The Village Barber and Supply Shop

2/F, 8 Forbestown Rd., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

The Village Barber and Supply Shop
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Anton M.
4.0 Stars

Didn't expect the place to be small. Has an amazing view of the neighboring green field (not sure if it's a golf course). They carry products from Baxter and Finley (a barbershop in LA) and has an amazing selection of coffee table books. I think it's owned by the same guys behind Back Alley.

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Raymond P.
5.0 Stars

I know I have a lot of pending |ooloo reviews (and I promised myself I would work on them one of these days) but I have to write about this place first before anything else.

Out of the ordinary, busy week, a barber shop would be the last place for me to go to to de-stress. I would commonly eat out the pains of a long work week or go on a walk to find coffee or a sandwich or a wrap. I underestimated this place 🤔

As my hair grew [fugly], I needed to get a fix before a weekend wedding. So here I was wondering which place to go to, scared that the next hair cut would be another disaster. Anyway, summer na din so time to get a nice, clean cut to relieve some heat. Hehe 128522

In I go, just a floor high from MilkCow, you'll never miss it as you take the elevator. The place is tidy, impressive with their restored unique barber seats. As they greet you in, the receptionist would ask you if you have an appointment. Otherwise, they'd slot you in. You can opt to leave first if you'd like to leave your number and they'd call you to remind you when its about time. You can also choose to wait with a selection of good reads (not your common fashion paperbacks) while listening to some laid-back reggae. I heard you can even sip a few bottles too 128523 You can also make advance reservations for a future date 🤔

The barber. Gives you firm handshake as he greets you, all proper and primed with a necktie right under his "apron". Politely asks your preference of service [in my case, just the regular haircut-and-go kinda thing] and if you had any specifics to it. Mind you, he will take his time to make sure you get what you want (not a miracle worker!128541). Clean, smooth and easy. Careful and professional, they would always say excuse me as they move around, casually still maintaining the kwentong barbero we always love 128513

The before and after service. Okay, so I've been to some where they wash your hair and comb you up real nice after each cut. They do the same, helping you off your seat and to the wash area (which didn't feel cold unlike other places I've been to). Their wax is of high quality "pomade", some that colors your hair black or just the regular one which is colorless. What I liked best was the cold towel before the haircut, as they relax your face and arms (much like the traditional Chinese food restos with the hot or cold towel na old school where we use it for our face when truly it was for the hands only 128540128561🤔) and after your hair gets washed and your face and clothes get dusted off of possible hair particles using the usual horsehair brush (yes, with the powder 128513), you also get a warm towel on your face while your barber gently reclines the seat. He will then provide you a half massage (nope not the palo-palo or the praying fingers crackling as they hit your back LOL 128541). Shoulders, arms, hands, back, face. Relaxing 128557128522

I will definitely go back to try their other services like their hangover cure (or something like that). The price - far from your usual barbero but I found it just right for the comfort and relaxation they were able to provide (which really didn't sound like me 🤔 but hey I'm reviewing this out of all my pending too). Overall, good job Village Barber 128077


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