Tiger's Grill Steak House

Sumakwel St., Angeles, Pampanga

Tiger's Grill Steak House
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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

My friend Mama Cheng took us in another dining adventure in Pampanga... Even their villages have modest yet delicious dining destinations to uphold the Pampangeno Cooking Legacy..... one of which is Tiger Grill 12852210084️ There are Hawi Boys outside the joint to make sure you have parking 128077🏻

I've heard that the resto came about from a Mariner who set up his own restaurant, no wonder the food presentation is truly commendable, like being in a cruise dinner :) and matched with a pocket friendly price!

So for starters we got pumpkin soup and salad which was hearty and fresh 128522.... Followed by their famed Porterhouse Steak and Ribs.....and then the Apple Crumble & Brownie ala mode....

I was simply delighted by the presentation, as for the food they were all good 12852210084128077🏻 you would really get your money's worth128522

Ahhh another night of yum yum yum 12852210084

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Anna C.
2.0 Stars

The first time I tasted The Apple Crumble from Tiger's Grill, (about 6 years ago) it was really good - no wonder it is one of their best-sellers. A few nights ago, I get to order it again but their famous dessert was not as good as it used to. Case in point, the 'crumble' part was undercooked that you can almost taste raw flour; it is always way thicker than the apple filling part so you end up eating more raw crumble. I was hoping that the vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sticks will save the dish but I ended up scooping out the apple filling and mixing it with the ice cream instead. This could be a good dessert if done better.

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