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Three Guys & A Grill
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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

Each Looloo rendezvoos is overly exciting since we get the opportunity to get a first try of great new food choices in town. It becomes more exciting when we get to know the hows and the whys. We get to know how the food was conceptualized and prepared, how the place came to be, and with that, meeting the passionate people behind the venture. Thanks again Roegan T for this Rendezvoos and Mr. Duncan Gates of Three Guys and a Grill for this awesome experience! Brie K, Pat D, Charlzz C, Dennis O and Denise A made it fun and even more special!

Three Guys and a Grill sits along the very busy B. Valdez street, just across A. Venue Mall, a stone’s throw away from the busier Makati Avenue. If you’re driving, I suggest you park at A. Venue Mall since street parking is not allowed along B. Valdez. The place is not so big but they mentioned that they’ll do some renovations to make the most out of the space, and make it more convenient to customers.

As the sausages were served, Duncan Gates, one of the “Three Guys” who put up this joint, walked us through the hows and the whys. You’ll know the definition of passion when you hear this guy talk about the sausages and what would be our special ‘guest’ for that night- the burgers!

But before that, let me tell you how great the sausages are!Take any (I mean any of them) and you will just be thrilled with how good these sausages are. Each sausage is meticulously prepared and grilled with quality in mind. Ingredients are all crisp-fresh.

Personally, I loved the Breakfast Dog. Perhaps because it’s served with omelette and barbecue sauce! Perfect for my whole day breakfast cravings!

My other favorite sausage would be the Swiss Army Dog. Traditional pork schueblig was used, plus ketchup ,sliced pickles, and grilled onions simply put together to come up with the traditional European sausage.

There’s really no secret to goodness as Duncan mentioned that these sausages were all made with the highest international standards by Santis Delicatessen, following specifications given by Three Guys and a Grill. These guys made sure that the sausages will be loved both by Filipinos and his European, American and Australian customers.

Just a bit later, Duncan served what we were waiting for... A true sight to behold...the burgers! There’s no ‘plain’ burger here guys. All burgers are painstakingly grilled and dressed up to please you!

All burgers served were huge, even their single patty burger is good enough for two average Filipinos 128521 (the burgers are big enough for sharing so be generous to your friends, unless you want to keep all the goodness to yourself!)

They call their no-frills burger the Tommy Burger. They say this is basic but I would say this is premium - way better than your usual Big Mac or Whopper for almost the same price!

I loved the Kiwiana Burger (Duncan recommends this one, being a true-blooded Kiwi). I love pineapples and this one’s got a big chunk! And they added a whole sunny side up egg to make this burger one heck of a huge burger!

How can I forget the Anghang Burger?! The spice comes from fresh jalapeños plus Sriracha sauce which makes the brings an Oriental-Mexican taste to the burger.

The burgers are really, really good!!! I’d say these are even better than what you get at Pound, Burger Geek and even 8 Cuts! Again there’s no secret to how these burgers came to be. Of course only the best pure beef patties are served, along with toasted potato buns (you’ll know how good it is compared to regular buns when you try it), really fresh crisp lettuce, premium tomatoes and large onions, and special cheddar cheese. Oh, the magic comes from the Three Guys Special Sauce that these wizards have formulated.

Oh and did I mention that fries are really really good? All burgers are served with large, premium cut fries. Try it with Engkanto beer! These fries are best eaten with beer!

So, what I am exactly trying to say here? I can’t wait to go back and enjoy the sausages. Oh and fhose burgers are all available now so let’s go and get some!

Three Guys and a Grill have branches at The Pantry along Dela Rosa St. in Legaspi Village, Makati, also one at the Mall of Asia, and another one down south at Southwoods Mall in Binan, Laguna.

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Brie K.
4.0 Stars

If you are looking for hamburgers, sausages and a place to drink, then "Three Guys and a Grill" in Poblacion, Makati City is the best place to visit! Conceptualized by Tom Thurnherr, Duncan Gates and Frank Shrope, their goal is simple, "to make good sausages available to people in the way Filipinos especially like to eat it - in a bun with toppings!"

In this Looloo Rendezvoos, they let us have the newest addition to their menu!

"We serve potato buns and a hamburger patty with less fat ratio!" said Daniel while preparing one of the burgers. These burgers are certain to please everyone as they are cheaper but high in quality compared to other burger joints. Here are 5 burgers that is perfect anytime of the day:


This is their basic burger. It has pure beef patty, toasted potato bun, crisp lettuce, onion, tomato, cheddar cheese and their awesome Three Guys Special Sauce. Perfect for someone who wants to enjoy the flavor and juiciness of their store made patty.


Something to spice you up. It has pure beef patty, toasted potato bun, cheddar cheese, Sriracha Mayo, Jalapenos, home made ketchup and Three Guys Special Sauce. You will definitely get that spicy kick and best partnered with a glass of beer!


My favorite! Reminiscent of a burger offered by a fast food chain, this burger is certainly a BETTER OPTION! For that price, you can enjoy pure beef patty on a toasted potato bun with fried egg, grilled onion, slice of grilled pineapple (TOTALLY LOVE IT!), crisp lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, and Three Guys Special Sauce. It was a festival of flavors, from rich flavor of beef to the subtle hint of sweetness from the pineapple. THIS IS A MUST TRY FOR ME!


BACON, yes! Order this if you want to enjoy bacon with their flavorful homemade barbecue sauce! This burger is also served in a toasted potato bun with cheddar cheese, grilled onion and Three Guys Special sauce.


If all the four burgers does not satisfy your appetite, then choose this one. Two pure beef patties served on a toasted potato bun with all the ingredients same as the Tommy Burger. No one dared to eat it without slicing as it was a huge serving! But, if you were able to do so, then you need to share it here!

All these burgers are served with thick-cut french fries that are crisp on the outside yet, soft in the inside. Just ask for additional salt or flavor as I felt a bit bland when it was served. Also, their burgers are definitely enjoyable if you get an local craft beer from Engkanto Brewery. They are offering Lager, which has a subtle and clean taste which you can enjoy for long period yet make your palette refreshed.

Thank you again Roegan T. for the invite!
It was nice meeting you Denise A.
Awesome to do it with you Pat D., Dennis O., Marti M. and Charlzz C.

Sausages, up next!

Jya Mata ne!


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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Another day, Another Looloo Rendezvooz 128526
Happy that I’m finally back after a long hiatus. It’s been a while since I posted a long review and I’m stoked to post a lengthy review after 6 months. Ang dami kong namiss out sa food scene, especially my Looloo Fam. So when I got invited by Roe to attend this one, I didn’t hesitate to say YES. Okay Denise, this is not your diary 128514

We gathered at Three Guys in a Grill Poblacion Branch, a surprising location for me cause I never knew a sausage joint existed at the back of A Venue Mall. I love drinking in Poblacion area and I never went to this part of Pobla! I’d usually crave for burgers after walwal sesh, finally I’ll have a go-to place to satisfy my cravings now!

Duncan Gates, the founder and one of the partners of 3 Guys and a Grill gave us a sneak peek of their burgers which they launched just a few days ago (Sept 8, 2018). They are mainly famous for their sausages so he also gave us a walk through of their best selling products, no wonder they already have 4 branches and expanding very quickly!

The place is small and can accommodate a max of 20 pax seating capacity. I love the vibe inside and the grab and go concept! They have seats facing the street which I think is the best spot in the house - giving you a preview of Manila’s colorful nightlife which is a perfect match to their good burgers & sausages + good beer and good company.

The Spicy American, The Thunder Dog, The Little Bird Dog, The Cheesy Kiwi, The Breakfast Dog, The Posh Dog, The Bird Doc, The Duncan Dog, The Classic American

Top 2:
The Posh Dog
German Pork Bratwurst, Truffle Honey Mustard, Grilled Onions, Organic Cheese
- If you’re confused on which one to order from the list, just order this and it surely won’t disappoint. This is your basic dog but premium in taste, simply good straightforward sausage. I just love how the grilled onions make their sausages so appetizing to eat! Prolly something I’d order too if I’m drunk 🤪 LOL

The Breakfast Dog
2 Pork Grillers, Omelette, Onion Jam, Bbq Sauce
- The crowd favorite! Duncan said he was surprised that almost everyone liked it and it’s not their best seller probably because of the word ‘breakfast’ making customers think it could only be enjoyed as a breakfast meal. All of us agreed that it’s good and hearty and can be enjoyed anytime pf the day! It’s reminds me of Mcdo’s Breakfast Burgers but x 100 better and more premium!

Duncan Recommends
➡️ The Bird Dog
Prolly the most hyped that night! Duncan keep telling us that ze wife loves this and most female customers would order this so I just had to try it! It was good but not love at first try. It’s something you’ll love the longer you have a tasye of it. It’s made of Curry Chicken Sausage topped with Sriracha Mayo which added a sexy flavor to it, I was just turned off by the pickles cause it made the overall taste sour. But I get why it’s good!

If you’re into something oriental in taste, this is the one for you! It’s like a Bahn Mi Dog, hint of herbs + sweet bbq sauce!

The best thing about 3 Guys would be the quality of their sausages which is uncomparable to other sausage joints I’ve tried. A BIG PLUS that 1 order is less than P200 which is so affordable for deli quality dogs! Other Pros:
✔️2 variants of bread you can choose from - Plain White and Wheat for health conscious people
✔️Best paired with beer!
Share it with a tribe add a few beers for positively good vibes
✔️Quality ingredients no preservatives
✔️Crispy on the outside juicy on the inside
✔️Freshly baked buns

127828 BURGERS
Tommy Burger
Pure Beef Patty, Toasted Potato Buns, Crisp Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Cheddar Cheese, Three Guys Special Sauce
- BASIC BURGER FTW! 128069 If you’re a purist and doesn’t want anything on your burger except the usual toppings, this one is for you! Simply delicious!

Double Tommy Burger
Same with Previous ~ Just Double the Pure Beef Patties

11088️Texas Hold Em Burgers
Same with Previous + Bacon and Homemade Bbq Sauce
- My top choice cause BACON! 🥓 The saltiness of the bacon contrasted the sweetness of the bbq perfectly! It’s not crispy though when I ate it.

11088️Kiwiana Burger
Same with the Previous + Grilled Pineapple and Fried Egg
- The star of the night! Everybody keeps saying na may tatalo na sa Jollibee Aloha Burger 128079🏻 YEP That’s right! I hate Pineapples on Pizza so I was hesitant to try it at first but the combination of the perfectly cooked meat plus the juice from the pineaple and egg yolk = FIREWORKS!

Anghang Burger
Same with the Previous + Sriracha Mayo, Jalapenos and Homemade Ketchup

Their burgers will be a total hit fo sho! Lumalaban!!! 128527 I can say I like this a little bit better than 8 Cuts cause it’s less greasy, the buns are high quality and the MEAT is fantastic! The tenderness and fullness of their meat is what made heir burgers stand out!

127839FRIES & BEER127866
You can’t just go here and eat their sausages and fries alone, you have to try their FRIES! It’s so crispy and tasty, reminds me a lot of Wendy’s thick cut potato fries but BETTER. And for the beer, go with ENGKANTO!

Goto Monster Ice Cream Pops P60 Each
Treat yourself an ice cream after all the burger and sausage goodness!

Three guys and a grill is all about us channeling our inner caveman. Bringing neighborhoods together, communities closer and starts friendships across countries and cultures.
This vision really translated to how memorable the night went for us, meeting new friends and reuniting with with fellow foodies.

Happy to finally meet Roe and newly found friends Pat and Brie! 🤗

Ps. Lesson Learned 128557
Always type and save your reviews on your notes first to avoid retyping the whole thing again. Di parin ako natuto for the Nth time 🤪

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Charlzz C.
5.0 Stars

The concept of this hotdog/sausage joint is simple ,its fast casual and unpretentious like grab and go type like the most westerners do in their own turf.Without much any major expectations as in this country sausages and dogs are always considered as snacks and not as a meal which is the opposite image when your on the other side of the hemisphere.

Duncan ,the part owner of Three Guys and a Grill ,walked us through the different concoctions of sandwiches and introduced the new products that they will unveil this weekend,Sept.8.

First the Sausages ,all are natural and locally sourced,no preservatives,two variants of freshly baked breads which are the white baguette style and for the calorie conscious people, the wheat.

Sausage Sandwiches:

🌭The Breakfast Dog pork sausage , omelette,onion jam and BBQ sauce.The star here will be the onion jam with that sweet taste that came from the caramelized juices of the onions.The inclusion of the omelette made it more hearty. Perfect all day meal and not only for breakfast.

🌭The Posh Dog - German bratwurst,truffle,honey mustard,grilled onions and organic cheese.
Their bestseller ,that aroma of the truffle ,touched of tangy ,sweet flavors with that savory element of the cheese made this item fit for a Prime Minister.

🌭The Swiss Army Dog- traditional pork schueblig,ketchup ,sliced pickles,and grilled onions.As I'm a fan of pork sausages this very good nice smoky flavor with notes of different spices infused to the sausage.Pickles and onions added a bit of twist without overwhelming the simplicity of the sandwich.

🌭🌭The Thunder Dog- German Pork Bratwurst, sliced pickles , guava mustard, sauerkraut.This is my favorite of among the dogs.Grilled pork sausage with that lovely crisp and snappy sausage skin ,the firmness to the bite made it more delightful.Saurkraut combined with that vertically sliced pickles packed a punch.

🌭🌭The Bird Dog- Curry chicken sausage, Sriracha mayo,ketchup,grilled onions,sliced pickles.That curry sausage is very good,the Sriracha mayo added vivid flavors partnered with some nice textures that came from the pickles,bread and grilled onions.

The new items which are the burgers.127828

127828Kiwiana Burger- pure beef patty, potato bun, crisp lettuce, cheddar cheese,tomato,grilled onion ,grilled pineapple, fried egg ,signature sauce.An epitome of Pacific meets Atlantic in a wonderful burger sandwich.

127828127828The Tommy Burger pure beef patty, potato bun, crisp lettuce, cheddar,tomato, grilled onions and signature sauce.This is their take to the classic ,one of my favorites as I am a purist when it comes to food versions and variants .Simple yet spot on.

127828127828Anghang Burger pure beef patty, potato bun, crisp lettuce, cheddar,tomato, grilled onions and signature sauce, Sriracha mayo and chopped jalapenos.The name speaks for itself its spicy yet not painful on the belly which is a very good sign .The heat provided by the jalapenos were on the mark not to wicked on the tastebuds but added charm and zing to the burger.

127828Texas Hold Em Burger- pure beef patty, potato bun, crisp lettuce, cheddar,tomato, grilled onions,BBQ sauce and signature sauce.If you love those bbq taste this one's for you.

127828 Double Tommy Burger double pure beef patties, potato bun, crisp lettuce, cheddar,tomato, grilled onions and signature sauce.For the big appetite,double the goodness and double the fun.

I liked how they cooked the burgers ,its not flat,not dull and juicy.

All sandwiches and meals can be paired with their crunchy multi colored sweet potato chips or their very good and thick fries.

As for the total experience I really liked it ,on how you can eat your dogs and drinking your preferred beverages standing ,very western like vibe.And in a few weeks time this joint will have a face lift I just hope that they won't remove that element.

Three Guys and a Grill probably the best dog in the region without dragging your budget down.With the quality and the price they will make the foreign brands have a run for their money.

Thanks to looloo , Roegan T.Three Guys and a Grill for the food and invite .Marti M Pat D Brie K Dennis O and Denise A for another fun filled looloo night.


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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Three Guy and a Grill is known for serving one the best dogs buns in the metro. In this looloorendezvoos they are introducing their latest addition to their menu. The burger!!! So we head to their Poblacion branch. This place is located just around A venue. This place is a bit small. More of a grab and go kind of place but as per the owner Duncan. They are planning to rearrange the store to have more space for dine-in.

For the burger, it was legit good! So far one of the best burger I have in awhile. Here are the five burger that they are going to have in their menu.

>Tommy Burger (190PHP) - the classic cheese burger. Yummy pure beef patty, TLC (tomato, lettuce, cheese), onion and their special sauce. Sandwiched with a perfect toasted potato bun. Love that with this burger you can taste how good the beef patty. Juicy meat combined with that nice cheddar and add some crunch from the veggies. Love it!

>Double Tommy Burger (280PHP) - a double patty version of the first one. More meatier and more juicier. This is my pick if ever I'll get the Tommy Burger.

>Anghang Burger (190) - this is my fave. Got that spicy punch from the jalapeno and sriracha mayo. Love that spiciness combined with the beef patty. Love also that the spiciness doesn't stick in your tongue. Spicy lover this is a sure winner for you too.

>Kiwiana Burger (230PHP) - Aloha? Yup this one is 5X better version of JFC Aloha for me. Grilled pineapple with fried egg. Ooh this is good! This one is for the foodie who loves a bit of sweetness in their burger. This is good but I still want the 1st three burger since the pineapple overpower a bit the juiciness of the beef patty.

>Texas Hold Em Burger (230PHP) - this one got the Bacon, BBQ Sauce. I love the BBQ sauce that they use it blends perfectly with the beef patty and bacon is just love.

For their dogs I highly recommend the Breakfast Dog (180PHP). So good sausage, omelette, onion jam and bbq sauce. Another one that I enjoyed is the Bird Dog. Made from curry chicken sausage with a spicy hit from the sriracha mayo. Love it. Lastly if you love macau burger, they have Macau pork chop buns. This will remind you of that yummy macau burger. So good!

Overall their burger are the real deal and the made a great decision in using potato bun for their burger. Burger are so much better with potato bun. Their beef patty is the key to all this burger. Super good! Now I have a choice burger or sausage when I visit them and I know that both of them are a sure winner. :)

Thanks Roegan T. for this fun event. Fun times Denise A. Marti M. Charlzz C. Pat D. Brie K. :)

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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

Happy Friday everyone!

I realized today that you don't have to pay a lot to get good food. Sometimes you just need to find the right restaurant in the corner that serves the best hotdogs and burgers in town.

That's right... Three guys and a grill are now serving burgers! 127881127828🤗

What's different about their burgers?
- It has less fat ratio
- They use potato buns

Thanks to Looloo Roegan T , we were able to have a sneak peek and were one of the first few people to try their awesome burgers. I'll make a separate review on their hotdogs. 🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭. But I highly recommend their breakfast dog!

The 5 burgers 127828 1108811088110881108811088

1️⃣ Kiwiana burger
✅ May lalaban na sa Amazing Aloha ng Jollibee! This is my fave out of all the 5 burgers. I love everything, how all the ingredients blends well together.
128261pure beef patty, toasted potato bun, crisp lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, grilld onions, GRILLED PINEAPPLE, fried egg plus the 3 guys special sauce
2️⃣ Tommy burger
✅ Simple yet soooo good. You'll be able to appreciate the flavor of the beef patty.
128261pure beef patty, toasted potato bun, crisp lettuce, onion, tomato, cheddar cheese plus the 3 guys special sauce
3️⃣ Texas Hold Em burger
✅ Shout out to all bacon lovers
128261pure beef patty, toasted potato bun, tomato, BACON, cheddar cheese, grilled onion, homemade BBQ sauce plus the 3 guys special sauce
4️⃣ Anghang burger
✅ why not add some spice to your life 128293
128261pure beef patty, toasted potato bun, cheddar cheese, sriracha mayo, JALAPENOS, homemade ketchup plus the 3 guys special sauce
5️⃣ Double Tommy burger
✅ why buy one patty if you can have two
128261TWO pure beef patties, toasted potato bun, crisp lettuce, onion, tomato, cheddar cheese plus the 3 guys special sauce

You'll also love their fries. I learned something interesting... to get that crisp it should be cut "natural/normal cut". These fries are actually better because you are actually getting more potatoes. The shoestring fries actually weighs less so you get less potatoes haha. Happy Fry-day!

They also have ice cream pops from goto monster. For P60, try out their unique flavors like nagaraya coffee, bibingka special, choco mallow, mango sticky rice and many more

Price 1108811088110881108811088
➡️Quality burgers at an affordable price.

Service & Ambience 11088110881108811088
➡️ Their concept is called "fast casual". You order, wait for your order then go.
➡️ The place is a bit small/tight and not enough seating but the owner said they plan to renovate the place to provide more seats and to accomodate customers. Excited to see the renovated place- a good place to hang out with friends.
➡️ The servers, chef Daniel and Duncan were really nice, cool and made our dining experience so fun!

Thank you again for the invite Roegan T. Nice to see you guys again Charlzz C Marti M Dennis O Brie K

Special shout out to a new found friend Denise A

Visit Three Guys and a grill to try these burgers! Tell me which one is your favorite 10084

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Their breads are freshly baked on site and you'll be able to appreciate the importance of having good bread with the sausages cause it completes the whole package. When you go to other places or restaurants the bread is usually the one that is forgotten and it diminishes the experience. They also source all their ingredients locally to also help the Philippine trade and to get the best and freshest ingredients in the market.

They plan to release different variations each month to keep their customers excited on what they can offer. Here are some of the hotdogs were got to try:

This month's special offering:
The Wiener (Php 150)
Smoked wiener, ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut. New dish for this month. It's lite and perfect snack on the go!

The Thunder Dog (Php 180)
German pork bratwurst, sliced pickles, guava mustard and sauerkraut

The Duncan Dog (Php 150)
2 pork grillers with homemade tomato sauce, guava mustard, and grilled onions

The Posh Dog (Php 250)
German pork bratwurst, truffle honey mustard, grilled onions and organic cheese

I liked the last three cause the sausages were bigger mas nakaka-busog

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