh and crispy, although I would have appreciated a dip for this one.

Seafood Pad Thai
- Sampled a piece of prawn and some noodles from this one, I'm not a fan of peanut oil based dishes but the people from the other table were really giving good feedback on their order of pad thai, plus my companion finished an entire bowl on her own! So I guess this is legit as well.

We ordered two bottles of Brew Kettle Beer. It had a citrusy after taste. It was okay, I needed some beer to cleanse my palate for dessert!

Sticky Rice Balls
- AAAAAHH. The highlight of my meal. Two warm rice balls with a drizzle of caramel. After biting into one of these I discovered that it had some sweet mangoes inside. Heaven in my belly!

Overall, we paid about 700 for everything. I loved the epicurean experience from this place though I don't normally prefer Asian food. Great place for hanging out with friends who enjoy beer. They also offer signature cocktails. Too bad Erwan wasn't around. I'm excited to try out their next resto idea for this place! Plus the waiters were also nice.

Adios! 128111

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