The Wings Transit Lounge

4/F NAIA Terminal 3, Andrews Ave., NAIA, Pasay, Metro Manila

The Wings Transit Lounge
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Christa U.
4.0 Stars

The Wings Transit Lounge is a lifesaver to the frequent flyer, the early traveler, or the in-transit passenger. Who could imagine that such a place already existed within the confines of NAIA Terminal 3 - I certainly didn't, had it not been for my cousin who mentioned it to me when I mentioned my 6-hour waiting time between flights.

Traveling between countries, time zones, cities, and terminals, I found myself dead tired and without a clue as to how I would rest and wait out the 2.5 hours before the boarding time for my flight. As luck would have it, I went to check out the Wings, and found that it was exactly what I needed for my rest, and privacy.

Located right by Mcdonalds on the upper floor of the departures check-in wing, The Wings is a day spa by morning, and a transit lounge by night. For in-transit travelers, there is an option between the lounge chairs (Php700), or the capsules (P1k/7hours), depending on what's available. Sadly, I got there at a little past 130am, and the lounge chairs were all fully booked, which meant I had to spend for the more expensive capsule - which incidentally didn't turn out as bad.

The capsules are basically a row of private beds/cubicles, each with your own little nook. Aside from the sleeping space, you're provided with a towel, toothbrush, and some shampoo, with free use of the showers, as well as unlimited access to the kitchen area (which is stocked with some juice, pastries, cereal). The capsules come with their own drop down private curtain, and of course a socket to charge up any gadgets. And guests have access to these amenities for up to 7 hours.

Considering I paid P1,000 for the only 2 hours I spent here, it was pretty decent. I was able to store some perishables in their freezer. I had a bit to snack on. And, I was also able to get about 2 hours of much needed sleep. I was so tired that waking up to my alarm proved somewhat difficult.

For the price, I find that it's pretty fair, considering that you're already right smack inside the airport. It's very convenient to just check out and take the stairs down, and walk into and onto the departures security portion. Service is simple and no frills, and you can pretty much go about your own business, though there's always someone around to ask assistance from. The atmosphere of the place is nothing fancy, but if you're looking for rest - the place more than suffices.

If you're ever looking for a place inside the airport to while away the time, or get some shut eye, The Wings is definitely one place to watch out for.

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