The Smokeyard

5666 Don Pedro St., Makati, Metro Manila

The Smokeyard
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Jen L.
3.0 Stars

limited choices for non alcoholic drinks 128148

pricey a bit pero buti tasty ang food 128522

stayed in the ground floor for aircon and non smoking environment 128517

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Rodney O.
3.0 Stars

Nice ambiance.

Beef ribs, beef something and chicken wings. Sakto lang. Fire BBQ sauce, cassava chips, mac & cheese. Yum!

Parking can be difficult.

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Jorelle F.
3.0 Stars

Price is tooooo expensive.! Hahaha. Though the food was tasty and delicious, I think the price is too steep for their servings. They offer a wide variety of american smoked meat. From spareribs, to baby back ribs and even chicken wings. The serving size depends on how mamy grams you order. The minimum portion is 50grams which is too small (you can consider it as bite size). For example one regular chicken wing is already 70+grams and it already costs 90php. What I meant about regular is like a "toddler" chicken wing. Hahaha.
I love their mac and 4cheese. Really a must try. 128139. Me and my friend ordered a platter which consusy of 2 sides, 75grams pulled porked and 2 chicken wings. It costs 400php.
I really liked the food but I don't think it justifies the price.

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Midz S.
1.0 Stars

As we continued with our Poblacion food crawl, we stumbled upon this restaurant just beside one stop of ours. The place seemed good from the outside, and the name “Smokeyard” just gave me a nice impression about it. I pictured all the steaks, ribs and other meats I could imagine in my mind.
All of those thoughts in my mind? WRONG. ALL SO WRONG.

There were outdoor seats as well as indoor. So we entered, saw that there was one table occupied, chose our tables and sat down. The place looked so warm, mainly due to the lightings. There’s a counter with the menu written in chalk just above it, and around 3 people behind the counter.

Even though we already kind of settled inside, most of us were feeling suffocated by the atmosphere inside the place, as it was a bit foggy with a strong burning-ish smell, which maybe was the smoke from cooking the ribs. Because of this, we decided to eat outside.

We then approached the counter to get a better look at the menu items and ordered. For the meats, we ordered the sausages, beef brisket and wings. We also had an order of the pulled pork sliders (3 pieces). Just to give you a heads up, meats are priced at around P60-P130 per 50g. They weigh it in front of you as you order, so you know how much you are going to order (at least you can see if you need more or less depending on how many you are in the group). After you’ve decided about the quantity of your meats, they then place it on a tray, along with your next orders. The pulled pork used for the sliders were also weighed before the meal was assembled. This was given on a separate tray.

Let’s get down to the food:

SAUSAGES – The only meat we found delicious (compared to the other orders). It tasted okay, a bit salty but in a way that I liked, since it’s the flavor of the meat. But I’ve tasted something like this before, so nothing new.

BEEF BRISKET – they have two beef briskets: one with more fat and the other without. They said that the ones with more fat tastes better than the ones without. Nevertheless, we all found this dish tasteless and dry. The only thing that can make you swallow it is by adding the sauce.

WINGS – They brought out the wings and rubbed some sauce on top. I didn’t like this. It tasted different. Not in a unique and good way but in an awful way. It didn’t taste like barbeque or buffalo, I don’t know how to explain it since I really didn’t get its taste.

PULLED PORK SLIDERS P220 – We all agreed that we hated this dish. It didn’t taste good at all. It didn’t taste good while I was eating it, but the worst part was the after-taste: pure, strong bitterness that we can’t even just ignore it. It’s a good thing they have tall mason jars, so we were able to gulp lots of water to cleanse our tongues with the taste (almost).
Service was really poor. The people at the counter seemed annoyed, like they hate their jobs that they let their customers feel their hatred.

Overall, we had a horrible experience with this restaurant. I don’t think I’ve encountered food or service as bad as this, or if I have, then this will beat all those past experiences.

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Ruth S.
1.0 Stars

Fourth Stop.

Bago ka kumain dito, kailangan mo munang masagot ang mga sumusunod na tanong.

Kailangan lahat ay masagutan ng tama.

Kapag mali ang iyong sagot, hindi ka pwedeng kumain dito.

Okay. Game?

1. Gaano kadalas ang minsan? _____
2. Bakit ka ba? ______

Kung sakali mang nasagutan mo sila, gusto kong malaman paano? 128517128514

Huling tanong,

3. Bakit mo gustong kumain dito? Yung totoo?? 128563128563128563

Just in case gustong gusto mo talaga, sausage ang kunin mo. Hindi siya worth it. Mahal siya. Pero siya lang yung okay kainin.

Wag na yung pulled pork, beef brisket, at chicken wings. Sayang sa pera. 128557128531

Pulled Pork Sliders - malungkot, lasang luma, at hindi masarap.

Beef Brisket - malambot naman pero walang lasa.

Chicken wings - okay naman yung sauce pero hindi worth it itry.

At ang service. Jusko. MALALA.

Wag na, please. 128534128553

PS: Habang kumakain kami dito, bigla kong naisip na baka best friends sila Smokeyard, Okiniri and Ramen Kagetsu. 128563128530 Mission nila ay ang maghasik ng lagim. 128566128566

Suggestion: mag FAT DADDY's ka na lang sa BGC or Marikina. 128521

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Clarissa P.
1.0 Stars

I was thinking of giving two instead of one star for this place because ---

1) restaurant was spacious with manly interiors - a mix of wood, unfinished walls, metal and tiles

2) open kitchen and you'll get to choose how much meat you want or can afford plus they'll ask how much fat you want with your meat

3) their sausage was really good - a mix of beef and pork


>>> One of their servers, a gal, was so BITCHY! Too much attitude used in the wrong way, made faces as soon as we turned our backs and I caught her do this TWICE!

>>> AND no one was smiling like the whole time!!! Come on you guys, love what you do! LOL


- poor ventilation which will make you want to stay in their open air area unless you want to suffocate yourself and/or smell like smoked meat

- expensive food! They will charge you according to the weight of the meat you chose by increments of 50g... look at one of the pics with the menu board - 110Php per 50g of sausage which was about 3-4 thin slices, 65php per 50g of chicken wing and each wing weighs more than 100g so IMAGINE PAYING FOR A PIECE OF CHICKEN FOR at least 130PHP!!!! Insane!

- expensive food is okay as long as it's really yummy, like Your Local Torched Salmon Donburi yummy, but if not you'll feel liked you've been robbed and that's exactly how we felt when we paid around 1300Php for our meat platter and sliders


>>> The sausage was the only thing good but come on they didn't even cook that!

>>> The Pulled Pork sliders were meh so if ever don't order these or better yet DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE AT ALL!!! Pulled pork tasted like the meat has been sitting there for hours - mushy with bitter after taste. Not even their sauces made it taste decent. Buns used were ordinary.

>>> The Beef Brisket slices were bland, even the slices with fat were bland and you literally have to drown these with their sauces for consolation

>>> The chicken tasted okay maybe because of the sauce that they smothered it with

- Poor, wait that's actually BAD, customer service! The people who prepared our food didn't seem like they wanted what they were doing or maybe they think we don't have money to buy.

>>>The owner was there and told us to eat the brisket right away coz it'll get dry right away and when he looked at the platter he told us that it's actually dry already. He did this in a not so polite or good way.

There there... Don't tell me I didn't warn you! 128518

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Reich T.
1.0 Stars

4th Stop.  #TheUsualSuspects #PoblacionFoodCrawl.

The Smokehouse is one of the joints along Don Pedro Street in Poblacion.  Their signage caught my attention while we were having lunch at Bucky's.  

Unfortunately,  the catchy signage is all they have to offer.  The food is atrocious.  Allow me to elaborate.

| Pulled Pork Sliders.  Highway robbery!  This is the first time i felt shortchanged for shelling out my working class dough on food.  First,  the so called pulled pork doesn't taste fresh. There's a bitter aftertaste.  Yung totoo,  pulled pork ba talaga or pangat?  #PangatlongArawNaPulledPork

| Meat Platter Thingy.  5 stars for being consistent.  They mastered the art of serving atrocious food!  The beef brisket doesn't have any flavor and the texture is rubbery.  Drenching it in mustard didn't help,  it is still awful.  The chicken wings isn't cooked properly,  there's flavor alright but it's bad.  Saving grace is the sausage.

Sorry,  but a few slices of good sausage isn't enough to pacify me.  Why?  I can easily let them off with warning or an evil eye if not for the bad service.  

One of the servers is the epitome of bad customer service.   If someone asks me to give a detailed description of bad customer service,  i would readily show her photo.  When we first came in,  she approached us and said

"Let us know if you are ready to order. "

The statement was delivered in the most annoying tone,  and don't forget her equally annoyed look. 

Bad food,  bad service and annoying servers. 

For the love of all things holy,  save yourself from utter disappointment - Do not dine here.

I seriously hope that the people behind The Smokehouse take time to provide feedback to their waitstaff.  She is bad for business.

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Ian P.
4.0 Stars

Great place for good old fashioned Bbq! Had lunch with a colleague and we pretty much had a sampling of their bbq.
We had the smoked brisket sandwich, pulled pork, smoked ribs and smoke pork belly. Sampled there dirty rice, Mac and cheese as well.
Very tasty and very nice place. Will definitely come back! Cheers!

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