The Wild Poppy

2/F, 5666 Don Pedro St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

The Wild Poppy
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Dell C.
4.0 Stars

I like the chill relaxing vibe of this place. I can stay here the whole night with friends kinda place. Music is not too loud and the crowd is A okay. For now. Tried their cucumber frost which is very refreshing and the pirate drink which is mix of rhum, pineapple and macadamia nut syrup which is also good but strong. They have quite interesting menu for cocktails and I can’t wait to be back to try some more.

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Mich M.
4.0 Stars

The Poblacion area is full of bars and hip restaurants. Among them, we chose to dine in Wild Poppy because of it's nice interiors and sort of quiet scene unlike the others beside it.

Their menu is asian and a lot the choices were tempting so we started with Sweet P Crisps: sweet potato chips with herb aioli dip, this arrived fresh and crisp, loved the dip and even had another serving of it! *you'll immediately smell that they used a Mediterranean spice powder but bearable and still delicious

I ended up ordering the Chicken Ren Damn Rice Bowl and was warned that it would be spicy. I am a fan of Rendang so the spice doesn't really bother me that much but the small bits of ginger was annoying lol
The dish may look small but it was enough for me, I finished my whole bowl 128522

My bf ordered the Hoi! Belly Rice bowl and I just tasted a bit of it. It was good too, the meat was tender, flavorful and paired well with the hainan rice.

The Al Fresco was relaxing and colorful but it does get a leak of the music from the other side which isn't the same genre as what's played inside.

Service was really fast 128077🏼
Arrived here at like 9pm and almost all al fresco tables were reserved.

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

This small establishment has one of the most coziest ambiance in the area. Their garden designs everywhere from furnitures to wall fixtures which was relaxing and calming at the same time.

Here’s what we ordered:
Thai Me Up (Php 250) their own version of mojito. It was ok. Not my top mojito mix.
Bao Wow (Php 175) taste was good but the serving portion isn’t worth the price.
Pok pok bites (Php 190) great pica pica with drinks. I wish we ordered this one again instead of Bao Wow.

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Sandy P.
3.0 Stars

After rendezvoos and pigging out the whole day, we decided to get some drinks. It was my first time in Poblacion and we tried Wild Poppy since Alamat was packed! Sayang!

I asked the server which one has the strongest alcohol haha! So I had Herb's old fashioned (P240) it has Maker's Mark Bourbon, Angostura bitters, brown sugar infused with thyme. I liked it but bitin and not sulit. 🤣 Sana nagcentral nalang tayo diba Marc M? 128514

We weren't satisfied with the drinks so we instantly did a Pub Crawl! 🤣

Fun times Christina R, Marc M Dennis O EJ B and Angela Marie C 127867

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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

I have a message for Wild Poppy - Where's the alcohol?

Got myself an Isla Bonita - Bacardi Gold Rhum, watermelon, brown sugar, mint and lime. The first photo. I was already skeptical that the glass was bigger than the usual cocktail. Ayun, juice sya when I didn't mention I wanted a virgin. For 220, it felt like I wasted my money.

Lastly, ang init dito sa labas. The roof does not allow air to circulate. So despite the fans and that it was cool night, we had to move.

Beer is cheap at 75, and the place looks nice. That's the only reason I'm giving it a 3.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
2.0 Stars

It was my first time to be in this part of the growing hub for food establishments, Poblacion, Makati. The Wild Poppy is along Don Pedro Street corner Kalayaan. On the same spot where this restaurant and bar sits are three others, Smokeyard, Alamat and a dessert place, Bucky’s.

Wild Poppy has appealing wooden interiors. Its layout equally divides al fresco and indoor facilities. Its menu is out of the box, an unusual fusion of Asian flavors found on both of their food and beverages.

I got Chicken Ren Damn Rice Bowl. It’s chicken rendang with spicy flavor spot on but missed out on serving. There was less than 20 grams of actual chicken in this ‘damn’ dish, I was wondering why I did not have it returned. It was like giving them my money without any exchange.

For my drink, Hornet’s Mojito, it had half of the world’s sugar supply in it. It could be the sweetest glass I’ve ever had in my foodie journey. And that says a lot. I barely touched this as well.

There is potential for me to like this place. It had a good vibe, but tonight it died with their offering. Maybe they should invite me and make up for their mess? Hi, The Wild Poppy. Tonight was wild, indeed.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars


This was the second stop of our food crawl. I missed the first, so I was excited and nervous when I arrived Wild Poppy. Excited, well, because I've been wanting to go to Wild Poppy! I mean, have you seen the design of this place? You should! Nervous because this is a Sriracha event, everything is going to be hot, and my tongue has a low tolerance when it comes to spicy food. But still, I will never back down from any food experience.

We had the bao wow, which was a timely dish as we were eating it the night before Chinese New Year.

Their bao was WOW! I'm thankful that this was my first dish that night as I was able to forget that we were about to eat spicy food and just focused on how good all of those might taste!

Wild Poppy's bao was my favorite that night. The dish had soft, white buns, with braised pork belly with sriracha sauce on the inside topped with their Asian slaw to add a little crunch. I was impressed with the tenderness of their pork belly. It was so easy to bite, no matter how thick that pork was.

Was it spicy? Just a little bit! But I'd say that the spiciness in the Sriracha comes in the after taste. That's when I was able to feel the 2/10 heat.

I'm wild about Wild Poppy!

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5.0 Stars

Sriracha Festival
Poblacion, Makati
(Sponsored Looloo Food Crawl)

Next stop: Wild Poppy

In the nearby 2 storey building we were amazed with the beautiful and chilling place in Poblacion, Makati. And we were surprised with this kind of place existed here. The greenery, art work in the wall and the hanging plants made myself feel relax while we're in Wild Poppy! Can we have our Rendevoos here for the whole night? Knowing that we have 6 more stop to finish. Lolz 128514

The staff served their Sriracha specialty called Bao Wow, it's a Bao with Pork Belly marinated in Sriracha Sauce. The pork belly was spicy but again it's manageable. The bun was steamed and I like the soft texture of it "bagay na bagay sa pork belly".

128050 Bao Wow for Php175.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5

The owner was so generous for providing us beers while having our baos.

Thank you Peanut D! 128153

Nice having baos with you guys. 128540

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084 #looloorendezvoos

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

SRIRACHA FOOD CRAWL 128293128293128293128293

2/8: WILD POPPY aka my favorite stop.

FOOD: Bao Wow
TASTE: Really goooooood!! Bao wow = WOW!!! 128525128077🏼 Mantao w Sriracha glazed pork belly, asian slaw, and pickles. Though not as spicy as we all wanted it to be, it was still tasty and yummy. The pork belly was tender, tasty and was cooked well. I just wish there were more slaw added, though. 128517

SERVICE: Out of all the stores we visited, this was the only place that serves well. Servers were all warm and approachable. 128077🏼

PS: Checked the menu and there are a lot of interesting dishes I wanna try. Would really love to go back here w Ony and my friends next time. Plus the place is really nice and chill. 128149

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I was born and bred in Makati and i know Poblacion like the back of my hand.   The girly bars along Burgos made the place infamous.  This was then.  Poblacion has come a long way since.  Small business owners decided to put up shop in Poblacion and this paved the way for its  evolution.

The Wild Poppy is one of them.   I've been dying to visit TWP for quite sometime and boy,  i was glad that they are one of the participating establishments for the Sriracha Philippines event.

I am really digging the interiors.  Who among you watched Across The Universe?  I swear,  a scene from the movie played in my head when i entered.  Dear Prudence x For The Benefit of Mr. Kite scene.  It is a mixture of hippie x gypsy theme.  The al fresco area is equally eye catching.  The wooden furniture x colorful pillows x hanging potted plants. 

Bao Wow.  Pork Belly marinated in Sriracha and chopped veggies sandwiched inside a  soft bun.  This is "wow"  on the first bite.  The belly is tender and flavored well.  I can taste a hint of ze sriracha on each bite.  The chopped veggies is surprisingly good.  It works well with the meat as it adds a refreshing flavor and crunch.  If we talk spice level,  I'd say it is a - 1.  Sorry,  Dragon Lady standards. 

The Wild Poppy is one of the highlights of the night.  Yes,  I am #WildAboutPoppy

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Second stop of our #SirachaPH food crawl:

People rate restaurants based on different factors such as ambience, service and food. With that in mind, some customers actually eat with their eyes. Meaning they need both the place and food to look pleasant which Wild Poppy easily passed.

I absolutely loved the interiors (or should I say exteriors?) of the place. It gives off a similar feeling of having a picnic in a garden with wooden tables and plant walls 127807 A perfect place to relax and catch up with people on a Friday night.

As we entered the place, we were immediately greeted by Kaity, Marketing Manager and one of the owners of the place. She was really friendly and accommodating to our needs. She kindly explained the dish to be served and even gave us a few bottle of beers to enjoy 127867

The dish is named | BAO WOW [P175] which is like a opened siopao sandwich with braised pork belly, topped with asian style slaw. The pork is marinated with their sauce infused with Sriracha. It's super tender, juicy and flavorful. The asian slaw was fresh and gave the whole dish a nice crunch since both the bread and belly were soft. I really liked it. It's like eating a very balanced meal. Oh, and don't let its size fool you because this little baby will fill you up.

As for the spice level, I'm giving it a 1 out of 5. It's very manageable even for people who cannot tolerate spicy dishes. However, it does leave a hint of spiciness on your lips afterwards.

Kaity said they'll keep the Bao Wow on their menu for another month! The initial plan was to keep in until supplies last but since it's receiving good feedbacks, they extended it. Yay!

Will I be back? Yes, definitely. Ambiance is perfect and their menu looks promising. Plus, it's quite affordable given the location.

Disclaimer: Our #SrirachaPH food crawl is sponsored by Sriracha Philippines. Thank you Peanut D for the invite! 🤗


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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Happy Chinese New Year!

In line with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, #SrirachaPH tied up with a bunch of restaurants in the Poblacion area.

One of the stops was The Wild Poppy.

The served us a Pork Belly Bao Wow which is really tender pork belly with Sriracha sauce and an Asian slaw with added Korean pickled radish for an extra crunch. 128513 Really loved it! ♥️ The pork belly was cooked really well and the sauce worked really great! They were able to bring out a little bit of spice but it wasn't very spicy at all.

It's pretty safe to recommend for people who aren't huge fans of spicy food. 128077🏼

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Named after the flower, Wild Poppy is an aptly decorated, very chill place in a nice cluster of restos and bars in the Poblacion. It opened a couple of months ago, a nice garden inspired place amidst the urban jungle of Makati.

Disclaimers: we only tried 1-2 items on the average per place, and we had to try something with Sriracha. As someone with ancestry in the sili country that is Bicol, I found that Sriracha's original and best selling sauce is slightly sweet and not that spicy (about a 3-4 out of 10), but spiciness, like taste, is relative. Btw, this was a sponsored event by Sriracha (yes, that American jalapeno sauce brand), in partnership with |looloo. 128513

Wild Poppy at a glance:
Food: 4/5
I loved that the resto that did something different with the sriracha, avoiding chicken (or wings) as its protein of choice. Instead they chose pork belly, which they marinated with sriracha sauce, topped with a bevy of chopped veggies in light sauce (the topping was actually a pleasant Asian slaw), inside a soft bun (think siopao). The slaw softens the heat and adds crunch to the bite.
Loving the name, Bao Wow. Brilliant bit of creativity. To wit, when I asked Kaity, one of the owners and handling marketing, her favorite, it's the Pok-Pok Bites (alluding to the inherently well-deserved reputation of the Poblacion area), which is fried bite size chicken fillets. Pok Pok Bites. Love it. 128514
Bao Wow P175. Heat factor: 1.25/5 (not that spicy)

Service (Dine-In): 5/5 fast, attentive staff. Quickly served the beer we ordered, refilled our water, and they were friendly. Further, Kaity took us around, answered our questions, and was very nice. Very accessible.

Kitchen Service: 4/5 Again, disclaimer on just one order, but they did the orders quickly and the food was good. Can't give it perfect because we only had the one dish.

Ambience: 5/5 Brilliant piece of interior design. Whether you stay in the airconditioned area or the still breezy al fresco area, you'll see so much greenery in plants, decor and other items.

Value for Money: 4/5 Practically all of their bar chow are in small portions, hence are priced below P200. For Makati, this is a gem, very apt with Poblacion pricing levels, and their cocktails are well priced at within the P200 and below range. Beer is P75 to P95. (It still IS Makati, you know, while it'll be below P50 in the likes of Quezon City.)

OVERALL: 4/5 9786

- - - - -
More details here:

Worth a Try: Yes. Reco for those looking for fairly inexpensive eats and drinks while chilling with friends.

Worth a Return: Yes, next time with the wife and/or the barkada.
Tips: Pok-pok Bites, and looking to try their Shrimp & Co (deep fried shrimp on a bed of spicy coconut sauce). Hard to find parking in the area, but it's close to Kalayaan Ave., so if you must park, park along Kalayaan at night; otherwise, take a cab or Uber it.

Verdict: From an ambience and service standpoint, plus what they did with their take on Sriracha, this is a must visit place. What's great about this cluster of restos and bars is that they're in one place only, so you can try out 4 to 6 different places without breaking a sweat.

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