The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort

Marcos Highway, Tanay, Rizal

The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort
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Mommy Adventurer R.
5.0 Stars

The first time I visit this place is during our Prenup Shoot. The place is big and there's so many nice views around. It cost us 3000 PHP for the prenup shoot fee which include non-aircon room for 8am to 5pm. The room smells old room hehe, but since the room is for change of clothes and makeup purposes only. But the thing is we're not be able to use that as a changing room because it's far from the shooting place. hahaha! But it's ok with us. I'm unable to tour around because we're so busy for the photo shoot. Everything was great. :)

We even forgot my son's coat because it was in the box with the accessories we brought. But thankfully the hotel management saw it and keep it until we get it back. :)

This place is awesome and good for a photo shoot, a place to relax and bond with love ones.

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Jess R.
3.0 Stars

An unobstructed view from atop Sierra madre resort. 9925 Tanay makes for a quick getaway and a suitable alternative to Tagaytay. Same fresh air and amazing view. 127811Less traffic too!

There a lot of activities that can be done here, perfect for a family getaway. 128077

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Gene C.
3.0 Stars

First leg of our Rizal trip.

It was a bipolar weather kind of day, umaaraw umuulan. It was raining when we arrived so we're not sure if we're going to proceed or not. The place looks interesting from the outside and there seems to be a conference going on but there were only a few people around, maybe they're still in their rooms.

First impression, staff needs to be trained on customer service. Not that they did anything rude but they are not as welcoming as they should be. Walang good morning or smile man lang. Parang bahala kayo diyan.

FOOD is expensive. 1 sachet of Milo plus cup of hot water, 30 pesos na. Kami pa nagtimpla ha. In fairness naman, para siyang oasis sa gitna ng disyerto, isolated and you have no choice but to buy there so understandable kung bakit malaki ang tubo. But still didn't buy anything else cause we read some reviews na hindi masarap ang pagkain hehe.

P'LACE: I love nature, view pa lang, parang sulit na ang biyahe. But the place itself is not well maintained. They don't have a map of the place. Sa umpisa lang may signage ng directions pero kapag bandang loob na bahala ka na mag-ikot. So we only explored the area around the first pool. We didn't know how to go to the second pool or even go up to the prayer mountain. Wala rin matatanungan na tao. We didn't bother going far. we have offspring with us, we had no signal on both Globe and Smart and it was starting to rain again.

Sayang lang at hindi nasulit ang bisita namin dito. We were looking forward to our hike and see the waterfalls. It would be a first for us.

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

This place has always been our go to for a fresher air that is just an hour drive from quezon city.

Why go to this place?
-if you hate the traffic of the south
-not enough budget for tagaytay
-quiet and secluded
-if you love nature
-for day picnics

Entrance is 20pesos per head and if you want to have an overnight they have a lot of accommodations types to choose from plus a pool to get the staycation vibe.

This place is perfect for those who want to get away from the stress of the city yet does not have the will to drive too far.

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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

800th! 128525

I can't think of a place i've been to all my life that is as heavenly and serene like this. If only i could post all my pictures, Lol! Obviously I can't pick just one and so i decided to make a collage. 128541
It has a Majestic view that certainly captures my heart and soul in an instant! 128525

Imagine, it's just an hour away from Quezon City, we travelled on a Sunday morning, straight along Marcos Highway. 128512 This is by the way located in Tanay, Rizal.

I don't think there's something like this elsewhere, (or it's just me?) A very affordable 50-150 pesos entrance and you'll get to enjoy the Nature like you've never done before! How's that?128525 And it's not as crowded as i expected! 128077

I myself had an instant blood rush upon seeing the Pool, the Hotel, and the Mountains and Greens!
You can go swimming, 127946have Picnic, there's a Zipline, also ideal for Team Building, 9978️hiking, 128693🏻or just simply be in love with the view and have a pictorial (which is what i enjoyed the most!) 128521 I literally took advantage of it's greatness! Every corner yata napicturan ko. 128540

Also, the temperature is the same as how it is in Tagaytay. The wind is cold and there are Pine trees and bushes ! 127794127796127806127808127811127806
The (2nd) Swimming Pool in the picture was at least 1 kilometer away from the Hotel and the (1st) Main Pool. It was inside a forest where you'll need to walk up and down the hill to reach this which made me almost feel like fainting. Lol! Di kasi nag eexercise. Hmm...

The hanging bridge by the way is an amazing experience for me coz it's not everyday that you can get to see one like this right? 9786️ And the Nature just smells different. You can really tell because we are used to polluted air in the city.

Lastly, we stayed in a Hotel room with two bed near the Main pool. They also have picnic tables around so you could enjoy swimming and picnic with the family all at once. 128077128077128077

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Nemie N.
5.0 Stars

It's my 2nd time in this place and the same experience. Good place to escape the pollution in the city! 10084️ And the view is so refreshing 127811 I want to go back again. It's only 2hrs away from Pasig City :)

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Stacy C.
4.0 Stars

Had dinner here from Tanay before going back to Manila. We heard that Bulalo, and Pinakbet are best-sellers but unavailable last night. We ordered Pork Sinigang, Sinampalukang Manok, Lechon Kawali, and Tapang Usa. Not sure if we were just hungry but they are all delicious.

The soup dishes had the right amount of tanginess, and the meat weren't over/under-cooked. The Lechon Kawali was a hit. Crunchy skin, salty meat. The Tapa was good, too, although a bit on the salty end as well.

Service was also good. The kuyas were fast to attend to our needs though a bit distracted by a PBA game on their telly.

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Stephen C.
3.0 Stars

Sierra Madre. A hidden and underrated gem literally just an hour or two outside the metro. The views alongside the stretch of Marcos Highway to the Sierra Madre hotel are nothing short of breathtaking. The kind of things you only see on National Geographic documentaries.

But this review isn't for the scenery. If it were, no doubt 5 stars. Sadly, it's for the hotel nearest to Manila.

While it makes a good resting spot while on your drive, its facilities are lackluster. Then again, perhaps it's not trying to be anything more.

The food is the kind of thing you'd find at a carinderia. Simple and cheap. If you're hungry on your journey, it'll certainly hit the spot. Like a simple packed lunch given to you by your mom. And you're certainly welcome to just come for breakfast/lunch, or even a photo shoot for your big life events.

Hot tip: just go a little past the hotel, further along the Marcos Highway, and on your first sharp bank you'll find a gate to an open area. Go through that gate to a truly spectacular view of the valley, and a nice overlook of the lake in Laguna. Thanks to the locals in the area for passing this along. 128522

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Dexth L.
4.0 Stars

this is a good place to relax and be away from the city in a bit

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