The Yard

83 Xavierville Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila

The Yard
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Kei L.
5.0 Stars

One of my favorite place128525

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

The Yard = 1, 2, 3

Wondering what do the number 1, 2, and 3 have to with the Yard?

Well those three numbers sum the place up perfectly.

1 because The Yard turns 1 today (yay!) and at the rate its going, I’m pretty sure it will be celebrating a lot more birthdays to come!

Located along Xavierville Avenue in Katipunan which is literally a few steps away from residential communities and a jeepney ride away from schools, The Yard has a healthy customer base of millennials and boomers alike. And with places such as Rustic Box Steakhouse, Epicure, Dip N Dough, that customer base is sure to expand even more.

2 because The Yard is sometimes open until 2am which gives it around ten hours of operating time and thats more than enough time to sample all the awesome food there.

3 because unlike other food parks, The Yard has three (!) levels of awesomeness. The first and second floors house the concessionaires while the third floor is home to extra seats and also serves as a sometimes concert area as it holds concerts for bands within the vicinity. Good music and good eats? can’t argue with that!

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Odessa G.
5.0 Stars

The atmosphere is good! I would love to go back here and experience more food. Five stars for EPICURE. Love. Love. Love. While three stars for ICE BOX. 9786

  • No. of Comments: 16
Maynard C.
5.0 Stars

So many food to taste. Actually i havent tried all of their food because im nor really that hungry that day. Thats why i recommend if you are going to eat here please make sure you havent ate anything. Im sure youll like it here. Highly recommend for food tripping. Thumbs up!

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Cherilyn I.
5.0 Stars

foooooooooooooood everywhere!!! 100841008410084️ #littleadventure #foodtrails

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Foodie F.
4.0 Stars

Porterhouse Steak by Rustic Box: YEY

The ultimate cheap steak for the cheapskate. This is legit! Excuse the millenial slang. Nakikibagay lang sa crowd ng The Yard. I recommend this to people with big appetites. For Php250, the steak was huge and it was tender enough. Good thing since the plastic utensils that go with the meal are flimsy. The meat was manageable enough and didn't put up much of a fight. This is better than the best food court steak I've tried. The "rustic" sauce was a bit too salty but dip the steak in gravy and everything will be A-Ok. The pinoy in me wished there was more gravy, though. And kudos for the presentation--as you can see in the picture, the cutting board-cum-wooden plate is a nice touch. Truly, this gets a thumbs up for value. But be ready to wait around at least 30 minutes as the queue was loooooonnnng.

@rusticboxsteakhouse Rustic Box Steakhouse

#foodiefudihanMNL #foodie #food #steak #cheapskate #cheapsteak #qcfoodtrip #porterhouse #rusticbox

Okonomiyaki Cheesy Bacon by Takami: YEY

This one was a happy surprise. I've heard a lot about Okonomiyakis and I'm convinced this could be the next wave when it comes to japanese food craze after ramen and katsu. Takami's stall was very simple, almost unremarkable (as compared to others within the compound). But what it lacked in decor, it made up in flavor. This is the first time I've had Okonomiyaki so expectations were high. The bonito shavings were plentiful, as well as the cheeze and the bacon. The batter had different ingredients like vegetables mixed-in giving it texture. The pancake was soft and chewy. It was a weird mix but everything worked. The serving is good for 2-4 (normal) people. This is definitely a must try. @takami_ph Takami at The Yard at Xavierville

Cherry Mojito 1L by Epicure: YEY

A bit too sweet (maybe too much syrup or sprite?) and too hipster (maybe because of the dry ice and the pail?) for my taste but quite interesting nonetheless. This one is a mocktail for sissies like me but they also have alcoholic mixes for those looking for something with a kick. Love it.

#foodiefudihan #foodie #food #okonomiyaki #qcfoodtrip #eatingmyfeelings
#moveonpolvoron #japanese #japanesefood #cheese #bacon #theyard #epicure #mocktail #cocktail

Cheezy Beef Salpicao Nachos by El Chapo's: YEY

Was able to taste the salpicao, which was more punchy than the usual seasoned ground beef you get with your nachos. Large serving.

Beef Doner Kebab by Berliner Grill: MEH

Meat is a bit dry. But still edible. The sauce is so-so. It felt a bit out of place with the choices at The Yard. For something uninteresting, the taste wasn't good enough to compensate. @berlinergrillph

Green Tea with Lychee by Gulp: MEH

Passable. Chose this instead of getting a softdrink. Felt like drinking powdered juice drink which it probably was.

#foodiefudihan #foodie #food #theyard #qcfoodtrip #foodtrip #eatingmyfeelings #pita #foodtrip
#moveonpolvoron #doner #texmex #tea #nachos #foodiefudihanMNL

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Charlene Clara D.
5.0 Stars

Been to this place twice!! 128522 The food is really great and the price as well.
I really loved the Steak at Rustic Box, Okonomiyaki by Takami, and the Dip N Dough's Chimney Cone 127846128069 Even though you have to line up for a few minutes to get in, it's definitely worth the wait 128513


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Joseph Frederick K.
4.0 Stars

A spooky foodstop encounter for me last night, with just an ordinary plan made possible with the availability of food buddies to accompany me. Quite hyped with infinite foot traffic going inside and that the area was not conducive to those who would bring their cars to park nearby. Good thing uber has a promo code that day and i no longer worry myself from doing so. The setup was just an area with so much more food stops and yet a limited tables to offer. Waited and roamed around for minutes after available table was intended for us. Concepts however are unique with marketing strategy to food concessionaires what to bring to potential customers. There were nachos, blowtorched ribs, flatbread, tempura, korean dishes, subwiches, pica to name a few. Only the negative part is 3 stalls were only the ones providing drinks of which one is epicure, offers alcoholic based beverages served in what they called epic pail. We availed one for an effortless way to have drinks on our table since the gulp stall formed long queues and that milkshake lab was closed that night. No more choice for that. Epicure content was so strong you would want to let ice cubes melt. Puluts offer not so reasonable price for tusok tusok mix for it will cost you php 60.00, quite liked the dynamite which reminded a lot of happy memories, Flat bread was the only good tasting one. Nachos were ok however toppings were not emphasized, not incorporated well in plating, making it odd to see few of beef contents on top. And that's all. For an experience and hang out place i would entirely recommend this one. You should have ordered food meant for sharing for it will help you reduce the consumption. Food parks are all over Metro so might as well give yourself a visit.

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Steffhanie S.
3.0 Stars

It was early October when my best friend and I decided to visit and give The Yard a try.

This famous food park located at Xavierville Street in Katipunan has been talked about by a lot of people for a long while now given the looks of the foodie destination and of course the number of food stall there are.

We went there on a Thursday night and the park was jam-packed with people! The nearest parking space was full. Good thing that they seemed to have rented out the space on the other side of the road that also served as a parking area for other The Yard visitors. There were also parking attendants who were ready to assist us.

Upon entering, the place was really alive and kicking. A lot of people were moving around, checking what the food stalls have to offer. Some were highly energized in singing and moving along with the park's music and of course a lot were doing photo shoots for their blogs and looloo, of course!

We decided to secure a spot first before we moved around to check the food. From tempuras to pizzas to pastas to wings to street foods, Japanese items and desserts like shaved ice, frappuccinos, nitrogen ice creams, etc., you will surely find it hard to decide what to eat and drink so good luck on that.

So as I wasn't too keen on eating loads that night, I ordered a Chicken Burrito for 99php and a Cheesy Chicken Okonomiyaki to be shared with my best friend for 170php. She, on the other hand, ordered a Creamy Fried Chicken Rice meal for 180php as far as I can remember.

The Chicken Burrito was big and heavy given its price so it was really a good deal. The wrap was tasty and even made better by the generous serving of the chicken, beans, rice and vegetables inside. There were two sauces on the side that gave it a yummier flavour.

The Cheesy Chicken Okonomiyaki was so sulit too as it can be shared by almost 4 people, given that all 4 have other orders on the side. It was huge and filled with loads of chicken so it was really filling and could make you feel easily full.

As I wasn't too hungry that time, I accompanied my best friend Marqui S to her dessert place at the second floor of The Yard. It was like fried ice cream and shaved ice altogether but she wasn't too happy about its taste.

Overall, The Yard has a lot of potential and given the way that people are embracing it, it'll definitely come a long way because it definitely has a lot to offer.

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Leslie Ann B.
4.0 Stars

The waiting was worth it. Overall, the food catered here are delicious, a bit pricey for some though. You might wanna come early to ensure to get your spot 'cause there are lots of people coming especially on weekends.

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Alyssa Denise M.
4.0 Stars

The Yard is probably one of the most famous food parks since it started and I can see why. From thee outside, the bright graffiti style of "The Yard" can be seen. We went as early as a few minutes before 4 but the place is already jampacked on a Sunday. It's best to arrive early. We passed by a week ago, on a Saturday night, and people were lining up outside to get a seat. Since it opens at 4 pm, we suggest to go there early as seats are hard to find around 5 already. Most tables are prioritizes or are reserved for those would buy at the stall's food. It's best to sit at a vacant chair from one of those that you think will buy.

One of the first items I bought was from Hong Kong Foodie Streetfood. Think Potdog. Since we bought here, this enables us to be able to sit at their tables. For starters, it may be a bit expensive, coming at 40 Php per stick. I ordered shrimp roll (2 pcs per stick), crab claw (2 pcs per stick), and scallop cake (3 pcs). I like the scallop cake the best. Dipped it on their sauce makes it better. I think that from what I had, their winning item is their sauce. It's like it can be paired up with other food besides theirs. Also sad that when we were done eating, it was only then that they took out their lobster ball. 128148

TOKYO TEMPURA127844127844127844
My sister ordered the unli tempura at Tokyo Tempura. Each serving will give you 3-4 pcs of tempura. We tried dipping it on the sauce I got from Hong Kong Noodle and it tasted better than the sauce the tempura came with. The price she paid seems worth it when she went around 4-5 times. The size was a bit small compared to restaurant-sized tempura but the taste is good for its price. I think it's 200? I'm not sure if I heard my sister right.

GULP STATION 127865127865127865
As for those curious for the giant bowl, it's by Gulp Station. Probably one of the first things a curios first-time goer would probably love to try. The position of Gulp Station is stratetigically located at the center, easy for all to go and grab a drink of. We chose the raspberry iced tea flavor and 4 straws. The price is only 120 and lasted up until we finished. Pretty affordable since there are four of us. Other flavors that we saw that day were probably blue lemonade, pink lemonade, and green iced tea. People were lining up and getting their fish bowls of drinks. I also put our picture for comparison of jars to out heads. 128517

The youngest ordered the smoreflles from Waff. It looks so sweet at first glance. For any sweet-tooth lover, this one is a must-get. I love waffles and having melted marshmallows and chocolate syrup on top is heaven. It may seem small but I think the serving size is just right because if it's too big, it'll be nakakaumay. Price for the smoreflles is 120, if I heard my sister correctly.

THE BLACK PLATE127833🌯127832
There are several Japanese stalls at the yard and the one I tried was the black plate. Why? Burrisushi. Just think that you're eating giant maki or sushi that has a size of a burrito. For a safe choice, I chose Ocean Avenue. It's like your standard california maki but it has shrimp katsu added, which is my and my boyfriend's favorite part. You can have it divided to 4. You can share with others or with just yourself. The divided part can be eaten within 3-4 bites. Of course it's best to eat it from the side of the vegetables up to the side of the kani and shrimp katsu, where the flavors burst in your mouth. Priced at 180, I think it's worth it. It's also heavy on the tummy so if you want to be able to eat more food, it's best to share this.

ALL ABOUT FRY DAY 127839127839127839
For those wondering where to get fries, all about fry day serves fries with different toppings. We got building fries that has beef, gravy, and cheese sauce. We all thought it tastes familiar but we are unable to point out what.

Berliner's grill offers Döners. Think shawarma but different. Instead of using a tortilla, I think they used pita bread. I only took a few bites because it was spicy and I'm not good in handling spicy flavors. He had the beef döner. It was good and if it probably wasn't so spicy, I would've got one myself too. I'm not sure it was spicy by default or my boyfriend added a lot of spicy sauce on it.


Eating here will lead you to a food coma. It's also best to come here early so that you'll get a parking space if you have a car and that you'll be able to grab a seat. After leaving our table, two groups were already waiting for our table. Service may be a bit slow since they'll only prepare food upon your order. Just like other food parks, some will have their food delivered to you. They'll ask where you're seated and they'll come to you. If you want to taste a lot, it's best to share your food. Get food items that you think you'll be able to share too. Despite having good food, only giving the place a 4 because the space can be quite crowded and chairs and tables are too close. Parking is a suffering too. Once the parking at the front is full, you'll be asked to park in front of Metrobank. We paid 50 Php at the barker to watch out the car. You'll need to pay upon parking too.

Besides this, I would certainly come back since we've only tried out a few items and we'd want to try others too. 128523

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Dada M.
4.0 Stars


a friday , rainy and double date night with my boyfriend siblings and his boyfriend too! lol

The bomb on the list goes to TEMPURA AND BAGNET1008410084100841008410084

we also tried okonomiyaki, cocktail drink (lychee watermelon vodka, burger, bagnet and churros!

Okonomiyaki and Burger is ok.
I love the churros tho
the cocktail drink is soooo good!

tempura and bagnet tho stole my empty stomach from long lines and queue! lol

definitely a place for kabataan! lol

  • No. of Comments: 1
Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

The Yard has been around for quite a while but it was only a few hours ago that I was able to visit. Among the food parks I've been too, I think I like this the most in terms of design. To be able to accommodate more stalls, they were able to put up a 2nd floor.

While this food park is likable, there are some undeniable nuisances. The place gets congested, and it is very difficult to find a parking space. In photo is the scene when we arrived at around 9pm on a Sunday. Parang walang pasok ng Lunes. To avoid this, I suggest coming early so you can eat in peace. Finding a parking space is a challenge since there are only about 5 slots in front of their lot. For convenience, might as well take a cab/Uber/Grab.

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Aileen L.
3.0 Stars

The coolest foodpark that brings family and friends together .


Went here last Aug 18 in the evening after my event at my son school in Katipunan. After hubby fetched me, I convinced him to come with me at the Yard. The traffic is terrible , then parking was so hard to , we parked at the next street , near metrobank , someone will assist you, need to pay 50 bucks right away then you have to walk pa to go to the Yard.

That Friday evening , Yard was so full! Sisikan and that feeling that we want to back out. When I saw the pics on social media sites , it's like you want to try them but since it's over crowded,can't see the beauty in it. No available seats. We got pissed off dahil sayang ang punta. There was second floor, we saw Cajita. They sell churros. Para di sayang pumunta we had it for take out.

Noticed that most of the customers or crowd were teens, it's not for us maybe, given a chance will be back I'll make sure di na crowded so we can really enjoy to look at what's best stall to eat there.

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Iyah A.
3.0 Stars

It's definitely for students. Budget friendly foods.

Here's from Subwich Factory. As they claimed, their ingredients still came all the way from Baguio. The sandwich served to us is almost 320php good for sharing to your barkada :)

I wasn't able to taste the Zero Vox from the Ice box as we were in a hurry for the next event. But here's a foto then

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Kristina S.
4.0 Stars

Went there on a Sunday night around 9pm and there's no place to park. It's very crowded, it took me an hour to find a seat. 128546
Tried Black Plate and Ice Box only due to very long queues. There's still so much to try. I will definitely come back! 128522

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4.0 Stars

Loved the place and the crowd. Amidst the heavy rain, people still flocked this food park. You can really see how joyful Filipinos are when they gather for food!

We tried different stalls to try different bestselling dishes. While waiting for our friends, I filled up my tummy with a ribeye steak from Rustic Box Steakhouse. For only P230 I already have a big slab of medium rare ribeye steak. And it was good! The steak was easy to slice and chew. The tenderness showed off its juicy meat. It was delicious. Good choice for me. I also chose rice as a sidedish but you can opt for other sides such as mashed potatoes etc.

My friend Issa tried the Chicharitos of El Chapo's which only costs less than a hundred bucks. It's a small plate of pita bread with sisig as the main ingredient instead of beef shawarma or burrito. The sisig was very tasty but the silantro overpowers the whole flavor. She also bought their Nachos which is a joy to eat as well. The cheese was all over the chips and it also has a generous amount of ground pork on top.

When our friends came, they ordered a platter of yakitori in Niku-Q. This is the best! I love yakitori! Their sauce, their meats, everything was delicious! They also offer chicken ass and chicken skin. But I loved the bacon in asparagus the most.

We also had fried chicken wings and fried mac n cheese balls from Mac n Chicks! The wings were just alright but the mac n cheese balls were surprisingly good! It really has macaroni inside. And once broken, you can really see the cheese ooze out from the balls. Yummy!

For dessert, of course we tried Dip N' Dough since we were seated in front of it. We bought the 12pcs Mini Donuts for P175. Contrary to the bad reviews about it, we never experienced any. We also loved the doughnuts especially the OG Chocolate dip.

Out of curiosity, I also tried the Milkshake Lab because everyone seems to have a cup of their own. I said I really have to try that one. By the looks of it, everything seems overly sweet. Yet I chose their Smores flavored shake. To my surprise, the milkshake was not that sweet as I expected! The sweetness level is balanced which is a big plus for me. Bo wonder people were lining up to grab a cup.

So far so good. This was a nice experience. Can't wait to go back and try out other stalls. Hopefully they could provide more seats and covered areas to accommodate customers during rainy season.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Tara C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Ig Plummer S.
3.0 Stars

It was raining, limited parking space, place is very crowded on a Sunday night.

Tokyo tempura
Mac n' chix
Black plate
Kabab Express

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Ron M.
4.0 Stars

There's a new kid in town and oh boy its filled with young souls it made me feel old 128117🏻 haha #lolavibes haha moving on here are some of my feed back from the stalls we ordered from

Flat bread

Offer an array of combination of toppings like pizza served in an oval shaped flat bread
We ordered the cheese & garlic flat bread, Ble missing both garlic and cheese,


Name sounds familiar, they sell different yakiniku on sticks, we ordered the asuparabekon which is a bundle of asparagus wrapped in pork bacon strip, grilled and coated with terriyaki sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds, it was good but i'm not a fan of pork

Prawn stars

Bucket of seafoods boiled in a bag coated with your choice of sauce and spice intensity, it was over priced and nothing special, not that tasty too, we paid 210 for a three pieces of prawn, what's up with that


They offer different varieties of waffle both savory and sweet but choices are not frustrating as they only serve few and distinct flavors that suites whatever mood you have, we had their smoreffles which was a graham waffle with melted chocolate and torched mallows on too, it was good though i prefer to have that liege texture in a waffle, tender and moist rather than crumby and crispy but i liked it.


They serve the alcohol in the yard, they have a few varieties if alcohol ranging from commonly sold local beers and the locally brewed beers, to a pail of cocktails, wenordered the cherry lime mojito in a pail for two, it was good and well i wanted for more but le boyfie prefered to have beer instead

Snow creme

Just your ordinary bingsu only it was over priced with less toppings

Dip & dough

They serbe donut creations from mini donuts to slow roasted donut ice cream cones, well their donut are great but the service is bad, they don't seem to have any organization yet especially on crowd control, they had a shortage on donut cones and had to make a dough and slow roast it, it took us two hours to have our order, and what made me frustrated was when i ordered the lady crew told me that i was fifth on the line and that i should go back in 30 mins and so i did, when i got back the guy who i assumed to be the owner told me inwas already fourth and so i waited again for anpther 30mins, when i came back the lady was back as well and i i asked her if mine was done already, she told me i was fifth on the line, wait what? Fifth then fourth then fifth again? So i questioned her, i got a little mad so i just sat it out until my anger subsided, then when i came back after an hour my order was already done, ugh bummer

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