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Tipsy Pig
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April H.
4.0 Stars

After a super filling dinner at Locavore, the eight of us trudged to Tipsy Pig for drinks. Since some were smokers, we stayed outside and took the table by the fan.

What else would we order but the Salted Caramel beer, right? Five girls went for the flavored beer while three guys stuck to regular beer. Fine, super dry. Still corny if you have a flavored option if you ask me. That's what I love about being a girl in a bar-- no problem if you want to order alcopop or cutesy cocktails that have more sugar than alcohol. I finished a piglet (400ml) of Salted caramel beer by myself. I would have attempted the tipsy (1000ml) if it weren't a weeknight and adulting had to commence in a few hours. No food orders for the group who gorged themselves with sisig and aligue at the previous stop.

Though I did like their SC beer, I honestly prefer Rue Bourbon's caramel beer... Oh, they have a funny server!128515

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Tina B.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Mark L.
5.0 Stars

nice crowd 128077128077128077128077128077
eye candy everywhere 128077128077128077128077128077

had some pics of girls inside but decided not to share. hehe baka isipin stalker ako and don't have the permission from them to post their faces. 128517

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Rommel U.
1.0 Stars

This review is all about their customer service only coz we never got the chance to dine in. It was a rainy evening and we literally search for the place since we've been reading a lot of good reviews about their food. When we arrived at the entrance the place was jammed pack the security guard went to us outside and said the we have to wait. They didn't bother to give us seats while waiting, so we just waited outside. Few more minutes (more than 6 mins) we noticed that they (guard and the waiters) are looking at us and we we're like there standing and they didn't even bother to attend to us. We decided to walk out of the resto pub and they are just looking at us ( who cares, we're just a potential customers). @tipsypig

Customer service? 128078

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Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

hooray for accommodating us even without reservation. 128079🏼

gloomy weekend it is so it's just right to give in to cravings. their crispy pata's sooo juicy and soft. 128523 a must-try! 127830

service was 128076🏼 except i have to call their attention 3x before they transferred us to another table where there's no drip from the aircon (attached to the ceiling). 128528

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Few close friends and I were here 12am today for a salubong.

We ordered their best-selling Dirty Mexicana. Super good nachos plus beef strips and loads of cheese! But my no. 1 favorite here is their Tokwa't Baboy Three Way. Super deicious!!! I kid you not.

P.S. They still serve Salted Caramel, Green Apple, and Raspberry beers here in big beer glasses (1L). 127867

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Ian P.
3.0 Stars

Was a little disappointed.
Had late lunch w a colleague and we ordered the ft:

Sisig tacos had it before and I thought it was great. This time it wasn't as good as before.
Chicken chimichangas: not bad
Sisig pork pizza. Too much mayo and onions and hardly any meat. Not my type. Sorry. Hope the kitchen was having a bad day

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Ola! 128131
Tipsy Pig is one of the hottest restaurants in metro right now. It's becoming a favorite hangout place of many and have been raved by a lot of bloggers. Got really curious on what they offer so I recommended it to my friends for a night gathering.

Before I speak about their food, let me tell you that the ambiance of the restaurant looks like the perfect tambayan to me. Chill And Hiphop Music, Mood Lighting, Beers and Bar, a nice place to do a reunion and hang outs. Chill vibe!

Now let's move on to their food. We ordered the ff and more, but I was only able to try the one i'm posting here:

One of a kind burger that swims in a hot cheesy sauce with bacon bits and caramelized onions

Can you see that burger skinny dipping on a pool pf cheesy sauce? Grabe! It's literally drowning in cheese with a thin consistency. Masarap siya. Gusto kong higupin yung cheese na parang soup. Haha! I tried dipping the burger to the cheese sauce and I just had to close my eyes cause it really tasted good. Pangit lang talaga pagkaluto sa patty. Slightly overcooked so matigas siya. Kung hindi lang ako addicted sa cheese, I won't recommend this burger.

Blended White Mushrooms, Fresh Thyme and Herbed Croutons

I've been on a hunt for the best mushroom soup since I feel inlove with it. It's my favorite soup haha! I can say papasa to sa Top 10 best that i've tried.

-----------Now let me separate these three pork based viands. Haha! Medyo bad move kami ng friend ko dito since were craving for crispy pata lahat ng makita naming mukang crispy yung skin inorder namin. DEADLY! 128513----------------

Boneless Crispy Pata, Fried Garlic Chips, Asian Sou Garlic and Homemade Dipping Sauce

OMYGOD! As in ang sarap ng crispy pata! Hahaha! Though, I can't fully differentiate it with other crispy patas except for the dipping sauce. Usually this is paired with suka mixed with toyo and calamansi. But this time it's a sweet sauce. Not bad ah! Still impressed that it had the contrast that I was looking for. The meat is tender and the serving is big good for 3-5pax na!

Tipsy's version of Lechon Kawali served with spicy Hoisin Sauce

While eating this, we all stared each other wondering why we ordered another fatty food. Haha! Didn't eat a lot though I liked how crispy the skin were. Hoisin sauce made it taste better pampaalis ng umay.

Pulled Pork Lechon vs Some Crispy Lechon Belly Served with French Beans, White Rice and Lechon Sauce

Nothing special except for the Pulled Pork Lechon. This is something new to me. The pulled pork lechon tasted sweet and salty bagay na bagay sa rice!


Fusilli pasta on a kesong puti cream sauce topped with prosciutto, asparagus and crumbled kesong puti

127837 One of my favorites. Ito yata yung marami akong nakain aside from the Crispy Pata. Best seller rin nila so worth trying! Naamaze ako sa Kesong Puti! I thought this dish would be too salty or taste like carbonara lang but it is different. The kesong puti bits made it even better! The more you eat the more you love ang peg!

Overall Rating: 4.5/511088
Worth going back for. They have to many dishes too offer it makes me want to try them all. Wasn't able to drink beer dahil nabusog nalang ako sa kakakain haha! But they really have good variety of drinks and mostly bagay sa beer especially yung Crispy Pata na For The Win!
Pricey lang talaga dito so its recommended to bring friends with you. Besides, good food is better with good company!!!

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Mitzki E.
4.0 Stars

All of the food we ordered taste great except for the Salmon Pizza. Most of the food served was good for 2-3 persons.
A definitely must try restau!

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Sandy P.
4.0 Stars

Spent my wednesday night with my girlfriends. We head over to Tipsy Pig Fort. We're one of the earliest to arrive. 128514 #TitasOfManila Since we're starving, we ordered immediately.

•Triple Cheese Fries - P290 This is so yummy! My favorite from all the food. It includes crispy bbq fries coated with cheeses, bacon bits on a tortilla bowl

•Crispa Pizza - P420 Roasted garlic spread with crispy pork belly, topped with bacon and garlic soy. It's also a must! The pork belly made a great toppings!

•The Triple Chop - P310 Grilled bone in pork chop, apple chutney, cherry and Tipsy Pig's mashed potato. The pork was really tasty! It could be better f they have special sauce, cause they only served gravy.

•Bacardi Mojito - P170/glass
•Frozen Margarita - P170/glass

I noticed that some of the staff were not so accommodating. They dont even smile at all and as if they dont wanna assist us. So customer service is not so good.

They dont play loud music on Wednesdays, I think. They played old love songs 128514 Good thing we didnt fall asleep. It must have been the mojito! 128513

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the food and drinks! It was a rainy night and it's a perfect place to chill. 127864

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Inna A.
5.0 Stars

It's so fatty and so unhealthy, I love it! LOL

This huge clunk of meat tasted like a home cooked meal. Absolutely superb! 🖒🖒🖒

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Abe C.
3.0 Stars

Tipsy Pig's opening in Forbes Town area certainly created a renewed surge of interest in this area since its opening late 2015.  It followed after the likes of Reserve (Burgos Circle nearby) and even the classic Watering Hole (formerly of EDSA Shangri-la) opened in 2015, adding to the Big Bad Wolf, Bugsy's which are more resto bars, though of differing food styles, price range and therefore target consumers.  As a newly transferred resident in the area, it did affect my ability to double park in front of our local supermarket, Robinsons Selections, to do quick grocery shopping; but on a positive note, the night life couldn't be more lively with the addition of (possibly) the strongest place in Capitol Commons, Pasig/Ortigas (B Dubs, aka Buffalo Wild Wings notwithstanding). This 2016, the likes of Atelier Vivanda, Coco Ichibanya, Wagyu (from Makati Cinema area) opened beside Tipsy Pig (and coming soon is Bondi & Bourke).

On a Sunday evening, after mass, my wife and I did an impromptu dinner date with our doggie, Annika.  I checked out Tipsy Pig's menu, and was amazed by its creativity (Kesong Poutine certainly stands out).  There seems to be a twist to the usual fare, and I liked it.  It was tough to choose.  But we eventually settled on the appetizer Crispy Shrimp in Salted Egg salad.  At under P500, it was quite a lot in quantity so seems appropriately priced.  There were easily a dozen medium sized shrimp, so it was a good value to money deal, considering the restaurant.  The crunch was due to the batter applied to the peeled shrimp (the only thing remaining was the tail), then the salted egg salad was applied on top.  It was quite good, the flavorful salted egg was there, which is a flavor I've come to appreciate, especially when paired with shrimp and other seafood.  (Think the likes of King Bee, Peking Garden, Gloria Maris ;p)  Perhaps the only minor minor comment is that the yolk wasn't generous enough.  But it's a personal preference.  Good "new" alternative appetizer (I don't see it in the looloo or other online menus of Tipsy Pig, so it's good that they refresh their menu items) or, in our case, main dish. Taste-wise, it's about a 3.5, but with the quantity, it goes up to a 4 star rating. Verdict: 4/5

The other dish we ordered was their Grilled Salmon Steak.  We picked the Penne Carbonara as the side instead of the mashed potatoes.  The plating was pretty good, the salmon being the obvious star of the dish, but when we bit into the penne, it was TOO AL DENTE for our taste, and asked the waiter to leave the salmon and take the pasta back.  Also asked to add more cream.  The pasta was returned perhaps about 8 to 10 minutes later, when our salmon was halfway done.  The salmon was well done, so between moist and dry, but the flavor of the salmon came through, complemented by the cream and pesto sauce they put on top.  Decent tasting, nothing over the top.  -0.5 for the wrong cook on the pasta.  Verdict: 3.5/5  (I prefer my salmon with a creamier and generous topping--- think Conti's)

We also ordered their flavored beer, supposedly their best selling beer according to the waiter (I'm betting it's still San Mig Light, though).  The green apple had a hint of the flavor, but it was served not too cold.  At best, a 3 star rating.  The lack of cold temp certainly did the beer in, but even at that temperature, you'd expect the flavor to come out more, but it's still largely beer tasting and less flavored beer.  I tasted the wife's salted caramel and noted the same.  Too subtle. Verdict: 3/5

The first order came in about 20-25 minutes from when we ordered, which was not good.  We were seated outside and they didn't have enough blowers to make the experience suitable.  We sat outside because we had our dog, di ba?  Can't sit inside unfortunately.  It didn't compare well to our experience the previous evening in Locavore where, even if we sat outside, the resto put in plenty of fans to make things tolerable and breezy even.  Plus I couldn't put my finger to it, but the waiters were there but not consistently attentive.  So service would be at an average score at best.  Service Rating: 2.5/5  

Overall, the place looks amazing, I understand why people would want to hang out here.  For both its food and bar, plus ambiance, I see Tipsy Pig being successful in the next few years.  Plus the newly sprouted restos in the vicinity of Tipsy Pig are more restaurants than bars so it won't likely be affected.  Obviously, we tried it for the restaurant portion, but it promises to be a fun hangout for you and your friends.  They do accept reservations, with preassigned time slots, so best to call ahead.

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Salie D.
4.0 Stars

First time here in TP. I enjoyed going around Burgos Circle coz the last time I came here was when hubs and I tried Wrong Ramen.

The Bar was full, inside and out but since there were just two of us, we got a seat instantly.

On the picture is this Chicken Twister! Oh I didn't expect this to be sooo good! The filling is very rewarding, the white sauce and tomato salad helps bring out the goodness of each ingredient...Chicken chunks are deliciously crispy and flavorful. I really like the thin Flour Tortilla they used. Overall, I honestly enjoyed it better than Halal Sandwich! 128540

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Katrina D.
3.0 Stars

Belly good sisig tacos (P280) was belly good! It was crunchy because of the chicharon, the sweet sauce was very tasty and it went well with the tacos. This is one of their bestsellers and it's a highly recommended dish.

Pulled pork bbq pizza (P360) was just ok. I found it a bit sweet and was nakakaumay. We just ordered it bc we wanted to know how tipsy pig's pulled pork is like. I don't think this is their best pizza. You won't like it especially if you don't like sweet food.

Pulled pork jack bbq sliders (P390) was also just ok. we chose the wrong combination of dishes to order. I guess that's why we're not too happy with this one. It's somewhat like the pizza except this came in buns. There's nothing extraordinary about this dish.

Strawberry cheesecake (P220) we liked it and it was just right for 3 people to share :>

Tipsy128055 has a wide variety of dishes. The set of dishes we ordered was not their best combination 128517

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Yugie C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Reann G.
4.0 Stars

Rigatoni Pasta with Spicy Shrimp (P260)

I found this dish super sulit because of 2 main reasons: (1) the pasta had a generous amt of Shrimp - di tinipid, (2) the pasta was al dente (just how I like it to be) so it really went well with the sauce 10024

I found other interesting dishes on their menu and I'm looking forward to trying it the next time I go back. I'm specifically eyeing on that Belly Good Sisig Tacos 128069

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Canceling plans with college friends because of the horrendous metro traffic, we headed over to Burgos for dinner. We were already dressed. Sayang naman. We almost went to our beloved B&B because of the | special. We were glad we tried this place out as we've always wondered what was behind the interesting facade.

This casual restaurant has an impressive exterior. The 2 story glass walls are covered with a wooden lattice that to us resembled rattan weave. Comfy booths good for 4 people are on the ground floor and a center table for about 8. There's ample seating outside too. It was a bit noisy inside having the restaurant full but the acoustics were good enough that I didn't hear the conversation in the next table.

I got the shrimp po'boy and the H got the flaming wings and pizza #4. He actually wanted to get beef shanks and quesadillas too. Hello 2 lang kami. Pero gutom daw sya. I had to tell him to just chill and we can always order again. Didn't want to get stuck with leftovers that might not taste good the next day.

Food 127775127775127775127775127775

🦄Shrimp Po'Boy
This New Orleans–style French roll was pretty good. I read buttered baguette and I couldn't resist. Overall I liked it. Shrimp was cooked perfectly - it was juicy and crunchy. It came with a side of wedges and greens. I prefer a better baguette though and a lighter batter. I can see myself ordering this again despite my preferences.

🦄Flaming Wings
Loooved this! Crunchy, tangy, finger licking good. Perfect order when you want to chug their 1 liter beer. Chicken was meaty too. Set aside your fork and knife because there's no other way to eat these babies except with your hands.

🦄Number 4
4 cheese pizza ooey and gooey. I convinced the H to order this instead of the salmon pizza as I was convinced the wings would be better paired with a plain pizza. It feels so good to be right. Ehem. I am partial to a crunchy crust and theirs is a bit soft. But I still liked this one. Maybe a dash of anchovies (like Magoo's Joey's Special) would've made this perfect.

Saw the order of nachos being served at another table. Wow. That serving was massive. You might want to get this with friends. Also spotted their beer can chicken, which is one of the funniest looking food I've seen. I saw this a lot on the web a few years ago but never got the nerve to try making it at home. It looks weird!

We weren't even able to finish our food and had our wings and pizza wrapped. Did I already mention I was right in ordering just 3 items? Let me just say that the wings & pizza reheated perfectly in the oven the next day.

Got a small glass of raspberry beer. It was alright. Tasted like beer with a hint of raspberry. But I swear I didn't get the alcohol. No buzz at all, considering I'm so used to drinking wine now that beer can get me "tipsy" faster. Would've been nice to be in a tizzy kahit konti.
MOO got a shot of Maker's Mark bourbon whisky. We have this at home, but go figure why he still ordered this one. It comes in a characteristic bottle dripped with a red wax-like coating. Sorry can't describe it for you. I can't bear to even smell that thing. However I can share with you that bourbon is a kind of whiskey made in the US and whiskey is anything made outside the 50 states. This proprietorship is exactly how champagne is not labeled as champagne if it's not made in Champagne, France. Do note that MM is whisky without an e.

Service 127775127775127775127775127775
We were surprised drinks were served in 5 mins, food came out in 10, and the bill was given to us soon after we asked for it. And to think the place was packed! I also noticed that the crew worked well together. Weird that they were all smiling at each other and looked like they were enjoying their shift for the night. We were there 11/21. Bravo to you guys!

Seating 127775127775127775
Difficult due to its popularity. Please make a reservation if you can. They had to turn a lot of people away as there was none available and tables were mostly reserved. They did allow us to use a table that was reserved for a 10pm group, they just told us we have to leave by then. We arrived at 7pm so we knew we had a lot of time to enjoy our dinner. I'm happy they still let us dine in.

We saw James Yap park his massive suv too. He's my tita's neighbor and according to our yaya he even talked to my 2 yo in the elevator as their residence is my daughters favorite tambayan. May pang small talk na ako sa kanya hehe.

We will definitely be back. With a reservation and with friends.

PS. Don't drink and drive. Always have a designated driver.

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Allen Y.
4.0 Stars

Reserve a table before going here even on ordinary days unless you come earlier than 6pm.

We ordered flavored beers - raspberry was so-so; so better order salted caramel, imho. The sisig platter is full of flavors - pita bread with Pampanga style sisig with mayonaisse with a small slice of pork on top. Best eaten with hands, like a wrap. Then there's also the 3-way tofu? It's a sosyal and constructed version of your usual tokwa't baboy. I like the sauce...if I can only sip it all. 128514

Happy hours from 6-8pm from Mondays to Thursdays. On Fridays, table reservation is priced at 5,000.00PhP consummable.

A bit pricey if you ask me. 128521

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Mary D.
3.0 Stars

I learned this resto bar from my niece and we tried their 3pork chops and 6hour beef shanks...128077128077128077

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Jujuy A.
5.0 Stars

Food, drinks, ambience and service are good! I recommend this place for barkadas who want to catch up, while watching sports channel or listening to hits. They have a resident DJ that plays mixes of songs you can sing a long to! Make sure to have reservations before going here especially if you are a big group. If your drink is not in their menu, you can request the bartender to make them for you.


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