Tinuy-an Falls

Bislig, Surigao del Sur

Tinuy-an Falls
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Foodcrawl P.
4.0 Stars

There are no direct flights to Surigao but you can book via Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines to Butuan (BXU).

Tinuy-An Falls is approximately 190km away from Butuan City (Bancasi Airport), approximately 4-hour land travel via Agusan-Davao Hi-way. We preferred to rent a private vehicle. Public vans outside the airport can be a good option for backpack travelers.

Our day tour itinerary:
6:00-10:00 Travel from Butuan to Tinuy-an falls in Bislig
12:00 Lunch at Bislig
13:00-14:30 Bislig to Enchanted River in Hinatuan
17:00 Travel back to Butuan

Journey to the falls requires tough rough roads. The long drive is all worth it once you hear the cascading sound of waterfalls and see the majestic view of the falls. It was coined as the Niagara Falls of the Country but Tinuy-an Fall exhibits a unique beauty of its own. There is is walk through ladder that leads to the swimming area. This activity might not be advisable for little kids.

There are cottages available for rent for Php150 and entrance fee of Php20. Parking fee is priced at Php50.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Another stopover in our Siargao trip was Tinuy-an falls. This was our stop after the Enchanted River. Travel time from Enchanted river to Tinuy-an took an hour but time flies when you are enjoying. We didn't noticed that it took that long with all the jokes each member hit. Hahaha.

This wonderful falls is a different kind of falls compared to the falls that I've been to. This one is known to tourist as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. The strong water and multi-layered falls gave it such a beauty. Four layer of falls in total. This is also touted as the widest waterfalls in the Philippines. Stretching 95 meters wide. Gazing at this gigantic beauty with its white curtain like water was just amazing!128525

Things to do here aside from pictorial128247 and swimming127946. You can rent a raft 128675 to go underneath the strong waterfalls. We didn't get to do this since some of my friend are scared of falling. What we did was trek the falls to the upper layer and enjoyed the massage by the strong water falls. This area was also less crowded so you'll get to enjoy it more. Just sit back and relax under the relaxing massage of water with a backdrop music nature of waterfall. We didn't get to catch the rainbow 127752 effect that the local told us. They told us a rainbow appear in the appear at around 9am morning. So take note of it if your planning to drop by.

Overall I love this breathtaking nature wonder. There is more to Philippines so pack those bag and start traveling our wonderful nature gifted country. 128525

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Milags M.
5.0 Stars

Nagpunta kami ng mga kaibigan ko dito. Hindi ako masyadong excited nung papunta kami dahil mas kabado ako sa pagsakay namin ng habal-habal, walang side mirrors yung motor na sinakyan namin!

Pero lahat ng takot ko napawi nung nakita ko kung gaano kaganda ang lugar na ito. Ito ay tinatawag na "Niagara Falls" ng Pilipinas, hindi man kasing laki pero pwede na itapat doon. Sumakay rin kami ng balsa para mas matignan ng malapitan ang falls.

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Mico C.
5.0 Stars

When I booked a flight to Butuan a few months back, the only tourist attraction I had in mind was the Hinatuan Enchanted River which everyone, during that time, was raving about. Once I got to Butuan, I luckily bumped into one of my high school batch mates and he offered to bring me around. My original plan was to research on how to commute to the enchanted river once I get to Butuan (the trip was a spur of the moment thing, in a way). If you want a more detailed narrative of how I arrived at booking a flight to Butuan and how I bumped into my high school batch mate, simply peek at my review of the Britania Group of Islands a few posts back (I know it’s a bit of a stretch, you may opt not to read it).

Every time I mentioned the enchanted river to my friend, he would always give me a chuckle or a sliver of a smile and say, “ah yes, the enchanted river.” He wouldn’t push it further up the pedestal I was already placing it on. The absence of enthusiasm from his end showed. He would then add that after he brings me to the enchanted river, we needed to go to the Tinuy-an falls. So that was exactly what we did. We were a bit tight with our timeline and so we arrived at the falls establishment with no sunlight to guide us anymore. On top of that we were ushered into the path to the falls area with a heavy downpour. We got off our car and went straight to the front desk of the place where we can stay for the night.

The conversation went like this (in bisaya):

High School Batch Mate (HSBM): Boss, we would like to book one of your rooms for the night.

Front Desk Person (FDP): We do not have any rooms left. They are all occupied. (I think they had two rooms.)

Me: *oh no! We had a long ride through a stretch of road with no sign of other establishments present. Where will we sleep for the night?! Wait, I don’t mind sleeping in the car though. Mhmmm, I don’t want to drive out at night anymore.*

HSBM: Anywhere else we can stay?

FDP: You can get an open cottage.

HSBM: You good with that?

Me: Yup! Better than a room!

As we were making our way to our nipa hut, I saw the falls. Even with limited lighting, it was majestic. I was in awe. I literally stopped in my tracks and wondered at the beautiful showcase of nature placed in front of me. I didn’t even bother taking out my camera immediately because I knew I couldn’t do justice to what I was seeing. It was suddenly very clear to me why my friend was more enthusiastic in bringing me here. A few moments later, our guide prodded us to settle down first in our huts. We chose our hut, we had no constraints on which unoccupied hut we could use. We chose the one with the strongest light and with the best location near the falls. Everything about the falls was mesmerizing. I remember just staring at it from my “bed” in our kubo.

So we slept in a small nipa hut near the falls. Before setting up for bed which was basically a bench for both of us, we had to buy food for dinner. Just beside the parking lot of the establishment are several sari-sari stores which sell snacks, drinks, and fish which they can cook. So we ordered one whole fish to be delivered to our kubo (Mabakat Beach Kubo). We also bought drinks and some snacks to last during our conversations which will close our night. The drinks they gave us were not cold, so we tied them to tightly to rocks along the stream to make them a bit colder. A few minutes after, we returned and got our drinks. Our plan actually worked: thanks natural refrigerator.

After a few bottles and some long discussions, we decided to call it a night. We slowly drifted into slumber with the lullaby of the powerful falls’ soothing sound in the background. I think it was a blessing in disguise that there were no available rooms. Just a tip though: make sure you have pants or long sleeve shirts or anything which can prevent bug bites since I experienced a few bites throughout the night. It’s not the most comfortable place to sleep in, but it was just right for me. Also, their wash rooms are not the cleanest ones but at least they’re available. Nevertheless, they had the basic necessities covered.

The next day we woke up and went up to the second level of the falls with a guide. We just sat on one of the rocks there while the water flowed down and hit our backs. It was a very pleasant massage. We spent a few minutes just sitting there enjoying the view while nature did its thing in giving us a unique massage. Be careful though going up and down the second level as the path could be slippery. I believe they won’t let you go up without a guide so at least they have some safety precautions set-up already. After we were satisfied with our massages and pictures, we proceeded down to the base of the falls. There is an option to ride a small raft to the bottom of the huge falls for 100 or 150 Php (my apologies, I forgot the exact amount). Since I felt that there was a small chance I’d be back there anytime soon, I decided to pay the fee to be brought there. The initial impact of the water on your back might give you a bit of a shock. It stung a bit but you’ll quickly get used to it. Water was very cold as well since we were there early morning. I brought my camera with me to the falls, of course majority of the pictures were blurred by the water. It is not a rare sight to see a rainbow near or above the falls because… science. After the raft ride, we went back to our hut to pack up and go.

You can explore the immediate vicinity of the falls. There are a lot of different angles from which you can take a picture of the falls. On the opposite side of the river, there’s a small playground and several other huts. On our way out, there was a small sign which explained why it was called Tinuy-An falls.

I cannot stress how much I marveled at this place. As I’ve repeatedly done in this trip, I told myself, “Napakaganda talaga ng Pilipinas.” I hope people get to see these attractions. So in times when I encounter hardships, I sometimes just go back to experiences such as seeing the Tinuy-an falls. “Tuwing nahihirapan ka na sa opisina o sa buhay, alalahanin mo na lang na may ganitong mga lugar na constant at laging nariyan.”

That’s it for now. Take care everyone! Stay mahusay!

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Bianca F.
5.0 Stars

I would go back to Bislig just to see this beauty again. 10084

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

First stop, Tinuy-an falls. From Davao, it is a 4-5hours travel. My friends and I rented a van for this tour which costs php7k. We were only four but the van used is a 9-seater. Therefore, more space for the four of us. Kanya kanyang pwesto, Talo talo na. Haha it was a very comfy ride. We left Davao at 3:30am and reached Tinuy-an falls around 8am. We paid 50php each for the entrance, 20php for the parking and 200php for the table with tent. We bought food outside which will be delivered to our table. 70php for half kilo of rice and 350php for a whole big tuna. While waiting for our food we took the chance to photograph the beautiful falls. It is dubbed as the "Niagara falls" and is the widest falls in the Philippines. The main falls as per the local is 55ft. We were really strucked by its beauty. We rented a balsa for php150. We were accompanied by 2 guides who will pull the balsa to get us near the falls. The water is super cold. We enjoyed staying right below the falls, we had a back massage for free. Haha And may rainbow.. first time to see a rainbow ng malapitan. we stayed their for several minutes, the kuya guide NepNep, took our photos, he's nice and cheerful. He always insist to take a photo of us 1 by 1 and in group.
Then he took us to the upper level of the falls. The trail is well maintained, 1 thing i didnt like is that the steps are big! Mej maliit biyas ko for that. Haha Nepnep encouraged us to take a photo on top of the 55ft falls, one of my friend and I accepted the challenge. like 2 feet away lang ako dun sa babagsakan ng water. I cannot believe na nagawa ko sya. As in kitang kita ko lahat. It was breathtaking. Sobrang ganda ng view. Hahaha I really enjoyed our stay here. It was very memorable. Napatunayan ko na na I'm not afraid of heights. One wrong move and madadala ako ng water. And take note the current is strong.
Take time to go here when in Surigao del sur. Di kayo magsisisi. 10084

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Kathleen T.
5.0 Stars

One of Surigao del Sur's famous spots, Tinuy-an Falls. The locals call it as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines, and no doubt, it kind of is! Go here during October to January and you'll witness a great current of water flowing through the falls, go here by summer, too, and you'll witness strands of water also in a beautiful way.

The falls has four layers and this one in the picture is the most picturesque of them all, you can even rent a bamboo raft or balsa where a guide will take you near the current. Don't just look at the falls when coming here, try the bamboo raft and you'll experience a natural shower.

This place also offers lodging services like what the local volunteers/caretakers told me. You can climb the highest layer but a guide is mandatory if you're gonna do this. Explore Surigao and experience its magnificent natural wonders it has to offer!

ONE MORE THING: If you're going here, contact Kuya Dondon, he's a really experienced and super nice, accommodating and a reliable guide and habal habal driver. He'll bring you to many places and he'a highly recommended!! KUYA DONDON: 09083825809

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Katrina V.
3.0 Stars

Went here in the morning, so the place was not crowded yet. Took that chance to take as many photos as we can without any photobomber in the background.128516 When we all got the pictures we wanted, we thought of trying the balsa and take a shower under the falls. However, it will cost us 150 each which we find a bit expensive. We were deciding whether we try the balsa or not when it started to drizzle. Suddenly we dreaded the cold water, so we backed out!haha.128514 While waiting for the rain to stopped, we did our usual chitchat and all was going smoothly until the habal-habal driver that we hired told us that they cannot take us back to the hotel anymore.

The night before, we made a deal with a habal-habal driver named Jimmy who will take us to the falls from the hotel for 600 back and forth per habal-habal. We're 5 in the group, so we got 2 habal-habal. We thought it was a good deal but we were wrong! Apparently, there are accredited habal-habal stationed in the falls and you can only ride with them for your trip back to the hotel or to the main road that leads to the city proper. Our driver told us then that we have to get another habal-habal there and we would have to pay an additonal of 100 per pax. We were also told that this is a policy that all tourists should follow.

At this point I got upset because this driver did not informed us ahead about this. If we knew that he can only drop us off there, we wouldn't have agreed to pay him for a roundtrip ride. Worst, he denied not knowing about the policy when it has been practice for a long time already. It was so obvious that he deceived us.128545 Anyway, we ended up just paying him and his friend 500 each (and I think we're still generous enough to give them that) and we rode another habal-habal going back to the hotel. Then we found out that if we didn't hire, we only have to pay 100 each for one-way. That would have save us the 500 bucks. Oh well, another travel lesson learned!128517

If you plan to visit this falls and you don't have your own car, better commute and take the accredited habal-habal. While there, try the balsa for fun! It was just unfortunate that we're going through the El Nino phenomenon, so there's not much water flowing from the top just like how it used to. Still the sight was refreshing!128521

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

The Butuan escapade started with Tinuy-An Falls. From Bancasi airport, we rode a van for a 4-hour trip to Bislig. A bit worn out and dusty, it made me think if the vehicle will reach our destination without mechanical failure. Fine I said. At least I get to occupy the passenger's seat. A bit of comfort will not hurt.

Ten minutes has passed when one of my sups noticed something. One of side mirrors is missing! And yes, it's the side where I'm seated.128557 #Horrors

Manong's driving skills during the ride has become increasingly worrisome too. Wagas mag-patakbo. Curve lines at 65 kph and we got through checkpoints like our vehicle is malleable. Hanep! Van pa lang adventure na.128514

Thankfully, we arrived safely in Bislig. There were two guys waiting for us at the hotel. We rented two scooters to Tinuy-An Falls.

The road to the waterfall was not easy. Forty five minutes of rough locomotion. Bouncing baby boy ang peg ko the whole trip. Tons of hurling white dusts welcomed our group. Good thing we have sunglasses and facial masks ready (thanks Cai D for the tip!).

Half way through the trip the sky turned dark! Lightning strikes from a distance with thunders. And then the inevitable happened. It's raining cats and dogs! Pati yata mga bisiro sumama! 128514128514128514 It felt like any moment now I will need to channel Helen Hunt from the Twister movie.974897291278111281669889

We reached Tinuy-an Falls in the afternoon unscathed. Probably around 3PM. It's a sight to behold... if it wasn't raining. Wide, multi-level layered stones. It has a natural pool, the water is clear and warm in spite of the heavy rain. I noticed that the amount of water is not as much as before. Picture dito, picture dun. After more than two hours we decided to go back to our hotel.

The original plan was to check Tinuy-an again on the following day but after a careful thought in the evening we opted to head straight to Enchanted River instead.

The experience is worth three stars but factoring the enthusiasm of the locals? I'm dropping 4 stars to you Tinuy-An.

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Jaypee D.
5.0 Stars

A popular tourist destination in Surigao del Sur lies at the town of Bislig. Tinuy-an Falls, known as the "Niagara Falls" of the Philippines, is a 4-level white water curtain about 55 meters high. It holds the record as the widest waterfalls in the Philippines.

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Gj A.
5.0 Stars


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Jonas R.
5.0 Stars

In this angle of snapshot, we can see how great the second tier of Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, Surigao del Sur is versus humans. This three-tier waterfalls is my most favorite so far. Some dubbed it as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines.

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Lea A.
4.0 Stars

Last stop of our Surigao del Sur trip. This falls have three layers but we only went till the 2nd floor. Di na kaya ng powers ko! Going up we noticed part of the steel railings/stairs were damaged. This was caused by typhoon Pablo, told our guide. Those are the only evidence from the catastrophe, everything else have been rehabilitated.

We spent most of our time on the 2nd floor. We looked for a nice spot were we can sit & just let the running water massage our back. Sarap!

We rented a balsa to go to the middle part of the main falls. We even saw a rainbow! Yahoo! But it was way too cold on this part & the water hurts! Kaya lumayo kami ng onti.

Entrance fee is P50 & another P50 to rent a balsa. Our guides didn't quote us any price, we gave them P100, I think. They were nice and game in taking our pictures. Kahit di pa kami ready, shot lang ng shot! Buti na lang digital na, pano kung film pa rin!? Hahahaha!

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