Tito Boy's Longga-Q

26 Sct. Santiago St., Laging Handa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Tito Boy's Longga-Q
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Most Recent Reviews

Ernesto C.
5.0 Stars

Good food. Lahat masarap.

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Jonathan Y.
5.0 Stars

Found a special ihaw place in Scout Santiago which is really good. The place has a nice outdoor homey vibe with delicious ihaw delicacies.

Ordered the longga que which has 4 longga choices (alaminos, cebu, vigan, forgot the last one). My favorite is Vigan but the rest are also very good.

Also ordered liempo (55 pesos per stick) which is really good. The marinade is excellent and it is also grilled perfectly.

My favorite would be the grilled wings which has a spicy kick into it.

Overall, this is one of the best ihaw place I've been to. The price is very affordable and the food are all delicious.

Special note: They are closed on Sundays, not sure if it will change in the future.

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

We were coming from Roces going to the Morato area when we spotted this new spot by Scout Santiago, you can tell that the place is new since they didn’t have a sign yet and the place looks fresh and clean. Only by it being available on Waze & their FB page do you know who they are – Tito Boy’s Longga-Q.

The wife was initially hesitant to dine in, given that it was lunch time and the place didn’t have air-conditioning, it was laid out to maximize the trees making them the foundation for the tables. There is bar-seating, which in my opinion are the best seats on the house as you see them prepare the food for you. You see a personalized wall by the bar with some Lego creations, and a vintage soda bottle collection for that feeling of childhood nostalgia.  It’s a no-frills but you know that they’re keeping it that way to keep the prices low.  Furniture are custom wood chairs which have their own charm. Over-all, it reminds you of your grillery from the province, which at first doesn’t look much – but you see all the folks eating and in line, then you taste the food and you realize why it’s so!

To properly try the place out, we ordered every type of item on the menu – so we tried the longganisa rice meals and 1 of the meat barbeques they offered. (Gai Galae Chicken Wings [GGCW], Bacolod Boneless Chicken Inasal [BBCI] & your usual Old Fashioned Pinoy Pork Barbeque [OFPPB]) One of the owners was also behind the counter helping the staff prepare the food, very friendly and accommodating as they talk to you about the story behind the place, the décor, how the idea for the name and the restaurant came about and how they thought of the menu. Very personalized service since they’re on their soft opening!

On your meal, you can order your white / garlic rice, with your longganisa – a choice of Lucban, Cebu, Vigan & Alaminos. It will also come with salsa or atchara with spicy lime dipping sauce. The longganisa was properly cooked, strings detached before they serve it, ample rice servings which would make your carpenter / laborer happy. The vinegar tasted differently good too, not your typical off-the-shelf variant, seems to be an original concoction. 

What I can about the meal was that it’s value for money, no doubt about it – but here’s the part where I start raving. I first had a bite of the OFPPB, good sized meat + fat combination, you don’t get the stick where there’s practically no meat on the tip and only then to that it gets bigger. The BBCI has meat and skin together per bite, so each bite is tasty & balanced. The GGCW is a full wing, nothing out of the ordinary for its size, but wow! That was definitely a new flavor I’ve never tasted anywhere else!

You can tell that it was marinated properly for probably at least half a day since the flavors are full with each bite. The amount of meat as a whole is rectangular in shape as you get good portions from the first bite to the end. While there are your vintage pork and chicken inasal barbeques, those Gai Galae Wings were definitely something! So good that we ended up ordering those for take-out to serve to guests we were having for the night. At first we were thinking of buying the wagyu cube sticks, so much for that, this was a better idea and even our guests said so – it was the best among the barbeques. It had tastes of soy, coconut, some zest, some ginger and the rest I can't even distinguish anymore - owner's secret he says!

Yes the place is still new, and they aren’t in the usual restaurant row in the Scout area - what I definitely love about these home-grown restaurants is that they infuse their original ideas and fresh taste to their dishes. I love spots who only have a few dishes to offer, but those few are definitely taste-bud worthy in quality! I can see their barbeques being sold in artisanal food markets worthy of taste-test competitions!

Grab them while it’s in their authentic non-commercialized state, whether just to dine in or as take-out for your gatherings – it’s that good!

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