The Wine Museum

2253 Aurora Blvd., Pasay, Metro Manila

The Wine Museum
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Wine Bar
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Most Recent Reviews

Kathleen G.
1.0 Stars

Oh my gosh it was the absolute worst. I've always wanted to come here and now I'm asking myself why???! It's quite deceiving because you'd think that since it's owned by Ralph's you'd get good wine at good prices in a Barcino-like ambiance but no... don't be fooled! The moment we entered the restaurant and saw a whole table of guests were in shorts and slippers I already had a bad feeling. True enough the place was empty save for that 1 table that was occupied by hotel guests judging from their choice of outfits - t-shirt, shorts, and slippers. Mind you that the hotel is not an upscale hotel. So it was a deserted restaurant playing pop music. We chose wine in the other room where you had to pay separately and they only accepted cash. Upon ordering food, their menu was so limited and didn't look the least bit promising. We ordered 2 salads, a plate of Manchego cheese, and carbonara. All salads were out of stock. When the manchego arrived, the serving was so puny for 300 pesos I would've been better off if I brought my own cheese. We had the salads exchanged to a bowl of lentil soup and fish almondine. After ordering we saw a full sized cockroach on the wall. We called the waiter and he swatted the cockroach with an electric fly swatter. It didn't die. Good thing we transferred to another table because minutes after, the cockroach resurfaced on the buffet table inches away from where I was originally seated. Seriously I felt like I was in a sitcom or a comedy movie where literally everything can go wrong! So the only thing that was good was the wine. Carbonara - never mind. Spanish chorizo which should've been a failsafe was also bad. It was overfried that it was so tough to bite into. Lentil soup was ok. Fish almondine was ok but it was made from cream dory which I don't really eat but just didn't have a choice and that's it. When I say ok it means it's barely passable. I can definitely cook better fish than that. Service was ok but too relaxed. The waiter was singing the songs playing in the background. We half expected him to perform at the rate he was going. So no I'm never coming back and the only time I will recommend this to someone is if I hate that person or if I want to play a prank on someone. So please save yourself the trouble and don't make the same mistake that we did.

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Dominique Martel S.
5.0 Stars

Tapa breakfast.. a must try.. two thumbs up.. unfortunately I failed to take a picture on it..

  • No. of Comments: 5
Dominique Martel S.
5.0 Stars

perfect for all occasions.. your second home..

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