Tikka Tikka Shawarma Burrito

The Yard Underground Pasig, 207 Christian Route cor. Hillcrest Circle, Pasig, Metro Manila

Tikka Tikka Shawarma Burrito
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

When we went to this new talk of the town (of Pasig which where I live), The Yard Underground, the parking was quite a chore and it was after dinner time on a Tuesday. It was a sign that Food Parks are indeed the new thing on the food scene. This works not only because of the variety it offers or its lower price range, it’s more of the new concepts you’ll get to try.

Tikka Tikka is new and their idea combined Mexican burrito (actually originated in California) and Indian cuisine. The rich seasoning of Tikka with its range of spices is infused on either a typical burrito or an opened one. The creator is part of Shangri-La’s Heat restaurant.

I got to try their Beef Tikka Open Burrito. This is an ideal offering for first timers, especially if unfamiliar with Mexican. You have it like a rice topping without necessarily comprising the flavors of the dish.

I also had bites of their Chicken Tikka Burrito. I suggested to the owners that the starch of this overwhelms, so meat has to have a bolder taste. And instead of cheese maybe a curry infusion or an alternative can make it even more interesting.

Note that Indian cuisine is spicy by default and since Filipinos are relatively not a fan of hot dishes, the creators adjusted it to our taste buds.

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
3.0 Stars

After checking out the different food booths, I beelined for Tikka Tikka. I liked the colorful stall and the name was quite catchy.

I figured a rice dish would be easier to share compared to their best seller burrito so I opted for the Beef Tikka Rice with Strawberry Juice. It didn't look appetizing. Flavors were ok but not outstanding. Some pieces were soft but some were too hard to chew. The Strawberry Juice was real sweet and reminded us of Kool Aid from our younger years.

Music was blaring in the food park and it was hard to converse. I had to really talk loudly and even asked the server to repeat what she said several times. She didn't bat an eyelash and still smiled.

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