Tilde Handcraft Cafe

G/F EW Connection Bldg., 5417 Matilde St. cor. Gen. Luna St., Makati, Metro Manila

Tilde Handcraft Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Tilde Handcraft Cafe

Must try: Lychee Cheesecake.

You're welcome. 128518

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Myzyl C.
4.0 Stars

Tilde is one of your hole-in-the-wall coffee places with homey interiors. They have these fancy, colorful chairs but I wasn't able to get a decent photo.

I ordered a cold brew 9749 and it was okay. On the other hand, one of my friends ordered a handcrafted strawberry soda and didn't quite like it.

I also bought a jar of malted cashew cookie and it didn't disappoint. Even my parents (who hates sweets) loved it. 127850

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

3rd stop of our Poblacion Foodcrawl -- Tilde. Our winners had coffee and cake while me, I decided to try the CHICKEN SANDWICH. It was just okay, the chicken filling was cold and had way too much mayonnaise. 128563128563 I'll try the sourdough bread next time and the Apple Pie. 128513

Also, since we're still waiting for Holy Smokes to open, we tried the other types of cake and cookies available:

- Turtle Pie: so good! I cannot! 128525128525128525
- EVOO cake: I didn't know they used to sell this cake in Yardstick kaya pala familiar. This is also good, not your usual cake. It may look simple and too plain but this one's refreshing and light to eat.
- Lychee cheesecake: not really a fan but Lychee lovers will surely like this one because you can really taste lychee in every bite.
- Cookies: they have salabat and champorado. Both are interestingly good but our favorite was the Cashew something. Sarap!!! 10084

We also pre-ordered their "BESTSELLER" which is the CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE for Noche Buena. I was kind of expecting a lot since the Turtle Pie was really good (like really good) but sadly, the chocolate cake wasn't that great. It was good, not too sweet which is perfect for someone who like me, doesn't like sweets! But it was not moist and there was nothing extraordinary. I guess we were all just expecting more since it's pricey for almost 1300 for a whole chocolate cake. 128563 Considering the price, I don't think it's worth it. Nasermonan pa ko ng pamilya ko, ang mahal daw! Haha ayun, next time I'll just get the uber yummy chocolate cake from Cielin's. 1285189996🏼

Ony also pre-ordered TURTLE PIE for Noche Buena because he loved it too. But again.. his family, not so. Haha kami lang may gusto! 128517128513 But I swear, this one's really good. 128521128077🏼

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

A few decades back one would not scout the busy streets of Poblacion for food.  Expats usually hang here due to the sheer number of bars in the area.  This is Makati's answer to Olongapo. 

Fast forward to today,  only a selected few is privy to the metamorphosis of Poblacion.  A couple of years back,  small business owners started to set up shop here.  I ain't sure if the ones in Felipe Street started it all but whoever the instigator is...I am eternally grateful.   Poblacion is now known for a place where to get good food.

Unlike the popular foodie destinations,  wherein a long stretch of restaurants can be found in one street,  Poblacion is a place meant to be explored by foot.  Think of it as a maze where in one would have to explore every nook and corner to get to the pot of gold.  Similar to the old adage,  good things are hard to find.

One of the reasons why i fell in love with Poblacion is it's colorful history and it's rebirth.  Food and history makes a good combination. 

One of Poblacion's hidden gems is Tilde Café.  

| Chili Con Latte.   Hot coffee warm milk dollop of vanilla ice cream with a sprinkle of chocolate and chili.   Two of my favourite things fused together -  coffee and chili!  Yay!  Who would've thought that coffee would taste 10x awesome with a lil heat?!!  The coffee is smooth,  perfect proportions of coffee and milk.  The chili.... Uhmmm,  i can't really explain but it eorks well and it's delicious.

| Lychee Cheesecake.  I have never heard of lychee infused cheesecake till now.  This tastes like the actual fruit!  Man,  i loved every bite.  I like the fact that it is not too sweet and the crust is not too thick.  The cheesecake filing is smooth with some lychee bits.  I think that lychee is not fir everyone but a gamble wouldn't hurt,  believe me,  this is worth it. 

Oh,  expect more reviews as i went back multiple times.  I'll be reviewing their Lime Cheesecake,  Orange and EVO Cake,  Turtle Pie and the Malted Cashew Cookies.  Yes, I like Tilde a lot.

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Carlo R.
5.0 Stars

This restaurant/cafe replaced Dutch Bread Hauz.

They have a very interesting menu.

Items on their menu changes almost every week!

I tried their sisig pasta twice and it's really good.

Price is a bit steep. The sisig pasta cost 380 pesos but the serving is big enough for two (depends on the person).

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