Tipsy Tvrtle

287 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Tipsy Tvrtle
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Reopens: 6:00p - 12:00a


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Most Recent Reviews

Patricia M.
5.0 Stars

Love their grilled liver, inasal isaw and giant blocks of tofu on sticks! The Poor Man's Bailey's is amazing, too. 128523

In the photos:
(1) tusok tusok bowl, grilled squid, etc
(2) parang pancit canton and grilled liver
(3) kimchi fried rice, grilled liver (128523!), and grilled tofu (!!!)
(4) banana langka turon

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

As requested Dennis O! 128518

For merienda yesterday afternoon, Ony and I decided to try this place out. Read an article online and got curious with the place and their menu. Asian Street Food? Yes, let's try please!! 128513128513

Located along Aguirre Ave. near Meat Depot, Pastaroni, and Sector 10 entrance. They now occupy the space where Countryside used to be. If you know where Puzzles is, this is just beside it. Parking can just be hard, so it's best to come a bit early.

Just like Magnum Opus and Bread & Botany, Tipsy Tvrtle and Puzzles share the same building and owners but with two different concepts.

But you know what's good about sharing the same owner and being in the same area? CROSS-ORDERING!!! 128513128513 Plus you can also bring board games and other games here but you still have to pay the gaming fee which is PHP100. Not bad, not bad! 128521

What happens when you let a turtle drink? 128034127864127866 You get a Tipsy Turtle. We didn't had the chance to ask where they got the name anymore and why V instead of U but the name is really unique and catchy. 128077🏼

Though they have this written on the wall:
"After the turtle beat the hare, the turtle celebrated by becoming tipsy. V is for victory. Tvrtle."

The victorious tipsy turtle? Tipsy Tvrtle? Hahaha! Go, figure it out! 128518128514

I haven't tried Tambai yet but (I'm guessing) they almost have the same concept and same feels -- kanto eats + "pinasosyal" na street foods! 128518

The place is very simple. The space is not so big but not too small, as well. Around 9 to 10 tables that can seat 4-5 people and a bar. The design and set-up is very kanto-y. Semento walls, wooden tables, softdrinks/beer cases used as the base for the tables and plastic chairs with a very laid back and chill lang feel. And the menu are written on cartons. Very kanto lang talaga! 128518128077🏼 But it was mausok and had the weird ihaw smell inside. It's not the inviting nakakatam kind of BBQ smell but not the bad nakakawalang gana kind. Just weird. Plus it wasn't that cool inside. So be sure to bring extra clothes just in case you'll still be going somewhere else after.

It's self service so you have to go to the bar to order which they will serve to you once cooked/done. Serving time is fast so no need to worry about being in Hangry mode. 128514

The menu is limited and is divided into 6 parts -- Starter, Sticks, Rice & etc., Cocktails, Beers, and Others.

For starter, they have the classic Pinoy street food favorite -- Fishballs, Squid Balls, and Kikiam which they call as the Tusok-Tusok bowl w/ 3 sauces (sweet, spicy, and vinegar) for 60 pesos.

Since we both kinda miss this, we ordered one. Just your usual "bowl" of balls. Nothing "special" plus this is pricier compared to the ones we can easily buy along the streets but at least, you know this one is clean. And the sauce is all yours, no double dipping! Haha! 128521128518

For the sticks, they have 7 different types which are around 25 to 60 pesos per stick. They have chicken, tofu, beef, pork bbq, isaw, liver and squid. All grilled and served in a paper plate. According to the staff, bestsellers are the Chicken Curry Sate, Grilled Tofu, and Pork Robata. Ordered all 3 but unfortunately, the Tofu was not available that time so we chose Isaw instead. (Eh bat kasi sinuggest pa, out of stock pala! 128530)

Chicken Curry Sate
- the chicken was tender and was grilled just right but since we are not really curry fans, we found the taste too strong. So, this was just okay.

Pork Robata
- pork BBQ Japanese style. The pork was a bit sunog, hard to eat and had too much fats. 128546128557 The taste wasn't that extra ordinary, as well.

Isaw Inasal
- Hmmmm. This << Mang Raul's. 128529

They have 3 different kinds of rice to pair with their skewers; star rice (star margarine!! 128155), kimchi rice (their bestseller) and of course, plain rice. They also have the "Parang Pancit Canton" which when I asked the waiter why "parang", just answered me "ahh kasi po para po siyang pancit canton". Haha thank you, Kuya ah!! 128518128517 Plus other specials like Cheese Sticks and Turon with Ice Cream.

And of course, what's street food without drinks, right? For the complete "kanto feel and vibe", they have a number of cocktails and beers to choose from which are all very affordable. Nothing more than 100 pesos! 128077🏼 The poor man's bailey and yakult are both interesting. If ever we go back here, I am trying both and the grilled tofu! 127842

And lastly, since they don't have service water, you will really need to buy bottled water and/or soda. 128530

Overall, it was just okay. Mura but given the "quality" parang hindi worth it. Nothing special. Mang Raul's talaga. The best. Walang tatalo! 128518128076🏼

As for the service, since it's self service, I can't really say anything about it except for the fact that the staff in the bar wasn't that friendly and warm. And he doesn't seem to really know everything in the menu. Would be so much better if he explained everything to us. But oh well. 128530 Worth the try? Pwede na, especially when you are the "I want to try new interesting places" type of person. 128055128521

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Stephen R.
5.0 Stars

My new go to place for unique drinks and delicious food. You can't go wrong with their grilled tofu, chicken curry sate, pork robata, and poor man's baileys. Not to mention, everything is affordable! 127842128076🏽128077🏼

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