Tips 'N Toes

San Antonio Plaza, McKinley Rd., Forbes Park, Makati, Metro Manila

Tips 'N Toes
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Lesley Ardelle V.
4.0 Stars

Fell asleep on their massive chairs while getting my nails manicured and pedicured last weekend. I guess that means either a. Their chairs are really comfy and the place's ambiance is relaxing or b. I'm seriously tired. Haha!

Wasn't really planning on coming here. I missed a turn (thanks to Waze! Grrrr) so I wasn't able to go to The Nail Lounge as planned. Didn't want to backtrack so I decided to try my luck in the places I will be passing by on my way home. Lucky I came across this place on |ooloo!

There were 4 customers (excluding me) all-in-all when I woke up from my nap (there are 6 available chairs), and I was the only Filipina. I guess expats frequent this place, because of the proximity to their residences. Cost-wise, it's a bit more expensive than Nail Tropics (which I frequent). My total bill was a bit in excess of Php 500. Wala pa dun yung tip. 128563

As for the quality of their service, I have no complaints. They let me nap there on the chair for quite a while, and made sure my nail polish was completely dry before letting me go. And the polish looks really good, don't you think?

The color I picked looks neutral but elegant so it made sense to take a picture of my nails posed beside pretty pink flowers, to emphasize their girly-ness. 128133128129

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

Finally hv sometime to pamper myself after running and flying around ... I felt so tortured with all the packing and unpacking the last few weeks... Now I'm having my nails done and my lashes... A little massage and I feel like a spoiled princess again 128541

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Abby T.
4.0 Stars

After the 6pm mass, i had time to squeeze in some grooming necessities. Just my luck, it was strangely empty for a Sunday evening.

Amazing how a leg massage can manage to relax the whole body, mind & spirit. Naaaaaks! 128134💮 aside from this, i was also having a manicure done while my back was kneaded by their massage chair. Insta-relax!

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Angel J.
2.0 Stars

I DIDN'T LIKE THEIR SERVICE AT ALL!! Grr. So last Monday, Andrei and I went to tips and toes to get our nails done and you know, BE RELAXED.

So when we got there, the technicians and the front desk gave us 128528 faces we're like "uhm ok...." So we got seated na right? Their so called massage chairs isn't working at all. And then we both got the arm and foot spa and it caused us 1350 each and the way they scrubbed and massage isn't worth any pent at all! Parang nagmamadali lol... And they don't have much choices for nail color. And low quality!

I got my nails done last Monday right? And everything got chipped off the next day and I went back yesterday and they told me that there's charge already if I get it repainted again... grabi! My patience was really tested with this nail spa. I'm never going back again. :(

Sayang talaga cause I like how they did their french tip pa naman. Nowadays it's hard to find people who does the perfect french tip and boom!! 128553 Ohwell

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Chari C.
4.0 Stars

yaay!! first acrylic nails!!!

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