Tinakayanan Falls

Labrador, Pangasinan

Tinakayanan Falls
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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

Looking for an adventure when In Pangasinan? 127946 I got one for you folks128588

Somewhere in Labrador,Pangasinan hides a very inviting attraction named " Tinakayanan Falls, a crystal clear water that runs down from the mountain. Aside from Bolinao Falls which is very popular in the area, Tinakayanan Falls is also a must try when in Pangasinan.

Some folks here don't know this place. Thanked God we have a friend who lives in Pangasinan, he accompanied us on our journey to get here.

To get here, we need to trek about an hour from the jump off near Socony in Bugallon,Pangasinan. The trail leads us to the falls. When I saw the place, I was amazed. It reminds me of the famous Batya Batya Falls in Laguna, the only difference is its water, it's crystal clear!!127946. The gushing sound of water is very refreshing perfect for those who love to relax and commune with nature. If you want to include this on your bucket list, make sure you bring waterproof dry bag. Always pick up your trash!! Also, do the "Pawikan Moves"128077128077128077

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Pangasinan, known as the "place of salt-making", is also famous for its tourist attractions such as the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Bolinao Falls, and the freakin' awesome white-sand beaches in Dasol.

But one of the finest attractions is hidden in one of the most unlikely towns that tourists would consider, Labrador. 128588

About 30 minutes away (by car) from Lingayen, Pangasinan, my dad, tito, and tita biked all the way from the capital to Labrador.

The bike ride took over an hour because of our slow pace. But it took us over 2 hours to find Tinakayanan Falls because we got lost looking for it. We went over different hills and crossed different rivers but ended up going back because we made the wrong turn. 128517

Luckily, we met a local who's also pretty active with mountain biking. He gave us directions and we eventually found the trail leading to the falls! 128113🏼

90% of the trail is rideable by bike. But when you get to the entrance of the trail that leads down to the falls, you'll have to leave your bikes to Mang Paeng. 128104🏽128054

Not sure if he's a caretaker of the area. But he and his dogs will make sure that nothing will happen to your Php100K+ bikes. :) 128693🏼

From there, it'd be a 5-min. hike going to the falls.

I actually haven't eaten breakfast that morning. But when I saw the purified drinking water-like water of Tinakayanan Falls, I forgot that I was hungry. I just marvelled at the beauty of the place. The nice sound of water flowing, birds chirping, and hearing the thunderous roar of Tinakayanan Falls were enough for breakfast. 9728️

The water was really clear! The river jacks (stones) were very visible -- which made me think of twice of removing my shoes because stepping on stones is not an awesome feeling. 128584

20% of the pond-like area of the falls is about waist to neck level. But as you get closer to the catch-basin, water's about 10 to 15 ft. deep. 128128

Getting up close to the waterfalls requires climbing a hill that has sharp rocks. I'd recommend wearing hiking sandals so that you can use it both on land and water. The river jacks can be very painful especially when stepped on barefoot. 128586

The ride home took another 2 hours. But when we got home and told my other titos, titas, and cousins about the waterfalls. They didn't even know that it exists! 128561

Very surprising that locals don't even know about it. How can you not know one of the best waterfalls in Pangasinan? In my opinion, it's definitely one of the best waterfalls in Ilocos Region because of its raw beauty.

The place can be considered as uncharted since not a lot of people were here when we went (Saturday morning). But it's still kind of sad to see other people leaving their trash behind.

Always remember to leave nothing but footprints. 128099


☑️ Bring hiking sandals.

☑️ Bring lots of water. If you're going to ride your bike going here, 3L is enough.

☑️ No solid ground or soil to sit on. Choose your boulder/rock wisely. 128513

☑️ The trail going to the falls consists of small to medium sized rocks. Some parts even have uneven soil, which will make any cyclist think twice about climbing it all the way.

☑️ No bathrooms. Go find a wide tree if you plan on changing clothes.

☑️ Bring food. No nearby stores.

☑️ Bring a waterproof camera. It sucks that I didn't get the chance shoot a video underwater. The catch-basin is pretty deep and I didn't want to get sucked in by the strong current of the waterfalls.

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