The Sand Bar Boracay

Boracay, Malay, Aklan

The Sand Bar Boracay
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Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

The best place to watch fire dancers playing with FIRE? toink haha!

I like the setting. Customers can also choose between Chinese and European cuisine. There's also a wide selection of drinks. Tried their delicious chicken rolls as well.

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Charlotte M.
4.0 Stars

I liked the theme, the color, seat, hookah and everything about this bar. I enjoyed some time here. I enjoyed watching the girls dancing with fire. Cocktail drinks were good tasting too and their food.

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Ian E.
4.0 Stars

Nice ambiance. Great fire dancers. Cold drinks.

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Peach L.
4.0 Stars

They used to be the only bar that has these awesome fire dancers...until some other group came. As we walked along the disturbed sands of Stations 1 & 2, we got a glimpse of a couple of bars that were also showcasing some dancers playing with, yeah, fire. But you know, we're a bunch of loyal customers so we still headed off to our usual spot, The Sand Bar.

I was surprised when we got there because they already are enclosed in a huge tent and also have cover charge of P350/pax already. We used to just come and go without having to pay for entrance but hey, that's business. Besides, they have the best fire dancers, so it was all good. 128522

They have 3 sets for the whole night's show and throughout its duration, they introduced different performers dancing to different kinds of music. Everyone looked like they were really serious about giving a good performance but I could honestly say that Carla is the best dancer/performer. She (he) pretty much looked like she was born with fire on her/his hands. Every performance she did was attention-grabbing and worthy of a major audience clap. Helped that she had humor, too.

At the end of each set, they went around and asked for tips. And throughout the show, they also came near the customers for photo ops.

Food is not exceptional but not bad as well. Price is very reasonable as compared to the other bars. 128077 The service is really good too. 128522

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Kathryna d.
4.0 Stars

When my dream career of being a journalist does not come true, I will become a fire dancer!!!! 128293128293128293128293128293128293128293128293128293128293128293128293128293

Of course I'm kidding. Or am I?

Never miss out on the famous fire dancers of Sand Bar. For the third straight year I never let the opportunity pass without watching these darlings perform!

I failed to get their names but the one pictured above was the best performer for me.

The bar is a very cozy place with couches on the sand, the entrance is for free but you have to spend 350 on food and drinks. I think its okay because the performances are really exclusive because they really put up these white cloths on the side of the bar so that you really would want to go inside and watch the shows.

They usually have two shows every night starting at 9:30 or 10 p.m. For 350, not bad at all!

Their drinks are moderately priced and some are expensive but everything is expensive in Boracay so what the hell right! I recall that their cold cuts platter was good the last time I went here. For this visit I just got two beers and a shot of something that is too vulgar for me to write here. Lol! I just wished that they didn't have to charge everyone who came in.

Adios! 128111

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Livi B.
5.0 Stars

Loved the ambience here!! :) You will feel the privacy cos the place is covered and people who pass by wont see you. Beer starts at 110 pesos (non happy hour) they also have Hooka which is around 600. Cocktails start at 200. Pricey but worth it. They also have firedancers at night.

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