The Wild Juan

Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Niyugan, Laurel, Batangas

The Wild Juan
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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

What could be the best thing to pair up with the chilly winds of tagaytay? Aside from a lot of restaurants offering piping hot bulalo, why not just enjoy the warmth of southern comfort food with some extraordinary handcrafted booze?

The Wild juan's soft opening happened last November 6 and will be in full swing this coming March, 2016. (long haul!)i was really waiting for this. I was already eyeing this since september!
At first I wasn't that sure if this will be just for restaurant or hotel since they also offer bed and breakfast. They have 5 fully furnished rooms (TV and all). Rooms 1 and 2 have one queen sized bed while rooms 3,4, and 5 have one single bed and 1 superior bed. And so to have that extra comforting ambiance while drinking your ale, they have this beer garden with bar (which is right now under construction). I could imagine Roegan T magugustuhan mong tumambay dito. I think late teens to young professionals (like me, ahem...) would really enjoy this type of chill-hangout (overnight if you must) place, but age really does not matter, right?

They are still finalizing their menu and has just released one fourth of it!  At the moment, food choices generally good for groups. And a couple of dishes are good for solos. I basically saw the fish section, which they offer either parrotfish, tuna and blue marlin.
128204 grilled blue marlin @180PhP. It was not in the menu yet but it was offered to me. It was cooked well, sensibly sprinkled with salt. zing it up with calamasi to taste. The tomato adds contrast to the dish. The tomato looks dead actually, How i wish it comes with cheese 128516. The rice was sprinkled with mixed herbs, so it was pretty much appetizing. I met head chef's mom and dad ms. Laura and mr. Raul (did i get it right128517?...)

Just right after I ate the satisfying dish, the head chef greeted me. How could i miss this opportunity to lnow about the their food?! Head chef tommy murillo recommends:
128204The Wild Juan Sisig - wild juan sisig is not your  ordinary sisig, he says. We all know the normal sisig is composed of the pig's innards and mask and all.. However, this dish is just composed of pulled pork topped with chicharon. It has seasoned salty pork topped with special Adobo Aioli. Calamansi to zing the dish.. I asked chef what makes it sisig if no innards?.. Then he said the flavor and taste is the defining characteristic... And we are all to find out! 128516128077
128204Gumbulalo - gumbo and bulalo. Chef tommy knows how to play twist. His dish twisted our very own beef stock bulalo. His is a tomato base sauce with beef shanks. This he makes a stand for southern cooking. Gumbo is a stew that originated in the Southern Louisiana. It consists primarily of a strong-flavored stock (thanks wiki!)
128204Kaldereta wings - now he's making a southern dish to filipino. We all know the famous spicy Louisianna rub that most 'southern themed' restos use for their wings. Not chef tommy. He formulated a special kaldereta glaze for the wings.

After the food part discussion, i was talking with chef about my preference of hard drinks over beers, but told him at the end that i should get used to drinking beer since i've been forming an allergic reaction on spirits. So would we forget discussing about their beers?? Especially the HANDCRAFTED ones? No!
Hand craft beers are bolder and stronger when it comes to flavors. And is more likely to be more than just 5% of what it claims to be its alcohol content 128512128077
127866Juan brew - handcrafted from parañaque; really dark and you can defintely taste hops. I got i little sip and this one is dark and strong.
127866128525Rogue - on the house! Thank you for letting me try this hazelnut flavored beer. I really havent heard of hazelnut flavored beer until now. Well, you can say hazelnut was really part of the handcraft just by smelling the beer. It tastes really bitter at start, then the hazelnut peeks slightly but definitely has the stand. Chef tommy also commented that this is incomparable to the caramel beer that we know (not honna mention what bar 128527128523) this one is handcrafted from america.
127866Gordon Biersch - lighter roast. Chef told me this is like as san mig light--Only handcrafted. I did not taste this because i think that bottle of rogue had made me a little... Rogue? 128514.. This 'light' beer is also handcrafted from america.
127866Märzen -5.8% this one.. I would not dare to try na tlga. 128516 chef said this is similar taste with gordon.
These are just a few of the many more to expect from the... Err... Bar? Restaurant? Hotel? 128516
I would be glad to explore it more on its full swing come March. They're still fixing the rates though but if you want to try them while they're fresh, i got their contact number, i wouldn't mind connecting you to them 128075128512

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