The Sweet Life Cafe

2/F Sky One Bldg., Manila East Rd., Angono, Rizal

The Sweet Life Cafe
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Reopens: 2:00p - 11:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Nievs G.
3.0 Stars

This is the only third time to be there (last visit there was on Valentine's Day two years ago). I don't know why I didn't keep on coming back to this cafe despite the great food and cutesy interiors.

Maybe it is the distance (that is, if I want to have some sweets and frappes, I'd usually go to Kim Is Hungry, which is just located in the town proper. There's also Starbucks or Farron Cafe if I am short of funds, hehe). Customer service is also partly the reason -- it was OK, they were efficient, but they left me with a rather cold impression.

If not only for their summer promo -- the ₱99 unli-ice cream -- I wouldn't really bother to come back there.

As I stepped inside the cafe again -- whoa, they almost radically renovated the interiors. There's now a carpeted nook with pillows where you can sit on, but if you don't wear your own socks you have to buy a new pair (₱30) before you'll be allowed to sit there. Wow.

I liked the old look of the cafe better. It was so much cuter. The interiors now looked more hip but I dunno, I felt kind of sad haha. The counter display of the cakes, cupcakes and gourmet turons from Turonne de Manila is gone. Oh, speaking of gourmet turons, wala na sila nun. Someone commented on my old Blogspot post, that the partners had already parted ways. So I am still wondering why the cafe hasn't changed its logo (because it still has the words "gourmet turon" when the cafe is no longer selling it).

Anyway, what I had:

⚪Mac n' Cheese (₱89) - classic fare. Just macaroni, cheese sauce, and grated cheese on top! I liked it. It was creamy.

⚪Unli ice cream promo - it comes with three toppings of your choice. Here are the mechanics to get it:

1) Order any of their waffles (price ranges from ₱68-₱89, but the server showed me the menu -- the waffles ranged from ₱85-₱89, I saw no ₱68 or something. Or did i fail to browse the menu thoroughly? I ordered the purple yam for ₱89, but they didn't have it so I chose strawberry instead for the same price).

2) Pick the ice cream flavor (they didn't offer me choices though when I was there, so I couldn't choose. So the flavor available seemed to be only chocolate).

3) Choose 3 toppings (I chose ube sticks, choco crunch and cookie crumbles).

The waffles had nary a hint of strawberry. And they we're kind of rubbery. But the ice cream was good! It wasn't aerated, so the texture was dense, smooth and creamy, plus it didn't melt easily. I bet they made their own ice cream.

About the unli-ice cream:

*limited time offer
*till supplies last
*no sharing, take outs, and leftovers

While I was eating, the server already put a receipt inside a small metal bucket, in front of me, where I was supposed to drop my payment. Part ng policy daw nila. I usually ask for a bill-out when I'm done with my food, so I found this charging style kinda off.

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Stephanie Kim B.
2.0 Stars

Good customer service will make the experience better. Staff doesn't smile much. Food is quite expensive.

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Cristina L.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

1. Nice, cute and trendy place. Adorable presentation of gourmet turons and cupcakes; it's impossible not to notice the ferris wheel cupcake holder! Ample seats. Natural lighting allows you to take good #foodporn pics!

2. Food is good in general. Good thing they have improved their burgers! My most favorite turon is the turon with bacon bits.

3. Service was OK. Staff quite friendly.

4. It's located above Pizza Hut (nearby the entrance gate of Richmond Subdivision) so if you want to have a dessert fix, no need to go farther!

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