Third Space Studio Cafe

587 Banawe St. cor. NS Amoranto Sr. St., Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Third Space Studio Cafe
3.5 Stars

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Reopens Fri: 11:30a - 10:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

It’s a cafe that serves mostly Filipino cuisine, milk tea inspired from Hong Kong and coffee popularized by West. Third Space Studio Cafe is located in the buzzing strip of food establishments, Banawe, Quezon City.

I was here just awhile ago to attend a surprise Birthday party of my mom’s first cousin. I said yes to her invite, despite the distance and traffic so I can bond with her this Christmas season.

The food was pre-prepared for us and we were able to feast on the best sellers here. We had classic, well seasoned Filipino style, Fried Chicken; garlic filled and sweetened Salpicao; healthy bowl of Chopseuy; and their banner dish, a bit too fatty for me, Lechon Sisig. I am really not a fan of this Pampanga born sizzler.

I did order their Taro Milk Tea, but was not able to sip as my mom was sleepy and wanting to go home. Total travel time going here was almost 2 hours, and I sat and ate for around 45 minutes. I did with my mother, the infamous eat and run. But at least she made a speech.

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Dennis O.
2.0 Stars

Third Space Studio Cafe! What a cool name! Sadly it was one of the weirdest place I've went to. On the front wall of their building written were fried siopao, asado, lechon sisig, coffee, congee, milktea, burger, rice. Now I'm confused and was thinking to back out but giving it the benefit of the doubt we proceeded.

Amazingly the interior is something nostalgic. old school antique items from toys to appliances. I love it! Now for the food it was more of filipino-chinese dishes. Something that commonly found at home. I got my Sweet Pork Adobo for 165PHP. Tastewise it was nothing special felt like something that I'll get from university area food place. We also got the crispy kang kong which was bit on the hard side instead of crispy. My mom had a hard time eating this.

Overall they've got a cool name and interior was nice but food and menu wise they've still got a long way to go. I suggest they focus on a specific cuisine to perfect it.

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Marianne P.
5.0 Stars

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Ambiance 127860127860127860127860127860

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Arlene Stephanie L.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

There's a new place at Retiro and thankfully i get to try this because we kinda ran out of food choices at banawe. We do not want to wait long lines, so this is a good choice. Parking is really abundant. The place looks like a house, it is decorated with old/ antique pictures and chandelier. There's a cute jukebox also near the door. The place is rather bright than warm. We were seated immediately.

128204 gatadobo @155php
This is adobo infused with coconut milk. It kinda tasted like paksiw with soy sauce so it was so-so or "ham-ham" the meat was just rightly cooked

128204 roast beef @165php
Roast beef cutlets. All made well done. The sauce was also--- okay. Lol. It's a little salty and full of mushrooms.

128204 chicken wings (ala carte) @275php
Their chicken wings fif ala carte is 12 pieces-- 6 wings hinati sa dalawa. The rice meal would be 6 pieces-- 3 wings hinati sa dalawa. They offer five flavors-- chili wings, sweet barbecue, chicol express, salt and pepper and garlic and parmesan, we ordered the best seller which was garlic and parmesan but it ended up --just okay. Lol. Dry kasi

128204 caramel latte @135php
For my drink, the super sweet latte. You can see the uber dangerous caramel syrup lying at the bottom. Not ordering this again.

It happens to be that my friend's kids have tried this place before and they really like the lechon burger--unfortunately it was out of stock-- including their nori burger (which was my first choice)

For those who likes to ride a bike, you can borrow and use their bike--amazingly they have a lot adjacent to the dining area.

And overall, the food was okay, i really like the ambience though cause they were playing 1940s song. Lol. However, the place is just a pangpalaman ng stimach and a place to relax.

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Michelle Ann Y.
2.0 Stars

Ken and I were looking for a place to eat. We tried Third Space few days ago because 1) Gutom na ako. 2) Meron parking 3) Bago kaya gusto ko matry

We ordered the Spam cheesestick yakitori (130php/6pcs) Choco Hazelnut (135php) and Vanilla Milktea (115php)

Here's the verdict:

Tiny cheesesticks for 130php, tasted like an old cabinet! (closet, drawer) literally! Imagine the smell of the old drawer. That's how it tastes like. Yikes. Overpriced.

First, I'd like to order a hot drink but not available so we ended up drinking their signature shake and milktea. Drinks were okay. Not that good but not that bad just average. Atleast may drink.

That was based on my experience. I hope their food is good tho. We went there around 7pm and yung mga gusto ko itry not available. SMH. Shempre uminit ulo ko kasi gutom na ako tapos ganyan pa taste ng food.

Service is good tho.

Ambiance is like an old chinese ancestral house, from the chairs, tables, displays and etc. Everything is antique and unique.

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